15 Best Restaurants in Hannibal, MO

Restaurant in Hannibal, MO
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Famously known as the setting for Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Hannibal is a small town on the Mississippi banks.

If you ever stop by, you’ll find many great restaurants to tantalize your tastebuds.

Here are the best restaurants in Hannibal, Missouri:

Java Jive

This colorful coffee shop on North Main Street is one of Hannibal’s most delightful spots.

You can sit outside or in the large, beautiful dining room for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Food at Java Jive is always a treat.

Their sandwiches and wraps are excellent and include local favorites such as Hart Bent-On Sandwich, made on a tasty everything bagel, and Twain Wrap, an excellent turkey bacon ranch wrap.

If you want something lighter, they make great paninis with just the right texture and crispiness.

Java Jive’s salads are outstanding—all seven of them.

Italian Salad, Turkey Bacon Ranch Salad, and Classic Turkey Pecan Salad are great options.

In addition, they serve excellent five-grain blend salads, namely Southwest Turkey Grain Bowl and Turkey Pesto Grain Bowl, combining wild rice, barley, wheat berries, white quinoa, and red quinoa.

Java Jive is also one of the strongest contenders for the best bakery in Hannibal.

Their pastries and breakfast options are incredible.

Java Jive - Hannibal, MO
Specialties: Coffees, espresso & espresso drinks, Republic of Tea, sandwiches, soups, salads, ice cream, shakes, smoothies, and a full line of made from scratch pastries, baked goods, cakes and cheesecakes. Established in 2000. Java Jive opened in 2000, but the foundation of the business started ov…

LaBinnah Bistro

The famous LaBinnah Bistro on North 5th Street offers one of the finest dining experiences in Hannibal.

They have a wide variety of excellent dishes from all over the world, with a slight focus on Mediterranean cuisines.

You can start with various outstanding appetizers and delightful French bread or Pita bread.

Their fresh salads are delicious, especially their signature Labinnah Salad, featuring garden greens, walnuts, apples, and a homemade maple vinaigrette.

As for the main course, the choice can be overwhelming as everything is made to perfection.

You can go for the marvelous French village style Côtelettes d’Agneau, prepared with prime cuts of lamb, or the exotic and authentic African Peri Peri.

You can also enjoy seafood delicacies such as Saumon Farci, Shrimps Istanbul, Moroccan Shrimp, Caribbean Coconut Shrimp, King Salmon, and more.

Several dishes from the American continent are also on LaBinnah Bistro’s menu, including Chimichurri, Havana, Chicago, and Riviera.

Their Indian Tikka Massala curry sauce is another great delight from the other side of the Pacific.

LaBinnah Bistro - Hannibal, MO
Specialties: Be wined and dined in one of the nation’s most historic districts with Global Dining. Extensive menu, Unique Appetizers and Decadent Desserts. Established in 2008.

Fiddlestiks Food & Spirits Company

Located along US-36, Fiddlestiks Food & Spirits Company is a great restaurant with an extensive menu and an excellent buffet.

Their menu is packed with savory appetizers, soups, and salads.

For the main course, you can choose any of their excellent steak and chop, chicken, or seafood entrées—all served with a side salad and roll.

Platters are the restaurant’s strong point; they are well-made and beautifully presented, including the BBQ Pulled Pork, Chicken Tenders, Shrimp Basket, and Catfish Filet.

Alternatively, you can go for one of their many pasta, sandwiches, wraps, and burgers.

Fiddlestiks Food & Spirits Company make a great variety of excellent food, which makes their buffet a very enticing meal option.

Fiddlestiks Food & Spirits Company - Hannibal, MO
Delivery & Pickup Options - 129 reviews of Fiddlestiks Food & Spirits Company “Had lunch here because I got to the Quality Inn next door too early to check in. Had the chicken tenders platter with one side (French fries) and chose BBQ sauce instead of honey mustard. If the chicken tenders were han…

Cassano’s Pizza and Subs

Located on James Road, Cassano’s Pizza and Subs serves some of the best pizzas you will ever have.

The crust is top-notch, and the toppings are wonderful.

Their signature pizzas include Cassano’s Classic Deluxe, featuring sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and peppers.

If you’re fond of cheese, Mom’s Big Cheese or Vic’s Big Cheese will be precisely what you’re looking for.

Not everyone makes subs quite like this place.

The sheer variety of their subs is impressive.

You can go for the Original Sub, Catfish, Chopped Steak, Italian Deli, Meatball, Ham & Cheese, Pizza Cheese Steak, and many more.

Cassano’s Pizza and Subs also serves a small selection of Italian food.

You can go for spaghetti, lasagna, or Spaganya, half spaghetti and half lasagna.

Cassano’s Pizza & Subs - Hannibal, MO
Delivery & Pickup Options - 62 reviews of Cassano’s Pizza & Subs “One of the few things I miss in Hannibal, whenever I can I get a Vic’s Big Cheese. It’s a local institution, I wish there were one in Columbia. (hint, hint)”

The Brick Oven

Nestled on Center Street, The Brick Oven is largely inspired by Italian cuisine and offers many options for vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

Their pizzas and salads are excellent.

They make several unique and tasty wood-fired pizzas such as Garlic Lovers, Italian Sausage, Shrimp Pesto, Vegetarian, and more.

Their salad specialties include the excellent Caprese Salad and Bruschetta Feta.

Pasta is perhaps The Brick Oven’s specialty.

Their marinara sauce is perfect. Sicilian Spaghetti, Meat Ravioli, Baked Penne, Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Shrimp & Scallop Scampi are great.

Gluten-free Ravioli is also available.

The Brick Oven - Hannibal, MO
Delivery & Pickup Options - 104 reviews of The Brick Oven “My family treated me to a trip to the Brick Oven last night. Since I don’t live in the area anymore, I was a little concerned given the reviews on this board. However, my parents had been down there several times and really enjoyed themselve…

Jet’s Palace

Jet’s Palace, located on Palmyra Road, is one of Hannibal’s most renowned Chinese restaurants.

It has a comprehensive selection of Chinese dishes.

You can choose one of their beef, pork, poultry, seafood, or vegetarian dishes.

If you want an excellent modern take on traditional Chinese dishes, you can go for their Chop Suey, Chow Mein, Lo Mein, and Moo Shu dishes.

These can include beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, or a combination.

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll want to go for their Vegetable Lo Mein or Moo Shu.

Additionally, Jet’s Palace has several specials which sometimes change.

These are usually served with steamed or fried rice.

Some special staples include Happy Family, Rainbow Seafood, and Sweet & Sour Triple D’Lite.

No matter what’s on the menu, you can’t go wrong with Jet’s Palace specials, especially their Complete Dinner offers.

Jet’s Palace - Hannibal, MO
Delivery & Pickup Options - 62 reviews of Jet’s Palace “If you are looking for excellent Chinese dining in Hannibal then this is the place to go. I have eaten at numerous Oriental restaurants across the country and the quality was as good, if not better, than most I’ve had. I had the Hunan Chicken…

Wayne BBQ

If you’re looking for some great BBQ, head to Wayne BBQ on North Main Street, which serves some of the best in Hannibal.

You’ll love the rich taste of their traditional wood-fired BBQ.

Whether it’s brisket, ribs, pulled pork, or smoked turkey, their BBQ platters are perfect.

If you’re going with family or friends, the Family Meal will easily be your best option, featuring pork, turkey, ribs, brisket, and four sides.

Their sides usually consist of green beans, baked beans, corn cobs, and mac and cheese.

Alternatively, you can have meat by the pound, which is an excellent idea for large gatherings.

Wayne BBQ also makes some great sandwiches; you can have a brisket, pulled pork, or chicken sandwich.

Wayne BBQ - Hannibal, MO
43 reviews of Wayne BBQ “Wayne BBQ is hands down the BEST BBQ in the area! Family owned business and is run with care and expertise! Beautiful restaurant on historic Main Street!”

Becky Thatcher’s Diner

Stopping at a diner in a small city can often be an unforgettable experience, and Becky Thatcher’s Diner on North 3rd Street is likely to be one.

It’s everything you want a diner to be and then some.

The diner has an authentic and old-fashioned atmosphere and excellent service.

They offer a Garden Salad, Chicken Salad, and an excellent Chef Salad.

You can also go for their classic and perfectly-made burgers and sandwiches.

Try their breakfast and lunch specials if you’re in for a complete meal.

For breakfast, you can have their delicious Biscuits n Gravy or The Low Rider.

Their lunch specials include Corned Beef Hash, Country Fried Steak, and more.

Becky Thatcher’s Diner is undoubtedly the place to be if you want to reminisce or get a feel of the ’50s and ’60s United States.

Becky Thatcher’s Diner - Hannibal, MO
Delivery & Pickup Options - 62 reviews of Becky Thatcher’s Diner “This place is cute in a generic 1950s diner way, which can be refreshing after the Twain reference saturation of the rest of Hannibal. I had an awesome breakfast special of pumpkin pancakes with walnuts and caramel syrup on top. My…

Big Muddy BBQ

Situated along US-61, Big Muddy BBQ is one of Hannibal’s most popular BBQ places in Hannibal.

It offers a selection of quality BBQ meals.

Their Rib Dinner menu includes a full rack with four sides and a 1/2 and a 1/3 rack with two sides.

You can also go for a Snackin’ Basket featuring two ribs, pulled pork, a slice of brisket, and tips.

Their Pork Steak and Smoked Chicken dinner options are also great.

Along with your choice of lunch or dinner, you’ll love Big Muddy’s tips and sides.

You can have a Pork Tip Basket or Pulled Pork Nachos for tips.

As for the sides, they offer a potato salad, baked beans, sweet potato, brisket green beans, and more.

Big Muddy BBQ - Hannibal, MO
Specialties: Although all our sides and sauces are deliciously homemade Our specialty is BBQ .....first and last Hickory smoked , slow and low Brisket Pork ribsChicken Pork ButtAnd an inch and 1/4 thick pork steak Established in 2014. Started in 2014 we have Slowly and patiently expanded ou…

Mimi’s Coffee House & Ice Cream

Located on Lakeside Drive, Mimi’s Coffee House & Ice Cream is a lovely place with a great atmosphere that serves coffee, ice cream, pastries, and a wide variety of excellent food.

You’ll have plenty of great cookies, sandwiches, soups, and salads to choose from for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Their breakfast sandwiches are particularly excellent and are the perfect thing to have, along with a nice cup of coffee.

For lunch, their daily soups are a great option; these are served with a baguette or crackers.

You can have the soup and one of their great sandwiches or wraps.

In addition, the restaurant offers a couple of amazing entrées, such as the BBQ Mac & Cheese.

You can’t possibly have something to eat at Mimi’s Coffee House & Ice Cream without finishing with one of their incredible dessert specialties: ice cream, gelato, cookies, bagels, and more.

Mimi’s Coffee House - Hannibal, MO
33 reviews of Mimi’s Coffee House “Simply put it I lived any closer I’d have to redo my budget. I had the gelato one night and coffee and a scone the next morning all were great. The decor is wonderful however the best attribute about Mimi’s is the staff!!!!”

Drakes Steak & Ale

Drakes Steak & Ale, located on Clinic Road, is one of the Midwest’s finest places to drink and dine.

The pleasant atmosphere and gorgeous wood-themed setting certainly add to its charm.

Drakes Steak & Ale has a vast selection of freshly-made, delicious steaks, smoked meat, and seafood dishes.

Get the Sampler Platter and have a little bit of everything.

You can start with some great appetizers, including Mozzarella Sticks, Stuffed Mushrooms, BBQ Pork Flatbread Pizza, Wings, Onion Rings, and Homemade Jalapeño Poppers.

Their salads, whether it’s Caesar, steak, chicken, grilled shrimp, or grilled salmon, are all excellent.

Their most glorious one, however, is undoubtedly the Buffalo Chicken & Blue Cheese Caesar Salad.

You can also have Homemade Chili, Steak and Ale Chowder, or go for their Soup of the Day.

Drakes Steak and Ale - Hannibal, MO
Delivery & Pickup Options - 67 reviews of Drakes Steak and Ale “Excellent Midwest meals , large portions, and homey atmosphere at reasonable prices.”

Okinawa On Wheels

Japanese food enthusiasts love dining at Okinawa On Wheels on James Road.

The menu primarily includes Hibachi and Sushi, both utterly delightful.

Okinawa On Wheels’ Hibachi menu includes vegetarian, chicken-based, and crab-based appetizers.

The entrées can be anything you like: veggies, chicken, steak, shrimp, scallops, and salmon.

You can also have steak or chicken sukiyaki.

However, you’ll probably want to go for their Hibachi combinations and have two or three of your favorite meats.

The sushi rolls are outstanding.

You can go for basic rolls such as vegan, spicy tuna, California, Philly, and Shrimp Tempura rolls, among others.

If you like your rolls deep-fried, several options are available as well.

Alternatively, you can choose from almost a dozen Chef Special rolls.

Okinawa On Wheels - Hannibal, MO
4 reviews of Okinawa On Wheels “We are so grateful to have sushi in town! Even if it’s a food truck. Also impressed with the quality. It’s not the most amazing sushi ever, but it’s Way better then the next closest sushi in Quincy. We’ll be supporting this business frequently!”

Mark Twain Dinette

Located on North 3rd Street, Mark Twain Dinette is one of the most popular restaurants in Hannibal, serving great versions of some of the most popular US dishes.

Several starters, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and tacos are on the menu and are excellently made.

Mark Twain Dinette also offers homestyle platters such as their signature Mark Twain Fried Chicken.

Other local favorites include the Grilled Tenderloin and the Dinette Horseshoe, which combines many of their most popular items.

You can have your meal with the good old homemade root beer or one of their several dessert options, including milkshakes, malts, pies, and more.

Mark Twain Dinette - Hannibal, MO
Specialties: If sight-seeing or your daily routine has you strolling the streets of historical Hannibal, Missouri, be sure to stop by Mark Twain Dinette for casual dining in a historical setting. Since 1942, local friends and welcome guests have visited our family restaurant in Hannibal, Missouri fo…

Logue’s Restaurant

There’s no better place to have classic Midwestern dishes than the Midwest.

For that purpose, Logue’s Restaurant on Huckleberry Heights Drive is one of the better places to go.

They have extensive breakfast and lunch menus featuring some of America’s favorite comfort fare.

For breakfast, you can have fresh eggs with ham, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, pancakes, a breakfast sandwich, and more.

Even better, the Classic Breakfast menu has striking combinations, most of which are served with coffee, tea, or soda.

Logue’s Restaurant offers several delicious salads with great dressings, such as ranch honey mustard and blue cheese.

Sandwiches, burgers, melts, chicken platters, steaks, and more are on the menu and are all worth considering.

Logue’s Restaurant - Hannibal, MO
Specialties: Family Style Menu - Home Made Tenderloins, Chicken Strips, Breakfast All Day, Home Made Soups, Daily Specials Established in 1987. Established in 1987, is a locally owned family restaurant. Our menu is basic Midwestern home cooking with many items made from scratch and served in hearty…

Rustic Oak Grill & Pub

Rustic Oak Grill & Pub’s intimate, wood-themed setting is very appealing.

This charming place in Huck Finn Shopping Center offers a unique dining experience.

Their menu includes a variety of amazing dishes.

Several platters of steaks, seafood, and chops are an absolute delight.

The sandwiches, wraps, and burgers are excellent.

Their desserts are mouth-watering, including cheesecakes, homemade fudges, cobblers, and pies.

A full bar is also available at Rustic Oak Grill & Pub.

Rustic Oak Grill & Pub - Hannibal, MO
Delivery & Pickup Options - 48 reviews of Rustic Oak Grill & Pub “I had a trip tip sandwich that was pretty good and a fried steak with mashed potatoes and canned green beans. The fried steak was good but the green beans were terrible. I will come back again. The fudge they sell at the front is som…

Final Thoughts

Hannibal is a small city that has a lot of excellent food experiences to offer.

With several dining options, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Enjoy trying all the places on this list of the best restaurants in Hannibal, Missouri!

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