17 Best Restaurants in Gangnam

17 Best Restaurants in Gangnam

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K-Pop, Cinema, Samsung, Hyundai, and now you what I am talking about. Korea! One of its cities is Seoul in which the district of Gangnam is way too popular. Often anglicised as Kangnam, this district can be called the home to various rich fashion brands. Apart from clubbing, shopping and its Bongeunsa (a famous Buddhist temple located in Gangnam), it fascinates us with its station that plays the song ‘Gangnam Style’ on loop. Moreover, you just cannot ignore the FOOD! Consisting of restaurants that serve you the most undisputedly original Korean food, they make sure to add a few flavours of recipes from around the world. From its famous ‘Kimchi’ to ‘Makgeollis’, you have a wide range of varieties to add on your plates. Here, we have a few restaurants that give you the best meal and speak the Gangnam style in Korea.

Yang Good

With its food imports from Australia, this restaurant specialises in Lamb and meat food. Its amazingly mellow vibes make it one of the many restaurants which can be opted as family-outing spot. The dish called ‘lamb rack’ is famous for its crispy texture. ‘Mutton Skewers’ is an amazing dish which one can choose as starters. The chefs take into account the slow cooking of the mutton in order to make it juicy and delicious. The restaurant being located near the Yeoksam Sation is the place for you to relish on the authentic Korean BBQ.

Butter Finger Pancakes

Have a happy brunch! This café is set to immerse you in the world of pancakes and waffles and is probably the best options for breakfast and a neat dessert. Look at the menu and I promise that ‘Cream cheese and Mozzarella pancakes’ will amaze you with its taste. Others like ‘Banana N’ Nut Pancake’ and ‘Blueberry Pancake’ are some of the best recipes made of fresh fruits. Then comes the waffles! You cannot ignore the mouth-watering ‘Waffle cheese bake’ with ‘French toast’. Moreover, they recently added the ‘Rocky Mountain high’ which is a perfect blend of the all-time favourite Oreo pancakes and whipped Banana cream.

Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

Where to find the thin and crispy textured American Pizza in Korea? The answer is ‘Brick Oven New York Pizza’. The texture is elevated with its flour and tomato sauce. For appetizers, you must try the ‘Garlic Romani Fries’ which is topped with flavourful garlic and parmesan. Its fudgy cheese texture makes it perfect for the ones who prefer less spicy food. In its huge list of Pizzas, you have to trust the ‘Hawaiian BBQ’! Made of grilled chicken, ham, and bacon which are savoured with mozzarella and BBQ sauce, this dish will provide you with the best culinary experience. For desserts, you can also relish on the drinks like ‘Sangria white’ and ‘Sangria Red’ which they serve.

Maple Tree House

Make this restaurant your ultimate Barbeque destination! With its interior designed with wood, stone and copper, it creates a modern and lavish environment for its guests.  You can have their famous ‘JEJU Korean Black Pork Belly’ which is grilled right at the table and is absolutely delicious. Another dish called the ‘Premium Boneless Short Ribs’ which is beef marinated with special fruit marinade is worth trying. You also get to taste the very authentic dish of Korean culture, ‘Kimchi Stew’ which is served with steam rice. In case you opt for alcohol, try the Korean ones! The ‘Soju grapefruit’ and ‘Hwayo’ which is made of Korean rice and clean water are some of the traditional Koran drinks you cannot miss.


It has what all Japanese cuisine makes! Though combined with a modern twist, the dishes remain authentic and determined with its taste. Make sure you visit this place during weekends to experience the finest of buffets served with utmost superior delicacies of sea-food. You can have Sashimi and Sushis served with sauces and are Italian-styled. The ‘teppanyaki’ and assorted chargrilled dishes with desserts of ‘green tea and melon ice-cream’ are all well-known and highly recommended. Although it is a bit costlier than the services it provides, it definitely is a restaurant that offers authentic and luscious cuisine.

Gangnum Gyoja

Guess where do we get rice and noodles, UNLIMITED? It undoubtedly is Gangnam Gyoja! It serves the traditional Kalguksu, a noodle soup made from chicken bones. It predominantly serves only four items as mentioned in its menu. However, you are ought to taste very authentic Korean food. With its cold noodles with spicy sauce, the restaurant also cooks one of the most succulent steamed dumplings (called ‘Mandu’ in Korean). A speciality sights in the serving of kimchi and minty chewing gum with every dish that you order. The kimchi is as usual flavoured with garlic and chilli pepper and is also wrapped in cabbage.

Palais de Chine

One of the finest restaurants which are influenced by Shanghai of the 1930s. It is a part of the L’Escape Hotel and pampers the one who is addicted to Eastern Cuisine. You find an authentic Chinese cuisine which of course is amalgamated with international flavours. One of its famous dishes is the ‘Applewood-Roasted Pecking Duck’ which is zingy. Like many other restaurants of the town, here too, the guests are served with the most delicious dumplings. Moreover, many of its cuisines are influenced by “Mott 32” which is Hong Kong’s leading Chinese restaurant and is worth spending on.

Better than Beef

As the name suggests, it is just for pork! One of its very special dishes is the ‘Original Grilled Samgyeopsal’ which is served with fresh salads savoured with perilla, mashed potato, and cheese. Other dishes like ‘Sundubu Gratin’ and ‘Haute Couture Escargot’ are made with traditional Korean spices, raw tomatoes, mozzarella and kimchi. One of its desserts is the ‘Dark Knight’ which is Pork Belly flavoured with Parmesan cheese and is something that you must try. Makgeolli, being traditional Korean rice wines are combined with fresh green grapes and is one of the best drinks to savour.

Chung Dam Il Mak

Primarily a wine-bar cum restaurant, it sells some of the best and the most authentic Korean wines. Located in the fancy neighbourhood of Gangnam, it makes amazing makgeollis, some of which you will not find in entire Korea. Its interior speaks luxury with a ceiling of glass and windows that face the street. In case you drop there on Saturday, you get lucky to enjoy the incredible performance of Korean Jazz. With ‘Booksoondoga’, its famous rice wine, the chef also specialises in Asian mix food. You can try the ‘Gakuni’ which is marinated Pork with Soy sauce. Hope and do not be surprised if you spot K-Pop stars as this restaurant is a daily visit for the fancy Korean celebrities!

Min’s Kitchen

It is owned by the chef Kim Min-ji, the famous author of many cookbooks. Therefore, this restaurant is for sure the visual representation of many recipe ideas. Starting with the starters and ending with desserts, the restaurant replicates the Korean culture, keeping in mind its fusion with modern and gastronomical cuisine. Like almost all restaurants, it serves the special rice dish with soy sauce and the ‘shrimp bibimbap’ which is a superior delicacy and you must try it! Apart from the amazing desserts, one you must try is the ‘Moonbae Sool’ which is made of pear and Hwayo. Lastly, you cannot afford to miss on the soothing green tea ice-cream and coffee at the end of your appetite.

Jungang Haejang

Since soup is a major part of the Korean diet, they are included in the menus of all restaurants in Korea. It is proved that ingredients like meat, when used in soup, taste best in soup only rather than in any other dishes. Famous for its fresh meat combined with indigenous Korean spices, this restaurant is attracted by lots of people at all hours. Few of its famous dishes include ‘Haejangguk’, a soup made of blood pudding and beef stomach. Along with this, it is served with a broth made of ox bones which are seethed for hours. It is a beautiful culinary experience and can be enjoyed at any time. The spicy beef intestines are also some of the few recipes worth trying.

Witch’s Kitchen

Of course the lovely food but also its classy interior that makes this restaurant entertaining, ghostly, and more like Halloween. Imagine sipping cocktails from IV fluid bags! Imagine looking at the spider webs on the ceiling! And also the finger-shaped cookies. Doesn’t this sound amazing! Because it does sound wonderful and a fun ride to kids. One of the lovely things is that it is pocket-friendly. You must try the ‘Chicken Thick steak’ and the ‘pane cream pasta’ which are a few of the many amazing dishes that the place offers.

Gosoo Dakgalbi

Excellent food! All good flavours! This is all this restaurant means to its guests. The cheese is amazing and you have to try it with all its dishes. The special includes Korean rice, cheese and glass noodles. The ‘Cheolpanbokeumbap’ is one of its amazing fried rice recipes that the menu has and its taste is elevated as it is fried with cheese right at your table.


Located near the Gangnam station, as most of the traditional Korean restaurants, this too is famous for its authentic and indigenous Korean recipes. The typical Korean style Pizza with a spicy chicken stew is one of the highlight dishes that make its menu more than fancy. They also give an option of Hangsang series which serves a multiple number of dishes at the table. With its beautiful interior and wide range of dishes that speak Korean tradition, the guests are promised with one of the best culinary experiences.


As the name suggests, the restaurant has its interior made in the theme of a fire station. The names given to the dishes also conform to the theme and the tastiest of them are the varieties of burgers. Made with classic American style but combined and blended with indigenous traditional recipes, these are sure to lure you with its tastes. One of these is the ‘Habana’ which is a double patty burger made with White American Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers, and Mayo Sauce. Another worth a try is the ‘Frozen Fire’ made with pickle. The menu further offers you with a wide range of amazing shakes like the ‘Nutella & Marshmellow’. Doesn’t it just sound tempting?


Looking forward to curing a hangover? This is a perfect place for you! Being located near many clubs in Gangnam, this is unquestionably available 24/7 and is a great Korean BBQ for a late night out.  It serves ‘Ddarogukbap’, a soup made of meat, blood and sprout beans which help you to come back from your drunk senses. The ‘Yukhoe Bibimbap’ which is rice and delicious beef is a dish that you cannot afford to miss. Other than this, one of its special is ‘Bulgogi Marinated Beef BBQ’ with a sauce that is made of pear juice and garlic. One can vouch that this restaurant serves the best meat in Gangnam which is proved by the thick slices of raw beef that it serves.

New Delhi

One the very few and amazing Indian restaurants are ‘New Delhi’. Named after India’s capital, the restaurant promises its guests with authentic Indian food. The ‘Butter Chicken’ is impeccable and is true with flavourful Indian spices. It also serves one of the most common non-vegetarian dishes in India known as ‘naan’,‘chicken-makhani’, ‘Tandoori-chicken’ etc. You are moreover allowed to enjoy all of this with calm, comfortable, and hospitable ambience in an absolutely reasonable price. In case you have travelled across Korea and want to drift away from its ‘kimchi’, you surely would love to hit this place!

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