16 Best Restaurants in Gilroy, CA

Best Restaurants in Gilroy, CA
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Gilroy is a city in Santa Clara County, Northern California.

The southernmost part of the city belongs to the San Francisco Bay Area; their local economy has many Mexican and Asian influences.

There are a lot of great attractions in the city, complemented by its diverse food culture.

Gilroy has an annual garlic festival because of its abundance in garlic crop fields.

It’s even called the “Garlic Capital of the World.”

Therefore, you’ll encounter many savory dishes that use this essential but flavorful ingredient.

Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Gilroy, California, to get you started on your Gilroy food adventure.

Longhouse Restaurant

Located along the busy Monterey Highway, Longhouse Restaurant is an established family restaurant serving classic American favorites.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll find many restaurants in Gilroy with garlicky dishes on their menu.

Longhouse Restaurant is one of them.

Try their garlic fries and steak salad for starters.

The steak salad is cooked in a special garlic sauce that harmonizes well with the salad’s leafy greens.

They have all sorts of garlicky steaks for their meaty entrees, from pork chops and sirloins to tri-tips.

They also have salmon and garlic shrimp if you’re in the mood for seafood.

With an extensive menu that covers breakfast to dinner cravings, Longhouse Restaurant is a perfect place to try the garlicky delights of Gilroy.

OD’s Kitchen

Breakfast at OD’s Kitchen
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Like Longhouse, OD’s Kitchen is another delicious family restaurant specializing in American classics.

Their breakfast menu here is particularly famous, especially their biscuits, gravy, and Kitchen Sink.

This dish comprises diced potatoes and ham sauteed with onions and peppers that come with an egg.

Bacon and eggs at OD’s Kitchen
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They have a wide range of burgers, steaks, and chops for lunch.

OD’s Kitchen is well-loved for its gravy, so order lots for lunch or dinner.

Located along Martin Street, in the heart of Gilroy, OD’s Kitchen is perfect for satisfying your American cravings.

Mi Gusto Es Mexican Restaurant

Gilroy has a lot of rich Mexican and Spanish heritage dating back to the 1700s.

It’s not surprising that Mexican restaurants are prominent in the city.

Mi Gusto Es Mexican Restaurant is one of the tastiest.

Located along 1st Street, Mi Gusto Es Mexican Restaurant should satisfy your Mexican cravings.

They have a lot of Mexican classics.

Some of their signatures include their molcajete with steak and chicken and enchiladas and chicken fajitas.

They also have many chile options for the complete Mexican experience.

Sushi Omakase

Sushi at Sushi Omakase
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The San Francisco Bay Area is known for its rich Asian food heritage and Mexican influences.

In Gilroy, Sushi Omakase is an excellent representation of the city’s Japanese community.

Sushi Omakase has everything you need if you’re here for a special occasion or a quick bite of sushi rolls.

Sushi platter at Sushi Omakase
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Try their signature Gilroy Roll or other classics like soft shell tempura crab or crunchy scallop rolls.

They also have a lot of innovative creations here, merging American techniques with Japanese ingredients.

While famous for its sushi, you can also find great deals through its lunchtime bento boxes with tons of variations, a perfect place for a quick lunch.

Saigon - 2 - Siam Bistro

Sandwich at Saigon - 2 - Siam Bistro
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Vietnamese and Thai cuisine are other prominent parts of Gilroy’s rich food culture.

Saigon - 2 - Siam Bistro offers some of Gilroy's best Vietnamese and Thai dishes, making it a must-visit for Asian cuisine enthusiasts.

Located along 1st Street, this laid-back restaurant is a stellar place to get authentic Southeast Asian noodles and soup dishes.

Soup at Saigon - 2 - Siam Bistro
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Try their classic Pad Thai, Panang curry, and Tom Yum soup for that soulful, comforting Asian flavor.

Saigon - 2- Siam Bistro is known for its drunken noodles, stir-fried rice in garlic with tons of oyster sauce, and Southeast Asian spices.

There’s a lot more to try, so visit this restaurant with an empty stomach and prepare for a heavy lunch!

Westside Grill

Cabbage dish at Westside Grill
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Westside Grill is an excellent option if you’re looking for a hip place serving Western gourmet food.

Located along Santa Teresa Boulevard, Westside Grill is great for dates and special occasions because of their creative menu.

They serve breakfast to dinner, but the latter is where Westside Grill truly shines.

Some must-try dishes include their short rib ravioli, seared ahi tuna with crispy wontons, and jumbo sea scallops.

Delicious dish at Westside Grill
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Try the Garlic Festival Pasta and Gilroy Garlic Fries for their garlic-packed dishes.

Many cocktail options here also have their artistic touch, making Westside Grill the perfect place for intimate dinners.

Mama Mia’s Mediterranean and Italian Cuisine

Delicious dish at Mama Mia’s Mediterranean and Italian Cuisine
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Mama Mia's Mediterranean and Italian Cuisine are just a quick drive from Westside Grill along 1st Street.

This place is an upscale restaurant packed with delicious seafood and meat dishes.

For their specialties, try their Mediterranean Pizza with Gorgonzola cheese and unique pasta dishes like their Lebanese scampi and seafood alla cacciucco.

Sandwich and fries at Mama Mia’s Mediterranean and Italian Cuisine
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If you’re a meat lover, give their veal parmigiana and Osso Bucco a try.

There’s also a Happy Hour menu and many garlicky items to represent Gilroy.

Besides its cozy indoors, Mama Mia’s Mediterranean and Italian Cuisine has scenic outdoor seating on its patio.

It's an excellent place for intimate lunches and dinners.

Mr. Hong’s Chinese Fast Food

Sushi platter at Mr. Hong’s Chinese Fast Food
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Located across from Mama Mia’s, Mr. Hong’s Chinese Fast Food is a go-to place in Gilroy for authentic Chinese cuisine at an affordable price.

They have some delicious crowd favorites, like chow mein, orange chicken, egg rolls, and broccoli beef.

Moreover, they also have some non-Chinese items on the menu, particularly sushi rolls and tempura.

Fast and efficient, Mr. Hong’s Chinese Fast Food is an excellent restaurant for large gatherings, too.

Whether you’re here for a feast or a quick takeout, Mr. Hong’s Chinese Fast Food is a fantastic option to satisfy your Chinese fast food cravings.

Old City Hall Restaurant

Salad at Old City Hall Restaurant
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Old City Hall Restaurant is a chic place perfect for casual lunch with friends, family, or your partner.

Located along Monterey Highway, the building where Old City Hall Restaurant resides is a former municipal building and jail dating back to the 19th Century.

They serve fantastic seafood dishes, including pasta, steaks, and sandwiches.

Vegetable salad at Old City Hall Restaurant
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Some highly recommended menu items are their catfish sandwich, flat iron steak, lobster tail, calamari steak, and clam linguine.

They also have great garlicky appetizers here, particularly their roasted garlic head, garlic mashed potatoes, and roasted garlic crostinis.

If you’re looking for an excellent ambiance coupled with delicious seafood, Old City Hall Restaurant is a must-visit.

The Milias Restaurant

Steak at The Milias Restaurant
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Across Old City Restaurant, you'll find The Milias Restaurant, a pub-style restaurant with a great ambiance.

It’s also inside a historical building.

The Milias Restaurant serves a lot of American classics; they also change up their menu every day.

Hence, you should check their daily updates on their Facebook page to see what's available in advance.

Steak and vegetable side at The Milias Restaurant
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They have salads, pasta, desserts, and Western-style entrees.

Still, the Milias Restaurant is known for its drinks.

They have an extensive wine, beer, and cocktail selection that goes well with their pleasant and lively atmosphere, with constant live music.

Super Taqueria Restaurant

Another great Mexican place in California is Super Taqueria Restaurant, serving authentic tacos along Monterey Highway.

The restaurant goes way back to 1976 and has since established itself as a crowd favorite among Californians.

Super Taqueria Restaurant’s carne asada is some of the best in the city, making locals return for their meat cravings.

For their mouthwatering tacos, try their beef head, birria, and lengua variants, surefire ways to get a full tummy.

They also have a variety of rib plates and gorditas, fried flat cornbread stuffed with queso, veggies, and your choice of meat.

BBQ 152

Delicious meal at BBQ 152
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BBQ 152 offers a rustic, American-style barbecue great for family and friends.

They have a lot of barbecue platters here, great for sharing, featuring pork ribs, briskets, and tri-tips.

They’re also famous for their cornbread and garlic bread, which goes well with their tender meats.

Pork ribs and sausage at BBQ 152
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For their sides, try their coleslaw, mac cheese, and Berry Bleu salad, which locals love.

BBQ 152 also has a great selection of craft beer, making it a good hangout spot if you want to drink with friends at night.

You can find BBQ 152 along Monterey Highway, just a few walks from Longhouse restaurant.

Jellyfish Seafood Bar

If you want a cozy place that serves excellent drinks and seafood dishes, Jellyfish Seafood Bar is a lovely hidden gem in Gilroy’s Town Plaza Shopping Center.

They have an excellent selection of seafood favorites, like their shrimp gumbo, soft shell crab Po Boy, fish and chips, and bayou fried shrimp.

If you’re searching for New Orleans-style seafood, Jellyfish Seafood Bar has a seafood boil cooked in classic Cajun flavors.

Are you traveling with a friend or family member allergic to seafood?

Don’t worry, as they also serve great wings and a mouthwatering roast beef burger.

An underrated seafood shack in the city's heart, you’ll have a great time chowing down their seafood favorites while drinking your favorite beer or cocktail.

Black Bear Diner Gilroy

Burger and fries at Black Bear Diner Gilroy
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Black Bear Diner Gilroy is one of the most famous diners in the city, serving classic breakfast favorites that’ll jumpstart your day.

If you’re a “hungry bear,” as they like to put it, try their giant Grizz, Bigfoot Fried Chicken Steak, and New York steak and eggs plates.

Delicious meal at Black Bear Diner Gilroy
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These plates have different variations, featuring a combo of eggs, biscuits, pancakes, and various types of meat like sausages, bacon, and smoked ham.

Black Bear Diner Gilroy also has great omelets and eggs benedict if you want something lighter.

Brew City Burgers

Fries at Brew City Burgers
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If you’re in the mood for a juicy burger and a delicious salad on the side, Brew City Burgers is as straightforward as it can get.

Located along 1st Street, Brew City Burgers has a wide range of burgers and salads that makes for a fantastic dinner.

Their Gilroy Garlic Burger is one of their specialties, best served with their Gilroy garlic fries.

They also have a salad selection and a Certified Vegan Burger with vegan cheese if you're searching for vegan options.

Their salad bar is one of the best in the city, offering organic mixed greens and artisanal dressings that you can mix and match to create the perfect salad.

Brew City Burgers also has a lot of milkshakes and a wide selection of craft beer, making this an all-rounder for a fun dinner with friends or family.

Final Thoughts

Like most bustling Californian cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gilroy brims with restaurants and diners with all sorts of cuisines.

Since it is the world's garlic capital, Gilroy is a haven for garlic lovers or anybody searching for flavor-packed, savory food.

Gilroy is a terrific destination with so many options because of its exciting and diverse food culture.

Use this list of the best restaurants in Gilroy, California, for a fuss-free food itinerary.

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