15 Best Restaurants in Hollister, CA

Best Restaurants in Hollister, CA
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Hollister is the county seat of San Benito and is one of the largest cities in the Monterey Bay Area, California.

Despite its large size, the place hasn't lost its small-town feel.

When you visit, you'll see intimate places showcasing the city's incredible culture and vibrant community.

Their cuisine reflects a diverse population, with Mexican, Italian, and Japanese restaurants available, among other things.

Classic American places will also give you a taste of home.

If you're looking for a place to eat in the area, here are the best restaurants in Hollister, California.

Dunneville Market and Kitchen

Burger and fries at Dunneville Market and Kitchen
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The Dunneville Market and Kitchen were built in 1910.

It has survived multiple ownership changes and serves excellent food to its patrons.

One of the highlights of this place is their Tri Trip Sandwiches, served from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Outside the Dunneville Market and Kitchen
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If unsure, you can always go with the original sandwich, which contains a 5-oz Tri Tip and is topped with Barbecue sauce.

You can also try the Tri Tip & Cheddar Sauce, which has a 5-oz Tri Tip with Cheddar Sauce and some crispy onions for that tiny bit of added flavor.

You can also ask the Dunneville Market and Kitchen staff for add-ons, such as cheese, bacon, avocado, or horseradish.

Mangia Italian Kitchen

Italian and Mexican dishes are universally loved.

No one fuses these two cultures better than Mangia Italian Kitchen.

If you're looking for authenticity and experimentation, look no further.

You won't want to miss their seafood and poultry option.

Check out the chicken parmesan or salmon and see the best that the Mangia Italian Kitchen offers.

Of course, no Italian restaurant is complete without pasta, so order a plate of those.

Don't forget to review their wine list and order a bottle to complete your fancy dinner with your loved ones.

Paine's Restaurant and Bar

Paine's Restaurant and Bar has existed since 1929, showing no sign of slowing down.

If you want a casual and relaxed dining setting that also happens to serve fantastic food, then look no further.

Paine's Restaurant and Bar offers a wide range of dishes like pasta and salad, so check out their menu when you get the opportunity.

However, the place's highlight is its grilled food, so don't forget to give those a shot if you get the chance.

Try out their filet mignon or signature steak.

One taste of those things is well worth your visit.

Fosters Freeze

Ice cream at Fosters Freeze
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Fosters Freeze is a classic joint serving amazing burgers and milkshakes that any Californian will love.

They've operated since 1946.

Decades later, their unique products and snacks are well-known across the state.

When you stop by their Hollister Branch, don't forget to try out one of their burgers.

There's much to choose from to suit your tastes and dietary needs.

Maybe you want the Big Boss, the Foster Doubledecker, or Chili Burger with Cheese.

However, the real highlight of Fosters Freeze is its soft-serve ice cream and shakes.

Just take a glance at their menu and see a wide variety of things to pick from Oreo, M&M, or Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.

Maybe you want a milkshake, so you can choose from vanilla, chocolate, hot fudge, or triple berry.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

There are also freezes, cones, sundaes, and parfaits!

They come in so many different flavors that it can be hard to pick just one.

Try at least two to understand what this place offers.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant

Outside the Miyako Japanese Restaurant
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If you suddenly find yourself craving East Asian cuisine, head to the Miyako Japanese Restaurant for a fantastic dining experience.

The place uses traditional and modern techniques to prepare the best Japanese dishes in the area.

Check out their sushi bar and the different types of sushi.

Sashimi at Miyako Japanese Restaurant
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Lunch is served from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Visit Miyako Japanese Restaurant in time to get the best seats.

You can also grab dinner there from Monday to Saturday.

Celebrate a big change or do something special with the people you love at the Miyako Japanese Restaurant.

Country Rose Cafe

Delicious dish at Country Rose Cafe
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If you want the best breakfast in the area, check out the Country Rose Cafe.

The place exudes a small-town charm.

Everything you eat there is made with the love and passion you can only find in these remote but vibrant communities.

Remember to check out their specialties, such as the grilled chicken with eggs or the eggs benedict.

You can also order a country cake or French toast from the Country Rose Cafe.

Whatever dish you choose, you should find a quaint and charming version here.

Casa de Fruta Restaurant

Casa de Fruta isn't just a simple orchard.

It's a vibrant community, and you can't find a better example than the Casa de Fruta Restaurant.

This is the place for people just looking for a taste of home.

You can find a wide variety of regional specialties in this place, like fruit and cream pies.

Try their classic apple pie or maybe some chocolate or lemon meringue for something rare and unique.

You can also sample the famous cheesecakes of Casa de Fruta Restaurant.

They come in various flavors, such as creme brulee and honey almond.

Seabrisa's Eatery

Seafood is fantastic when done right, and Seabrisa's Eatery is one of the places that do it best.

You should have a unique and unforgettable dining experience no matter when you end up for a meal.

Their breakfast menu features unique and savory dishes, such as the smoked salmon, crab egg benedict, or the Monte Cristo sandwich.

For lunch and dinner, you have many options, and you'll feel more than a little spoiled.

Try their crab cakes, calamari, or deep-fried artichokes as starters and prepare your palette for the main course.

Various salads, such as Caesar's salad, wedge salad, or house salad, complement your meal.

They come in different sizes, so you won't have to worry about ordering too much or too little.

Once you get to the entrees, you'll still be spoiled for options.

Choose between the wasabi-encrusted Ahi tuna and a blackened or sauteed fish.

Whatever you pick, Seabrisa's Eatery should give you a meal that you won't forget anytime soon.

To Pho

To Pho is the place for authentic Vietnamese food.

Take a gastronomic adventure through new and unique Asian flavors you've never experienced.

There are many dishes to try, so you'll have options depending on your taste and preferences.

Some of their most popular dishes and snack include milk coffee and bubble tea, fun and flavorful drinks for people on the go!

Start with their best appetizers, such as egg rolls, fried calamari, or wonton soup.

Then, you can sample their delicious noodle dishes like the Nem Nuong, stir-fried egg noodles, or their famous crispy noodle special.

If you're a vegetarian, there are options for you as well.

Try their fried rice, stir-fried veggie noodles, or vegan chicken rice if you get the chance.

Whatever you choose, you should have a fantastic time with friends and family at To Pho.

La Catrina Mexican Grill

Nachos at La Catrina Mexican Grill
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Since 2014, the family-owned and -operated La Catrina Mexican Grill has served tasty Mexican dishes to their patrons.

This is a great place to visit if you want some great Mexican treats.

Try their dinner menu, and you'll find some of the best dishes you've ever tasted.

Tacos are one of their main specialties, and there's much to choose from.

Rice meal at La Catrina Mexican Grill
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You can check out the Tacos de Pollo, Baja, or Yucateco.

Aside from that, you can also order a few enchiladas, one filled with chicken, pork, and a vegetarian option.

Don't forget to order Margaritas to complete the perfect night at La Catrina Mexican Grill.

El Epazote Restaurant

El Epazote Restaurant has served exceptional food and services since 2007.

Check out this restaurant if you want to try authentic and delicious Mexican dishes.

They offer a wide variety of dishes for various palettes and dietary requirements, so you should find something that'll suit your tastes perfectly.

One of the things you can try at El Epazote Restaurant is their fajitas.

If you do, you're in for an unforgettable treat.

You can also sample their enchiladas or chile relleno if you're looking for something a little different.

If you still have space in your belly after that, don't forget to add some sides to complete the Mexican eating experience.

Running Rooster

Chicken and side dish at Running Rooster
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Established in 2003, the Running Rooster started as a take-home dinner business.

It has come a long way since then.

Today, it's an award-winning establishment that serves outstanding burgers, pizzas, and other classic American dishes.

Burger and fries at Running Rooster
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If you're looking for a fun and casual time, visit the Running Rooster for brunch.

Order their avocado pizza and share it with your family and friends as you have great conversations and hang out.

You can also get a chicken and waffle combination if you want to mix things with something fun and casual.

Grillin and Chillin Roadhouse

Outside the Grillin and Chillin Roadhouse
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Grillin and Chillin Roadhouse is a great place to kick back and relax after a long, hard week.

Their menu has a lot to offer, so try as many dishes as possible to make the most of the experience.

For the appetizer, test out your spice tolerance with the Jumpin Jalapenos.

Burger and fries at Grillin and Chillin Roadhouse
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Afterward, you can choose various burger options for your main dish.

If you're looking for something else, sample the steaks, mignons, or sandwiches.

Celebrate special occasions and get a beer with your friends.

Make sure to have a fun time and savor the fun and easygoing atmosphere of the Grillin and Chillin Roadhouse.

Cozy Cup Cafe

Sandwich and eggs at Cozy Cup Cafe
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The Cozy Cup Cafe is a locally owned establishment that strives to give locals and visitors the best service and snacks imaginable.

Sometimes called Hollister's best-kept secret, the place is a lovely hole-in-the-wall that you wouldn't want to miss.

The food they serve is fresh, delightful, and impossible to resist.

The Cozy Cup Cafe offers breakfast and lunch menus and daily specials.

You can pick out the basics for breakfast, such as eggs and sausages or homemade biscuits with gravy.

Breakfast at Cozy Cup Cafe
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You can also sample their specialty omelets if you want something more exciting.

These dishes come in various configurations, ranging from veggie to hot Italian.

On the other hand, you should also go for one of their gourmet burgers, such as the El Diablo or California.

You can also get a few slides to accompany the burgers and complement your meal.

Try the fries or potato salad, and you'll learn what it means to find heaven on earth.

4th Street Eatery

4th Street Eatery takes pride in being a local business that offers excellent food to its community.

You'll find it there whether you want a simple cup of coffee or an entire breakfast meal.

You'll love every bit of it you get.

It may not look remarkable, but it has a lot to offer.

You can get breakfast burritos, bagels, wraps, pastries, and more.

4th Street Eatery offers healthy options for people with special dietary needs, so you'll never feel left out.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things to do anywhere is to explore its cuisine, which you can also do in Hollister.

The food says a lot about the area and will give you a great picture of the kind of place you're visiting.

Try the best restaurants in Hollister, California, for the ultimate gastronomic experience!

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