20 Best Restaurants in Killeen, TX

Best Restaurants in Killeen, TX
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Whether you consider yourself a food connoisseur or not, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Killeen in Bell County, Texas!

You’ll get to pick from various palate delights, from cuisines such as Mexican to American, Thai, Japanese, and more!

These restaurants spoil you with vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free options, plus they are within walking distance if you want to try something new.

Check out these best restaurants in Killeen, Texas:

CostaMar Seafood & Grill Restaurant

CostaMar Seafood & Grill Restaurant specializes in an exciting combination of Caribbean and Puerto Rican cuisines.

The establishment is famous for its outstanding service, friendly staff, and delectable dishes.

Their shrimp empanadas and seafood plate with rice and plantains are a customer favorite.

You can find them just off Elms Road, beside Subway and New York Pizza.

Costa Mar Seafood & Grill Restaurant is an ideal eatery for large families because the portions are big and affordable, and the items on the menu are varied and delicious.

Menos Mexican Grill

Meal at Menos Mexican Grill
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Menos Mexican Grill offers classic American and Mexican breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices.

Regulars favor the authentic huevos rancheros with a classic omelet or plate of pancakes.

You can find Menos Mexican Grill on E Stan Schlueter Loop, on your left, just before you get to the traffic lights.

The restaurant is an excellent choice if you want to save big on a tasty lunch stop, indulge in homemade Menudo, or relax for a casual dinner with a friend or colleague.


Rudy’s offers classic American barbecue cuisine and sizeable portions and sides that are flavorful, cooked perfectly, and consistently delicious.

They serve takeout or dine-in meals that you can enjoy while watching TV and sipping your favorite beverage, juice, or soda.

Their baby back ribs, buttermilk pie, and breakfast bowl are winners among the regulars.

The restaurant known as Rudy’s first opened its doors in 2011.

Rudy’s started as a one-stop gas station in the 1800s, but after adding barbecue in 1989, the establishment started evolving.

You can find Rudy’s on E Central Texas Expressway, also accessible via Rosewood Drive.

If you enjoy the taste of woodfire meals, Rudy’s menu of meats, sandwiches, sides, and desserts is a fantastic choice for casual dining.

Texas Roadhouse

Ribs at Texas Roadhouse
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Texas Roadhouse is an American steakhouse that offers gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives.

The restaurant prepares succulent steaks, often with fresh vegetables and a great selection of sides.

Their cheese fries, boneless buffalo wings, and hand-cut steak and ribs meals are favorites among the customers.

Buns and cooked meat at Texas Roadhouse
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W. Kent Taylor founded Texas Roadhouse on February 17, 1993, in Clarksville, Indiana, across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky.

You can find their Killeen branch on East Central Texas Expressway, on your right as you pass Cross Drive.

Texas Roadhouse is a fantastic place for celebratory events like birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions.

Kogi Bowl Sushi Bar

Korean dish at Kogi Bowl Sushi Bar
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Kogi Bowl Sushi Bar offers some of Killeen’s most delicious Japanese, Korean, and other Asian dishes.

The yakisoba, spicy tuna rolls, and shrimp tempura are favorites among the regulars.

Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly meals are also available.

Bibimbowl at Kogi Bowl Sushi Bar
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You can find Kogi Bowl Sushi Bar on South Clear Creek Road, nearby All Dental & Braces.

If you're a sushi connoisseur, the Japanese-Korean cuisine at Kogo Bowl Sushi Bar will be to your liking!

Little Italy

Pastry at Little Italy
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Little Italy boasts Italian and vegetarian-friendly dishes that the whole family can enjoy.

The establishment is famous for its reasonable prices, attentive servers, and delicious food.

Owner Visar Hoxa founded Little Italy in 1999.

You can find it on South Fort Hood Street, near the University of Pheonix.

Little Italy is, at its core, a family restaurant, making it an exceptional choice for hosting birthday parties, large family dinners, family reunions, or other celebratory occasions.

Bobby B’s Soul Food Kitchen & More

Chicken at Bobby B’s Soul Food Kitchen & More
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Bobby B’s Soul Food Kitchen & More offers just that—soul food—in the form of barbecue dishes that are hearty and unbelievably tasty, and customers enjoy their great variety.

You can pick from fried ribs, pulled pork, sandwiches with fries, and sweet potatoes and green beans.

Bobby Butler opened Bobby B’s Soul Food Kitchen & More in 2016.

Veggies at Bobby B’s Soul Food Kitchen & More
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He opened the second restaurant, Bobby B’s Southern Cooking & More, in May 2021 in downtown Copperas Cove.

You can find Bobby B’s Soul Food Kitchen & More on Zephyr Road, near the Start Mart and Kingdom Treature’s Learning Center.

The establishment has a varied menu with a kids menu, making it kid-friendly and a good place for hosting birthday parties or other social events.

Taiwan Dragon

Meals at Taiwan Dragon
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Taiwan Dragon offers exquisite Chinese-Asian cuisine with numerous options for vegetarian and vegan meals.

The Combination Plate is a customer favorite, offering you a choice of soup, an egg roll, a fried wonton, sweet & sour chicken, fried rice, and your choice of several other entrees.

Taiwan Dragon has had the same family running it since 1981.

Beef and rice at Taiwan Dragon
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You can find Taiwan Dragon on East Avenue G, right after you pass North Gray Street on your right.

The large variety of flavorful dishes makes Taiwan Dragon ideal for those new to the area and craving top-notch Asian cuisine.

Rosa’s Café & Tortilla Factory

Tacos at Rosa’s Café & Tortilla Factory
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Rosa’s Cafe offers an American authentic Tex-Mex fast-casual dining experience for Tex-Mex cuisine enthusiasts.

It offers tasty chicken tacos, omelets, flour tortillas, and some of the best chocolate cakes, margaritas, beer, or horchata.

The first Rosa’s Cafe opened in San Angelo, Texas, in 1983, and Bobby Cox purchased Rosa’s Cafe in 1995.

Delicious dish at Rosa’s Café & Tortilla Factory
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The establishment allows customers to try beautifully presented foods at affordable prices.

The menu consists of upscale foods that cater to dinners, family meals, business meetings, parties, and unique breakfast alternatives.

You’ll find Rosa’s Café & Tortilla Factory on your right as you travel down E Central Texas Expressway.

Pluckers Wing Bar

Appetizer at Pluckers Wing Bar
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Pluckers Wing Bar offers American-style cuisine and some of the best wings, allowing you to choose five or even 100 pieces!

If wings aren't your first choice, you can enjoy waffles & cheese, buffalo bites, and Plucker's nachos.

Mark & Sean Greenberg and Dave Paul opened Pluckers Wing Bar on July 23, 1995.

You can find it on E Central Texas Expressway, right after passing W O Curry Drive.

Pluckers Wing Bar is ideal if you are in the mood for hamburgers, sandwiches, wings, or sandwiches and looking for a casual venue to enjoy them.

The Waffle Den

Top view of chicken and waffles at The Waffle Den
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The Waffle Den has the most delectable American-style waffles to satisfy your craving.

You can pick from a caramel apple, chocolate, banana & strawberry waffle or choose their delicious wings and sandwiches.

They are famous for their specialty waffles, like apple pie, lemon deluxe, or red velvet.

Close up view of chicken and waffles at The Waffle Den
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The restaurant has the option for takeout or seating, plus wheelchair accessibility.

Owner Bennet McKiver registered The Waffle Den in October 2012.

You’ll find it on E Stan Schlueter Loop, as Schlueter Loop meets with Mesa Drive.

If you want to spoil yourself with something unique that will surprise your taste buds, consider giving The Waffle Den a try!

McAlister’s Deli

Sandwich at McAlister’s Deli
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McAlister’s Deli offers American-style cuisine, like soups, sandwiches, and other vegetarian and vegan-friendly alternatives.

They are famous for their Sweet Tea beverages, made fresh with Orange Pekoe Black Tea leaves, sweetened and poured over ice.

Veggies and sandwich at McAlister’s Deli
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McAlister’s sandwiches are piled high, their tea is famous, and their soups, salads, and giant spuds boast flavorful ingredients that make them ideal for people who want healthy and delicious.

David Reynolds opened McAlister’s Deli in 2004.

You can find it on East Central Texas Expressway.

Tham Rab Thai Restaurant

Tham Rab Thai Restaurant offers delicious Thai-Asian cuisine that is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.

Choose from a selection of curries, noodles and rice, soups, salads, and other Thai delicacies.

The establishment is famous for its chicken satay, sweet and sour dishes, and crunchy and spicy vegetables.

You can find this Thai restaurant on South Fort Hood St, near the Pershing & Venable Community Office.

If you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine at affordable prices and with large portions, you'll have your fill at Tham Rab Thai Restaurant!

Korean Kitchen

Soup and side dishes at Korean Kitchen
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Korean Kitchen has a wide variety of Korean-style vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Their meals are gluten-free and kid-friendly, too, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Regulars are fond of their tofu stew with rice and vegetables and the spicy pork bulgogi.

Side dishes at Korean Kitchen
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You’ll find the restaurant on E Veterans Memorial Boulevard on your right, before you get to the traffic light at North 10th Street.

Korean Kitchen is a great dining option and for hosting events if you’re looking for unique flavors for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Taqueria Mexico Lindo

Tacos at Taqueria Mexico Lindo
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Taqueria Mexico Lindo offers authentic Mexican cuisine and has wheelchair accessibility.

They are famous for their delicious taquitos plate, bistec ranchero, and carne guisada—all packed with flavor and the freshest ingredients.

Delicious dish at Taqueria Mexico Lindo
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It's an ideal restaurant for good food and great company, offering a vast selection of flavor combinations and excellent service.

You can find Taqueria Mexico Lindo on E Stan Schlueter Loop, near Central Texas Family Dental.

Joe’s Pizza & Pasta

Pizza at Joe’s Pizza & Pasta
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Joe’s Pizza & Pasta offers Italian cuisine in the form of pizza and subs that come with the most delectable sauces and tasty meats.

Customers enjoy a variety of flavor combinations, like buffalo chicken pizza, Tuscany pizza, and white pizza.

You can find it on North Fort Hood Street, between West Avenue C and Adams Avenue.

Joe’s Pizza & Pasta is ideal if you want to grab something tasty on your way home or if you or your group of friends or family would like a taste of Italian when out and about.

Firehouse Subs

Sandwich at Firehouse Subs
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Firehouse Subs specializes in hot subs made with quality meats and cheeses cooked to perfection and stacked high on a toasted sub.

The establishment is famous for allowing customers to build their own sub, with bases like smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, and veggies.

Wall full of designs at Firehouse Subs
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Chris & Robin Sorensen co-founded Firehouse Subs in 1994 after growing up in an entrepreneurial family with a 200-year-old heritage of firefighting.

If you’re a fan of large subs packed with delicious meats and sauces and creating your own monstrous meal, you won’t want to miss out on Firehouse Subs.

You can find the restaurant on Lowes Boulevard, across from General Dentistry For Kids.

Taj Restaurant & Bar

Taj Restaurant & Bar boasts a unique mix of classic Indian dishes guaranteed to please even the most discerning palate.

Their chicken tandoori is popular among regulars, featuring chicken marinated in yogurt, Indian herbs and spices and served with sautéed onions, bell pepper, cabbage, and carrot.

Rajesh Gautum and his brother opened Taj Restaurant & Bar in 2019.

If you find yourself in the mood for something with enough spice and herbs to satisfy your stagnant palate, Taj Restaurant & Bar is a great choice for the entire family.

You can find it on E Central Texas Expressway, with Trimmier Road behind it.

Ava’s Caribbean Restaurant

Outside the Ava’s Caribbean Restaurant
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Ava's Caribbean Restaurant is a casual Jamaican eatery offering comfort food at all times of the day, perfect for a quick bite or dessert in a cozy setting.

They are famous for their small chicken lunches, oxtail, and delicious portions of snapper and catfish.

Ava Heiles started Ava's Caribbean Restaurant in 2007 after she came from South Korea and found she couldn't purchase Jamaican food.

It’s an excellent place if you’ve never tried Jamaican cuisine or want a hearty and delicious meal in a comfy setting after a long day.

You can find the establishment on West Stan Schlueter Loop, on the corner where it meets Bowles Drive.

Final Thoughts

Killeen, Texas, has a lively and tasteful restaurant scene.

It offers foreign flavors, from Asian to Indian, Mexican, and more.

Don’t hesitate to try something completely different; who knows, you might find a new favorite in these best restaurants in Killeen, Texas.

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