15 Best Restaurants in Largo, FL

Best Restaurants in Largo, FL
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Established in 1905, Largo is located in Pinellas County, Florida.

It is also the fourth largest city in the Tampa Bay area.

Largo is well-known for its scenic parks and beaches and thriving arts and entertainment scene.

Largo also features a wide selection of restaurants and retail establishments, making it a top choice for tourists and locals.

Here are the best restaurants in Largo, Florida:

Savory Restaurant

Breakfast meal at Savory Restaurant
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The Savory Restaurant is a casual restaurant serving a delightful mashup of traditional American, Italian, and Greek dishes.

The Lagoudakis family owns and runs Savory Restaurant and has worked in the restaurant industry since 1974.

Savory first welcomed customers in March 2006 and has become a community staple.

Their meals, from breakfast to dinner, are produced from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients.

Savory serves a wide range of American and Italian meals and a small selection of Greek specialties such as salads, pies, and gyros made from spit-roasted meat.

Savory's menu features numerous Italian meals, such as pasta, pizza, and calzones.

Their menu also includes salads and wraps and the standard American stuff such as chicken, steak, burgers, and sandwiches.

Visit them at Walsingham Rd, Largo, Florida.

Pizza Shack Italian Grille

Pizza Shack Italian Grille is a laid-back eatery specializing in traditional Italian fare.

Since 1982, this locally owned and operated Italian restaurant has welcome customers.

Former owners Danny and Angie Youness ran the business until 2005 when their nephew Darrell Youness bought it.

Italian staples, pasta, grilled meats, and other dishes are cooked from scratch using family recipes.

There is a wide variety of delicious options, including seafood, Italian, steak, ribs, pizza, breadsticks, and salad.

Pizza Shack Italian Grille makes everything from scratch, using tried-and-tested family recipes.

In addition, they make all of their sauces and dough daily from scratch.

Try a margherita pizza with tomato sauce, olive oil, basil, garlic, fresh mozzarella, and parmesan.

Their calzones are enormous and tasty, making them another must-order.

Japanese Sushi & Hibachi O.E.C.

Japanese Sushi & Hibachi O.E.C. offers a variety of sushi and other Asian dishes.

The restaurant serves traditional Japanese dishes, including hibachi vegetables, chicken katsu, vegetable tempura, and fresh shrimp.

Japanese Sushi & Hibachi O.E.C. is tastefully furnished and spotless.

There are booths and tables, so it works well for small groups and larger gatherings.

If you want great deals on meals, order their Chinese and Japanese lunch specials or come in the evening for a fantastic dinner.

The Hibachi dinner is also available, with your choice of chicken, seafood, or meat served with fried rice, brown rice extra, sweet carrots, and house salad.

Hibachi is a Japanese cooking method in which food is prepared in a big, open bowl.

German Bistro 2

Beer in German Bistro 2
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German Bistro 2 is a charming little restaurant that serves authentic, flavorful, and delectable German cuisine.

While the building's façade and interior are modest, the cuisine served inside is the real deal.

In addition to excellent service, the restaurant's owners are noted for their kind hospitality.

You should reserve early due to the limited seating; the restaurant only has 12-15 tables.

The menu is modest, yet everything is cooked fresh and handmade.

Each main course is served with herbed butter and cole slaw.

Get some of their delicious Schweinebraten, an enormous pork cutlet with thick sauce and some sautéed mushrooms.

Their schnitzel, jaegershnizel, Wiener schnitzel cordon bleu, and potato pancakes are other must-tries.

Stop by German Bistro 2 at E Bay Dr, Largo, FL, for some delicious, genuine German food.

C & J's Bar-B-Que

Stop by C&J's Bar-B-Que for some of the best southern barbecues you'll find anywhere.

They serve excellent smoked brisket, sausage, chicken, and ribs prepared in the traditional style.

When you walk in, you'll be greeted with the tantalizing aroma of freshly smoked meat while you wait for your order.

Their meats have a wonderful smoky flavor, and their handmade sauce perfectly complements them.

Eat a family combo of ribs and pulled pork with mac & cheese and greens with your entire family; you will not be disappointed.

Visit C & J's Bar-B-Que at the Corner of Ulmerton Rd & 117th St N, Largo, Florida, for a fantastic barbecue feast.

Super Sardo's Pizza

Super Sardo's Pizza is a counter-service pizzeria in Largo, Florida, serving delicious pizza, pasta, sandwiches, strombolis, and more.

They are the real deal: a third-generation Italian-American family-owned business serving 100% authentic pizza and Italian cuisine.

Santo Sardo opened the restaurant in 1979.

Pizza has been Santo Sardo's life since he was born atop a flour bag in New York City in 1979.

He wished he could take the delicious Canarsie, Brooklyn cuisine with him.

When he settled in the Seminole/Largo region of Florida, he built a pizzeria.

You can't go wrong with their thin-slice pizzas or the meatball sliders.

You must not leave without trying at least one slice of their Sicilian pizza.

The pizza is delicious, particularly the bread, sauce, and cheese.

Visit Super Sardo's Pizza at Ulmerton Road, Largo, Florida, to sample their other fantastic pizza options.

Proino Breakfast Club

Fruit salad in the Proino Breakfast Club
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The Proino Breakfast Club is a fantastic establishment that provides delicious breakfast options anytime.

They use only fresh ingredients and can accommodate a wide variety of special diets.

Yummy breakfast sandwiches, waffles, omelets, pancakes, and eggs are available.

Massive crepes, jam-packed omelets, and stacked pancakes are what you can expect here.

Breakfast food in the Proino Breakfast Club
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The crepes, which come in various fruity flavors, including banana and strawberry, are fluffy, sweet, and filling.

The club sandwich served with home fries and fruit is another must-try.

Try one of their fruit bowls, filled to the brim with fresh, tasty fruit and an excellent option for anyone looking to eat healthier.

Bring your folks to Proino Breakfast Club!

PHO Vietnamese Cuisine

Enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere at PHO Vietnamese Cuisine.

They make everything from scratch using fresh ingredients.

Start with their spring rolls if you're looking for a beautiful way to kick off your meal.

They serve great Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi), barbeque pork, and prawns.

The grilled pork and shrimp vermicelli bowls are a must-order and a delicious choice.

If you're hungry for something fresh and flavorful, try the sushi burrito loaded with tuna and salmon, eel sauce, plenty of vegetables, and a wonton crisp.

Finally, you can wash down your meal with various tasty beverages, like Thai tea, iced tea, or coffee.

This restaurant's takeout service is a lifesaver when you're on the road and don't like cooking.

PHO Vietnamese Cuisine is located at Ulmerton Rd, Largo, Florida.

Beach Pizza Plus

Since its establishment in 1989, Beach Pizza Plus has been a dedicated family business.

They make every pizza by hand and take great pride in using only the freshest ingredients.

The restaurant boasts a cheery and inviting atmosphere thanks to its tasteful furnishings.

Since day one, they have made their dough, sauces, and dressings from scratch.

They use a stone oven to create their delicious and crispy pizzas.

Beach Pizza has been a must-visit for vacationers worldwide thanks to its commitment to providing high-quality food at affordable prices.

You may kick off your lunch with meatball sliders, stuffed garlic knots with meatballs, mozzarella, and marina.

Then get some hot, freshly baked pizzas, such as pepperoni or the Mediterranean.

Stop by Ulmerton Rd #380 in Largo, Florida, to try some of the other specialties at Beach Pizza Plus.

Pie12 Napoletana Coal Fired Pizzeria

Pepperoni pizza at Pie12 Napoletana Coal Fired Pizzeria
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Pie12 Napoletana Coal Fired Pizzeria specializes in classic Napoletana pizza with a modern twist.

Neapolitan pizza, also called Naples-style pizza, is characterized by its minimal use of toppings in favor of simple ingredients like tomatoes, fresh basils, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese.

The restaurant bakes its pizzas the old-fashioned way in a coal-fired oven.

They have a wide selection of pizzas and calzones made using Italian ingredients.

They let the dough rise for a few hours and then bake it with the freshest ingredients.

Dessert at Pie12 Napoletana Coal Fired Pizzeria
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The pizza is baked at 900 degrees in a handcrafted oven.

The pizzas are all 12 inches in diameter and baked until gently browned and crunchy.

Their calzoni, meatballs, cannoli, chianti, Formaggio, tiramisu, cappuccino, and so much more are all equally delicious and worth trying.

Visit Pie12 Napoletana Coal Fired Pizzeria along Walsingham Rd, Largo, Florida, and have some authentic Neapolitan pizza, baked in a real brick oven.

Club House Cafe and Grill

The Club House Cafe and Grill is a low-key American eatery where you can get breakfast, sandwiches, and traditional comfort food.

They have excellent customer service in addition to serving fresh, tasty meals.

There are plenty of options for good ol' American comfort food.

They work hard to help their customers promptly and effectively while providing delicious meals.

As an appetizer, try some grilled chicken atop a traditional caesar salad made with chopped romaine, Caesar dressing, parmesan, cheese, and croutons.

Then, grab a bite of their delicious Monterey burger, which is topped with crisp vegetables and has a balanced blend of seasonings.

All-day breakfast is also available, and it consists of tasty items like scrambled eggs, omelets, sausage, hash browns, bacon, pancakes, and toast.

Grab a quick bite at Club House Cafe and Grill when you visit Largo, Florida.

Latin Bowl Restaurant

The Latin Bowl Restaurant is a trendy, quick-service establishment serving fresh, flavorful, and healthy Latin cuisine.

Their concept is based on popular street foods, including rice and salad bowls, chalupas, wraps, stuffed tostones, and tamales.

Guests can customize the dishes and choose from a wide variety of fresh ingredients and toppings to create a dish that suits their taste.

You will be blown away by their handmade sauces and top-notch meats.

Guests can choose pork, poultry, ground beef, steak, and vegetarian options.

Weekdays are the best time to save money because of the daily specials.

Order the beef empanada, loaded tamales, tostones, chips & salsa, loaded pork tostones, and loaded pork tostones wrap.

You can get free chips and salsa with your order of a steak rice bowl or any other bowl from their menu, so it's a good deal.

Try the best Latin food in Florida at Latin Bowl Restaurant!

Acropol Family Restaurant

Large sandwich at the Acropol Family Restaurant
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The Acropol Family Restaurant is a casual restaurant serving Greek-inspired meals and comfort food that the whole family will enjoy.

They have great food at affordable prices and friendly, attentive service.

Delicious options include Greek, American, and Italian dishes.

It is an excellent choice for delectable Greek, American, and Italian cuisine.

There is always something for everyone on their vast menu.

Begin your meal with a fresh Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber slices, red onion, green bell pepper, olives, and feta cheese.

You must also try their meat-filled gyros, which are delicious.

There is a unique daily menu and all-day breakfast options at the Acropol Family Restaurant.

Taste of Punjab

Since 2009, Taste of Punjab has served the finest traditional North Indian cuisine in Largo.

The restaurant serves traditional vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian Indian cuisine.

A kind and welcoming family runs and manages Taste of Punjab.

You can find them near the corner of Seminole Boulevard and Walsingham Road.

They have halal and gluten-free choices as well.

Everything is created fresh when you order it.

Likewise, you can customize your meal by choosing a light, medium, or hot level of spice.

They use various herbs like anise, cardamom, cumin, and cloves to enhance your meal and delight your palate.

Their Chicken biryani, made with boneless chicken and basmati rice, almonds, raisins, spices, and fresh cilantro, is a must-try.

Of course, you should also order their equally delicious lamb korma, chicken tikka masala, and saag paneer (spinach cooked with handmade cheese).

Bring your friends and family to Taste of Punjab!

Other Restaurant Nearby

VIP Mexican American Cuisine IRB

VIP Mexican American Cuisine IRB is known for its tasty Mexican and American dishes and warm service.

Their menu features various words that are hard to get anywhere else.

Guests can choose from multiple Mexican, Tex-Mex, and American classics.

Begin your meal with their chips con guacamole, a bowl of homemade dip served with a basket of chips.

Then grab a plate of their wet burrito for your main course.

It's a flour tortilla rolled up with meat and cheese before covering it with their special red burrito sauce, melted cheese, and side dishes.

They also serves authentic Mexican food such as carnitas tacos, enchiladas, Mexican pizza, and vegetable fajitas.

Complete your meal with one of their delicious margaritas or other cocktails.

Visit VIP Mexican American Cuisine IRB in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, ten minutes from Largo.

Final Thoughts

Largo is home to beautiful white sand beaches, historic buildings from the 19th century, and stunning gardens.

With its recent revitalization, downtown Largo now boasts charming cafes, lively bars, and delicious eating options.

Satisfy your cravings at the best restaurants in Largo, Florida!

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