21 Best Restaurants in Huntington Park, CA

Best Restaurants in Huntington Park, CA
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Being a long-time resident of Huntington Park, California, I've had the pleasure of exploring the culinary delights this vibrant city serves up.

Having spent countless hours relishing the varied cuisines, I can confidently say that our city portrays a rich and diverse food culture.

In the following article, I am going to share with you some of the best restaurants in Huntington Park, California, that have not only tantalized my taste buds but have also become my favorite go-to places when it comes to food.

This will be a delightful journey you wouldn't want to miss.

About this article: This article was written by a local contributor based on their own experiences and those around them. While this list showcases some remarkable restaurants, it's important to note that this is an opinion piece, and there are many other exceptional dining establishments that are not featured here.
Our aim is not just to guide you to popular eateries but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city's diverse culinary landscape for yourself

La Enchiladita

You know you're home when Mrs. Rosa greets you with a warm smile the moment you step into La Enchiladita.

This place has been my regular spot for the past three years, and never once have I had a disappointing experience.

The variety is incredible.

From traditional enchiladas to innovative creations like the tri loko, you're in for a delightful surprise with each visit.

And trust me, the taste is as authentic as it gets.

But what sets La Enchiladita apart from the rest is the ambiance.

This place is so picturesque, perfect for any food blogger looking to add some vibrant, drool-worthy pictures to their feed.

The best part?

The soft, natural lighting makes the colors of the food truly pop!

You know how some places serve artificial, overly-sweetened drinks?

Not here.

The waters at La Enchiladita are all-natural and refreshing, the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

My personal favorite is the mangoneadas - a sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy drink that is sure to awaken your taste buds.

Despite the excellent quality of the food and drinks, the prices are surprisingly affordable.

It's the kind of place you can take your family for a fun afternoon treat without breaking the bank.

La Enchiladita Β· 7809 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Restaurant

Yummy Food Happy Time

One bite into the dishes at Yummy Food Happy Time, and I was transported straight into a flavorsome food paradise.

The food was not only scrumptious but also easy on the pocket.

The portions were generous enough to fill my belly with leftovers for another meal.

One exciting discovery was how clean the place was maintained, reflecting their diligence and respect for hygiene.

What truly set the experience apart was the amiable attitude of the employees.

They made sure everything was perfect from the moment you stepped in until you left.

They served the best Chinese fast food I've ever tasted in the city.

I could barely finish their 2 item combo, which was hefty and came with a drink.

All of that at a price that made it my new favorite spot for a quick Chinese meal.

Though everything was delicious, the dishes that won my heart were the house's special rice and egg roll.

They were prepared with care, packed with flavor, and the most important part, they weren't oily at all.

Yummy Food Happy Time Β· 7207 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Rice restaurant

AKAI Asian Bistro

Imagine stepping into a place where the aroma of exotic spices and the promise of a gastronomic adventure takes hold of you.

That's what it feels like every time I visit AKAI Asian Bistro.

Their humor adds an extra flavor, making the dining experience unique and enjoyable.

Every dish served at AKAI is a testament to their commitment to quality and freshness.

I come here about twice a week, and I am never disappointed.

The food, be it the beef teriyaki or the chicken bowl, is always delicious and fresh.

What's more, the portion sizes are generous, ensuring you get your money's worth.

Remember, it's not just about the food; it's also about the ambiance.

The interior of this place is calm and soothing, creating a perfect atmosphere for a casual dinner or a special date.

AKAI Asian Β· 2540 E Slauson Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Asian restaurant

Cafeteria America

I've always had a thing for teriyaki - its sweet, sticky glaze combined with a gentle char of grilled meat.

And when I crave some, I head right over to Cafeteria America to get my fix.

Their teriyaki chicken plate is something out of this world, a mouth-watering medley of tender chicken marinated in a rich, flavorful teriyaki sauce, grilled to perfection!

But let me tell you; there's a trick to enjoying their teriyaki chicken plate.

It comes with a green spicy sauce which is fiery hot!

My first encounter with this sauce was quite an adventure, but now, I've built up a tolerance and love for this spicy condiment.

It adds a whole new dimension to the chicken teriyaki, making each bite a thrill.

The place is not just about amazing food; it's also about the people who make it.

And oh, don't even get me started on their natural blended juices.

They are a refreshing complement to the meal.

The combination of a hearty teriyaki chicken plate and cool, refreshing juice is unbeatable.

It's a meal that screams 'satisfaction' at every level.

Cafeteria America Β· 2558 Saturn Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· American restaurant

Los 3 Gueros Munchies

There's something about the crackling crunch of a well-cooked chicken wing that gets me every time.

But it’s not just any wings that have me hooked; it's the mouthwatering, spicy delights served at Los 3 Gueros Munchies.

If you've got a hankering for some serious heat, the Hot Cheeto Wings are a must-try.

These wings bring a fiery punch that's honestly superior to any other wing joint in the city.

You'd think that the heat would be too much, but it's perfectly balanced with the succulent chicken, making each bite an explosion of flavor.

And the price?

Worth every penny!

Always welcoming, extremely nice, and ready to make your munchie run a memorable experience.

And if you're up for a different take on your wings, give the Hot Cheeto Alfredo Chicken a shot.

Los 3 gueros munchies Β· 6309 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255, Verenigde Staten
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Restaurant

Curry Boys

When you're craving a burst of flavorful spices and hearty portions that leave you satisfyingly full, you need to look no further than Curry Boys!

This little gem, tucked away in a bustling city, is a true testament to the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Though it may look like just another small hole-in-the-wall, it guarantees an explosion of taste with each bite.

From the moment you step through the door, the aromatic symphony of spices and herbs awakens your senses.

The menu at Curry Boys is a perfect blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options; each dish is crafted to perfection.

My personal go-to?

The black pepper chicken and chickpea entrΓ©e - a dish that I can only describe as a melody of flavors.

Pair it with their garlic naan, and you've got yourself a meal to remember.

Curry Boys isn't just about the food; it is also about the value for money.

As a regular customer, I can vouch for the fact that the portion sizes are quite generous.

It's always a joy to split my 3 item combo with the kids, not to mention the crispy samosas that are a hit with everyone at home.

The prices are quite reasonable, too, especially when we order through the Uber Eats app.

Curry boys Β· 6534 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255, Verenigde Staten
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Indiaas restaurant

El Tule Mexican Restaurant

A plate of chilaquiles, a side of tlayudas, and a refreshing drink - that's what my last meal at El Tule Mexican Restaurant looked like.

Their tlayudas were a revelation!

They were absolutely delicious, proving that every restaurant has its unique strengths.

What I truly admire about El Tule is their commitment to cleanliness and the overall atmosphere they have created.

It's a pleasant and welcoming place where you can enjoy authentic Mexican food while feeling like you're part of the community.

My family also enjoyed their time here, especially relishing the Torta, a new addition to our list of favorites.

El Tule Mexican Restaurant Β· 7800 Pacific Blvd # 22, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Mexican restaurant

Tacos El Chino

The first time I bit into a taco from Tacos El Chino, I felt like I had discovered a hidden treasure in the city.

The generous serving of meat in each taco, whether it be asada or adobada, promises a mouthful of flavor that is simply unmatched.

The quality of meat is superior to any other taco joint around, which for me, is a testament to the care and effort they put into every dish.

The red salsa, while hot enough to ignite your senses, is a must-try.

I always make sure to carry some extra dollar bills, as they operate on a cash-only basis, and you wouldn't want to miss out on this delectable feast due to lack of change!

But what truly sets Tacos El Chino apart for me are the tacos al pastor.

They have, hands down, the best taste in the city.

The exquisite mix of flavors in every bite is a culinary experience you wouldn't want to miss.

And if you're feeling adventurous, the quesadillas del pastor with their bomb horchata are a must-try.

Tacos El Chino Β· 2304 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Taco restaurant

The Los Angeles Banh Mi Company

You know those days when you're just craving something different, something flavorful, something that gives your taste buds a thrill?

That was me last weekend, and boy, did I hit the jackpot.

I discovered The Los Angeles Banh Mi Company, a hidden gem tucked away in the city that serves the most mouth-watering Vietnamese sandwiches.

Their chicken lemongrass sandwich was a flavor explosion - crunchy bread on the outside, fluffy inside, packed with fresh veggies, and a succulent piece of marinated chicken that was simply divine.

I took it up a notch and added a fried egg on top, transforming it into a treat that was nothing short of perfection.

The vibes?

Just as wonderful.

Remember the pork egg rolls I mentioned?

They are simply to die for.

And the sandwiches come with shrimp chips – small, crunchy delights that can easily turn into an addiction.

The best part?

Their service is top-notch, making you feel appreciated, valued, and eager to return.

It's a culinary masterpiece, with the option to add egg and avocado for a richer experience.

Wash it down with their refreshing rose tea with milk, and you've got yourself a meal you won't forget.

Friendly warning – sharing might seem like a good idea, but trust me, once you take a bite, you'll wish you had the whole thing to yourself.

The Los Angeles Banh Mi Company Β· 2479 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Vietnamese restaurant

NT Noodles

"An unexpected culinary gem hidden in plain sight" - that's how I would describe my first encounter with NT Noodles.

From the outside, it may seem like an ordinary noodle house, but the moment you step in, you're greeted with warmth and kindness that feels like home.

On my first visit, I was blown away by the excellent customer service.

They greeted me at the door, guided me through their extensive menu, and served me a heartwarming bowl of pho.

The meat was abundant, and the broth was rich with flavor, making every bite a journey to the heart of Vietnamese cuisine.

It was a little pricier than the other noodle places I frequent in Alhambra and San Gabriel Valley, but considering the quality and the generous portion, it was worth every penny.

My second visit was just as memorable.

I decided to change things up and ordered ramen and dumplings on this visit.

The ramen was just as impressive, with perfectly cooked noodles and a flavorful broth.

The dumplings were a delightful surprise, perfectly steamed and stuffed with a tasty filling.

But what sets NT Noodles apart from the rest is their innovative dessert menu.

I ended my meal with a serving of coco ice cream with mango filling.

It was a unique, refreshing treat that left me craving more.

NT Noodles Β· 2620 Clarendon Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Asian restaurant

Taqueria El Pariente

You haven't truly experienced Los Angeles without a pitstop at Taqueria El Pariente.

Nestled in the heart of our city, this taqueria has become my go-to for authentic Mexican treats.

The drive from my place to the restaurant is always worth it.

Every single taco I have ordered here is nothing short of amazing.

The restaurant's legendary tacos are my favorite, and I have never missed a chance to relish them.

Whether it is a usual day or a special occasion, Taqueria El Pariente never disappoints.

I remember getting them to cater my mom's 70th birthday party, where we hosted over 150 guests.

The restaurant's catering was impeccable - from drinks to meats to salsas - everything was flawless.

The tacos de cabeza here deserve a special mention.

Succulent and packed with flavors, they make my taste buds dance with joy.

They are generous with their salsa, making each bite an explosion of taste.

Their Agua de limon is another must-try, always packed with zesty flavor.

Despite its popularity, the service is always swift.

Taqueria El Pariente Β· 7400 Pacific Blvd suite c, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Mexican restaurant

Nancy's Water and Restaurant

Every Friday, my co-workers and I have developed a gleeful tradition that fills our mouths with joy and our hearts with a sense of community.

We direct our anticipation towards the delight of Nancy's Water and Restaurant's delectable Pollo Rostisado.

Their tacos are widely known as the best in the city, and I can't help but agree.

The food is always fresh, hot, and served with a side of rice, salad, and tortillas.

It's the perfect blend of spicy and savory that sets my taste buds into a frenzy.

The best part?

They do fast delivery too!

Perfect for those days when our workload doesn't allow us the luxury of a lunch break.

Being conveniently located close to our office, we often take a quick walk to Nancy's for jugos naturales.

Despite the high quality, the prices are surprisingly reasonable, making it a favorite among us office-goers.

Nancy’s Water and Restaurant Β· 2419 Randolph St, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Β· Mexican restaurant

Little Trattoria 25

It was a regular Tuesday afternoon when I stumbled upon this quaint spot tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hidden in plain sight, Little Trattoria 25 has now become my go-to place for Italian comfort food.

I remember my first meal β€” the spaghetti with meat sauce that was simply out of this world.

However, it's their pizza that really stole my heart.

Each bite was bursting with flavors, putting all those fast-food pizzas to shame.

And the tiramisu?

Oh, it easily tops all the versions I’ve had before.

Despite its humble exteriors, the place is known to locals for its awesome service and the good vibes it imparts.

Not to mention, they have ample parking space; a rare find in our area.

True, they do sometimes run out of certain ingredients, and not every item on the menu is always available.

But that's the charm of the place, isn’t it?

The food is fresh, the ingredients handpicked, and the dishes are made with utmost care.

It's a small price to pay for the tasteful delight that awaits you.

But the place has its loyalists.

It's always buzzing with people who, like me, have found their little slice of Italy in the heart of the city.

So, if you're in the area and happen to miss the turn, don't worry!

Just cut through the alley and loop around.

Little Trattoria 25 Β· 5415 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Southern Italian restaurant

Double or Nothin' Pizza & Pasta

It was a typical Friday night; my family and I were craving a hearty comfort meal.

So, we decided to treat ourselves to some mouth-watering delicacies from the Double or Nothin' Pizza & Pasta.

Oh boy, aren't we glad for that decision!

From the moment we bit into our pizzas, we knew we had struck gold.

We ordered their extra cheesy pepperoni deluxe with stuffed crust and it was divine.

The freshness of the ingredients was evident in each bite, making us forget the regular pizza chains.

And let's not forget their regular 5.99 pizza.

It might be easy on the pocket, but it's also rich in flavor!

We also couldn't resist trying their oven wings.

Crispy, well-done, and packed with flavors, they were an absolute delight.

Their unique seasoning really stole the show, making us crave more.

But the crowning glory of our meal was the Al Pastor pizza.

It's a decadent dish that's worth every penny and every calorie!

Their exemplary service made our dining experience memorable.

One thing that pleasantly surprised us was their Hawaiian pizza.

It's a common saying that pineapple doesn't belong on pizza, but the way Double or Nothin' make it, you might just change your mind.

It was the best pizza we've ever had!

Double or Nothin’ Pizza & Pasta Β· 2661 E Florence Ave #D-2, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Pizza restaurant

El Mariscazo Cup Botanas y Mas

One of the best things about living here is the joy of unexpected discoveries, like that one time I randomly found El Mariscazo Cup Botanas y Mas.

I remember it was a sunny afternoon, I had a sudden craving for seafood, and I decided to try this place out.

Boy, did it exceed my expectations!

They left no stone unturned when it came to making the best fish tacos in the city!

I usually prefer corn tortillas, but their flour tortillas were a game-changer.

The texture was perfect, even more so after a 30-minute drive home.

My partner tried the Tacos Gobernador, and she couldn't stop raving about it.

It was just as good and didn’t fall apart.

We were both pleasantly surprised.

We also tried the green agua chile camarones.

It was packed with flavor yet not overwhelmingly spicy, just perfect.

For those who love extra heat, they have a red sauce version too.

And, oh, the campechana!

That was an absolute delight, a must-try for anyone who appreciates good seafood.

I remember washing down our meal with an agua de piΓ±a that was fresh and not overly sweet.

It was so refreshing.

I also noted they sell crepes, so I am saving that for my next visit.

Yes, there will definitely be a next visit.

El Mariscazo Cup Botanas y Mas is not just about food; it's also about the ambiance.

The attention to detail in their decor is a testament to the hard work this family-owned restaurant puts into creating a welcoming, comfortable space for their patrons.

El Mariscazo Cup Botanas y Mas Β· 7800 Pacific Blvd Unite 22, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Seafood restaurant

Ray's Texas BBQ

Living in the heart of city life can often leave you yearning for the simplicity and comfort of traditional, down-home cooking.

But fret not because Ray's Texas BBQ is here to satisfy that craving.

Ray's Texas BBQ, a simple counter-serve eatery, is a hidden gem in our bustling city, dishing out trays of Texas-style, dry-rubbed BBQ.

And let me tell you, the plate of flavorful BBQ nachos I had last week was nothing short of a revelation.

This isn't just about the food; it's about the experience.

From the moment you step in, you're enveloped in this distinct, smoky aroma that's both comforting and exciting.

One thing that stands out about Ray's is their BBQ burritos.

These are no ordinary burritos; they are enormous, deliciously filled with their slow-cooked, tender BBQ.

I often end up taking half home - it's an absolute treat for the next day.

Don't even get me started on their sides.

The coleslaw at Ray's is probably the best I've ever had, finely balanced against the bold flavors of the BBQ with a refreshingly briny taste.

But it's the flavored rice that truly steals the show.

It's exquisite, with a unique side that somehow manages to hold its own amid the smoky barbecue goodness.

Ray’s Texas Bbq Β· 6038 Santa Fe Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Barbecue restaurant


Every time I explore my city, I seem to stumble upon a new gem, and FrutiBionicos Sinaloa is one such discovery.

If you're a fan of Mexican treats and desserts, this place is a must-visit!

From the moment I walk through their doors, I'm greeted with a warm welcome from the lovely ladies behind the counter.

They are always eager to help and cater to my every craving, no matter how unorthodox it might be.

Whether I'm in the mood for some fresh fruits, bionicos, tostimarineros, or mangoneadas, they've got it all.

And don't even get me started on their ice cream and Mexican candy - simply irresistible!

One dish that keeps me coming back time and again is their "Tostimarinero."

I have to admit, the first time I tried it back in 2007, it was love at first bite.

And it's not just me - my partner and kids are as addicted as I am!

FrutiBionicos Sinaloa Β· 7615 State St, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Mexican restaurant

Lalis Pizza Plus

There's nothing like winding down after a long day with a slice of pizza from my absolute favorite spot in the city, Lalis Pizza Plus.

Over the years, this cozy little gem has become my local haunt.

It's the kind of place where the service is always friendly, the food is consistently delicious, and the atmosphere is just right for a casual hangout.

Their pepperoni pizza is divine - the perfect balance of savory meat and melted cheese, all resting atop a flavorful bed of sauce.

If you're feeling adventurous, I recommend trying it with extra cheese.

Unlike some other places, they don't overload it, so you get just the right amount of cheesy goodness without it turning greasy.

One time, when I tried to show off my Spanish skills, I ended up with an unexpected combination of toppings, but even that turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Guess it's not every day you get to discover a new favorite pizza topping!

But it isn't just about the pizza at Lalis.

The spicy buffalo wings are a hit among my friends, and they come served with fries and carrots with ranch dip on the side - a perfect pairing if you ask me.

The dining room, although small, is full of charm and character.

It's the kind of place where you feel welcomed the moment you walk in, and you end up staying for hours just relaxing and enjoying the vibe.

When you visit, don't forget to try their Supreme pizza - it's a crowd-pleaser.

And if you're anything like me, and enjoy your pizza with a bit of a crunch, consider asking them to bake it a bit longer.

They're always happy to accommodate requests.

Oh, and if you get the chance, do try out their chicken mango habanero and chili cheese fries.

Lalis Pizza Plus Β· 7902 California Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Pizza restaurant

Restaurantes Mexico 86

Stepping into Restaurantes Mexico 86, is like taking a flavorful journey through the heart of Mexico, right here in our city.

The first thing that hits you when you walk in is the inviting aroma of freshly cooked meals.

The food here is a fiery delight, with each dish priced reasonably to keep your wallet happy.

One of the must-try dishes here is the Menudo.

The flavors are so robust and on point that asking for refills becomes a natural instinct!

My family and I chose this place to celebrate my mom's birthday last year.

The food was so exquisite it easily outshone other popular spots like El Pescador.

From the hand-made tortillas to the salsa that was actually hot (and not toned down for less adventurous palates), each dish was a celebration in itself!

This family-run restaurant gives you more than just a meal.

What makes Restaurantes Mexico 86 truly special is its authenticity.

The food is genuine Mexican, and it is simply delicious.

Restaurantes Mexico 86 Β· 3272 E Gage Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Mexican restaurant

Mariscos Brisas Del Pacifico

Have you ever stumbled upon a place that's so unassuming from the outside, yet it blows you away with its incredible food?

That's exactly what Mariscos Brisas Del Pacifico is for me.

Nestled discreetly between a taco joint and a discount store in the heart of Huntington Park, this hidden gem serves up the most delicious and affordable Mexican seafood dishes.

One sunny afternoon, my brother and I decided to venture into this quaint little seafood shack that we'd been overlooking for quite some time.

We're both fans of local, lesser-known eateries that often go unnoticed by most and so our curiosity got the best of us.

The first thing that caught my attention was their $1 fish tacos.

I ordered a bunch of them, ten to be exact, and not only were they ridiculously tasty, but I also couldn't finish them all.

My brother, on the other hand, went for a meat-stuffed quesadilla that left him pleasantly surprised and satisfactorily filled.

The food was fresh, the service was delightful, and the prices were unbelievably reasonable.

From the tasty fish and chicken tacos to the generous servings and the warm, friendly service, Mariscos Brisas Del Pacifico is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates authentic Mexican seafood.

It may not look like much from the outside, but it's a treasure trove of mouth-watering dishes that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Mariscos Brisas Del Pacifico Β· 2758 E Gage Ave #4221, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Seafood restaurant

El Michoacano Restaurant

There's something quite magical about a place that immediately feels like home.

El Michoacano Restaurant is one such spot for me, tucked away in the heart of our city.

With just one visit, you, too, would understand why I'm so drawn to this local gem.

And that's not even mentioning their heavenly cuisine!

Every visit to El Michoacano Restaurant is like a mini culinary adventure.

Their popusas are hands down the best in the city.

Each bite is a delightful dance of flavors that warms the soul.

The Birria is another must-try, a bowl of deliciousness that screams authenticity with every spoonful.

But what sets El Michoacano apart is not only the food but also the people.

Their kind-hearted nature is palpable, and it seeps into every aspect of the experience.

El Michoacano Restaurant Β· 7315 Pacific Blvd, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States
β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Β· Restaurant

Final Thoughts

Whether it's the authentic Mexican flavors at La Enchiladita and El Tule Mexican Restaurant, the unique Asian fusion at AKAI Asian, or the comfort food classics at Corner Grille Huntington Park, there's a dining experience waiting to satisfy every craving in Huntington Park, California.

The variety and quality of food in Huntington Park truly reflect the city's vibrant culture and its people's love for good food.

Whether I'm grabbing a quick lunch or planning a special dinner, these restaurants in Huntington Park never disappoint.

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