22 Best Restaurants in Fairfield, CT

This article was written by local contributor Lucas Hamilton & edited by the Travel Lens team.

Fairfield, CT

Fairfield, Connecticut has always been one of my favorite places to call home.

With its picturesque shoreline, vibrant downtown area, and a thriving food scene, it's no wonder why so many people are drawn to this charming town.

One of my favorite weekend activities is exploring the diverse and delicious dining options that Fairfield has to offer.

From upscale eateries to cozy cafes, this town truly has something for everyone.

In this article, I'm excited to share some of my top picks for the best restaurants in Fairfield, Connecticut.

So gather your friends, family, or simply treat yourself to a culinary adventure that will leave your taste buds craving more!

Enzo's Pizza and Deli

Whenever I'm in Fairfield and need a quick and delicious meal, Enzo's Pizza and Deli has always been my go-to spot.

Conveniently located near the highway, it's perfect for when I'm on a lunch break or just passing through the area.

Their menu offers a variety of options, but I must say that their sandwiches and hot food options never disappoint.

Just the other day, I had their meatball and sausage and peppers grinder, and it was absolutely delicious.

Their steak and cheese sandwich is also a must-try, and I'd even go as far as to say it's one of my favorite steak and cheese sandwiches around.

The hot trays at Enzo's are always amazing, and I love trying out different options each time I visit.

One thing that I love about Enzo's is their chicken cutlet.

It's honestly the best around, and if you're lucky enough to time it right, you can even get it on a breakfast sandwich.

Enzo’s Pizza And Deli · 280 Kings Hwy Cutoff, Fairfield, CT 06824, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Pizzeria

Sonia's Gourmet Kitchen

I've tried many restaurants, but one of my all-time favorites is Sonia's Gourmet Kitchen.

The first thing that drew me into the place was their heavenly Belgian chocolate lava cake.

I'm a dessert lover, and this cake is simply one of the best I've ever tasted.

The service at Sonia's is top-notch, making you feel welcome right from the moment you walk in.

I've tried their SGK linguine with pesto, squash, broccoli, and grilled chicken, and it never disappoints.

My partner loves their chicken Marsala, and we both adore their desserts—the Belgian molten chocolate cake and the Tiramisu are to die for.

Sonia’s Gourmet Kitchen · 881 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Italian restaurant

Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe

One of the gems I've discovered is Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a place that caters to my dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free diet.

But this cafe does it all, and it has quickly become my go-to spot for a healthy meal or a refreshing smoothie.

You can check out their website and see what I mean.

From spring rolls made with coconut-based wrappers to a curry quinoa bowl that hits the spot every time, this cafe has never failed to impress me.

One of the highlights of my visits is the minty chip smoothie.

It's a unique blend of banana, peppermint, and cacao nibs that leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

And, I always make sure to order the chia seed pudding at the start of my meal, so it's ready by the time I'm done.

With a wholesome, filling, and delicious menu, Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe has become a healthy haven in my neighborhood.

It's always a pleasure to visit a place where I can actually enjoy everything on the menu without any worries about my dietary restrictions.

Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe · 39 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Health food restaurant

Thai Kit

One of my all-time favorite spots for Thai food in the area has to be Thai Kit.

The food there is simply amazing, and I find myself craving their Tom Kar Chicken Soup quite often.

I have to say, it might be my favorite soup ever!

Besides the soup, their Green and Yellow curry dishes are absolutely to die for.

The flavors are so rich, and I love that they can adjust the spice levels to suit anyone's preference.

Some of my favorite dishes there are Green Curry, Papaya Salad, and Pad Thai.

The service at Thai Kit is also top-notch.

They even cater to those who cannot handle too much spice!

I also love their Pineapple Fried Rice, Chicken Satay, Kee Mao Fried Rice, and Tom Kha Soup.

One more thing I can't leave out from my Thai Kit experience is their Mango Sticky Rice.

It's the perfect way to finish off a delicious meal.

Thai Kit · 222 Post Rd C, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Thai restaurant

Taj Fairfield

I recently decided to have a night out with some friends, and we decided to try Taj Indian Cuisine in Fairfield.

To say we were blown away would be an understatement!

The incredible service we received throughout our visit was something to remember.

When I called to make a reservation, Sumesh was so kind and patient while assisting me, and the warm hospitality continued once we arrived.

The food at Taj Fairfield was nothing short of perfection.

It's definitely some of the best Indian food I've ever tasted.

To top it all off, they surprised my dad with a complimentary treat for his birthday, complete with a sparkler!

Taj Fairfield · 1879 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06825, United States
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Phở Nha Trang

I must say that Phở Nha Trang has become one of my go-to places for Vietnamese cuisine.

Their website makes it easy to find their contact information and location.

Whenever I crave some delicious pho, I just head over to this place.

Their pho broth is so flavorful that it keeps me coming back for more.

I've also tried their egg rolls, which were fresh and crispy, and their Vietnamese iced coffee, which was on par with my expectations.

Not to mention, their service is always quick.

I recently tried their fresh rolls (goi cuon) and they were pretty good, with the peanut sauce being just right.

Phở Nha Trang · 80 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Vietnamese restaurant

Super Duper Weenie

Whenever I'm in the mood for a delicious hot dog, I always head over to Super Duper Weenie, my favorite hot dog joint in town.

What sets them apart is their innovative, made-from-scratch toppings that elevate the hot dog experience to a whole new level.

Not to mention their scrumptious burgers and hand-cut fries that perfectly accompany their famous weenies.

I've tried a couple of their specialty dogs, like the NY hot dog and the Cincinnati hot dog, and they never disappoint.

My partner, who is quite picky when it comes to hamburgers, absolutely loves the ones they serve here.

We've seen the place featured on a few TV food shows, and it's always exciting to see our beloved hot dog spot getting the recognition it deserves.

The quality of the food is excellent, with fresh and homemade ingredients that make a huge difference in taste.

Plus, the people working there are always friendly and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Super Duper Weenie · 306 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06825, United States
★★★★★ · Fast food restaurant

Playa Bowls

As someone who lives nearby, I have been a frequent visitor to Playa Bowls for their delicious fruit bowls, with açai being my all-time favorite.

One of the things I love about Playa Bowls is their colorful dine-in atmosphere.

The music they play, combined with the fruity fragrances, always reminds me of the seaside.

And their fruit bowls never disappoint!

They're always fresh and tasty, making it a go-to spot for a healthy snack or meal.

Playa Bowls · 57 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Health food restaurant

Nauti Dolphin

I absolutely love visiting is the Nauti Dolphin.

This compact pizzeria, located at the train station, serves some of the most delicious thin-crust, New York-style pies, and Italian staples.

You can find their location here.

My absolute favorite sandwich is their balsamic chicken grinder – it's hands-down one of the best I've ever had.

Their pizza is also fantastic, and the grinders never disappoint.

While the space is quite small and not really meant for dining in, it's perfect for grabbing a quick bite to go, especially if you're on the move.

Make sure to look for parking signs when you visit, as it's situated right by the Fairfield railroad station in the New Haven direction.

Nauti Dolphin · 195 Unquowa Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Pizza restaurant

Planet Pizza Fairfield

I always enjoy stopping by Planet Pizza Fairfield whenever I'm in the mood for some delicious Bronx-style pizza.

Located in the heart of Fairfield, this regional counter-serve chain never disappoints with its flavorful pizzas and other Italian basics.

Just last week, I decided to order a small pepperoni pizza for a quick bite before heading home.

As always, the pizza was outstanding – the crust was crispy and thin, with a sweet and slightly spicy sauce that really hit the spot.

The pepperonis were juicy and delectable, and though the pizza was a bit on the greasy side, it didn't deter me from savoring every bite.

I've also noticed that the large pizza appears to be significantly bigger than the small one, making it perfect for sharing with friends or family.

Although they don't serve alcoholic beverages to accompany their pizzas, the orange juice on offer is definitely worth trying.

I've heard that it's so good, it's worth going to prison for!

Planet Pizza Fairfield · 733 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Pizza restaurant

Shiki Hana

I've had the pleasure of enjoying meals at Shiki Hana on multiple occasions.

This informal Japanese eatery offers a variety of sushi rolls, kitchen entrees, and bento meals that cater to everyone's taste buds.

One time, my family and I decided to have a sushi night, and we ordered sushi for two, seafood yaki soba, and beef hibachi.

I must say, the sushi was incredibly fresh, and the stir-fried noodles were quite tasty.

The steak, on the other hand, was tender and cooked to perfection.

Shiki Hana · 222 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Japanese restaurant

Family Flamez Restaurant

Just the other day, I decided to treat myself to a delicious meal at Family Flamez Restaurant, and as always, I left with a satisfied smile on my face.

It's one of my favorite places to go, especially since they don't serve pork, which can be hard to find in this area.

I am a big fan of their goat head soup, which is absolutely amazing and not to mention, their prices are quite reasonable.

While I usually go for my favorite soup, this time I chose to try their oxtails instead, and boy, did it blow me away!

The oxtails were cooked to perfection, and I couldn't help but finish a whole large plate of it.

Family Flamez Restaurant · 16 Tunxis Hill Rd, Fairfield, CT 06825, United States
★★★★★ · Jamaican restaurant

Italian Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining a group of 17 friends and family members for a mozzarella making dinner at Italian Kitchen.

Let me just say, this place exceeded all my expectations!

The atmosphere was perfect for a fun and relaxed evening, as we learned the art of making mozzarella together.

But the real star of the night was the delicious food.

From the mozzarella we made ourselves to the mouthwatering Baked Ziti and fresh bread, every dish was a hit.

Although my meal was a little cold, the flavors were absolutely on point.

Italian Kitchen · 1700 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Italian restaurant

Mecha Noodle Bar

Whenever I have college friends visiting town, we always make it a point to visit Mecha Noodle Bar.

The combination of ramen, pho, and other Pan-Asian noodle dishes in one unique, stylish setting makes it a fantastic place for us to catch up and enjoy a meal together.

The environment at Mecha Noodle Bar can be quite loud, but it actually gets us even more excited for the delicious food we're about to enjoy.

Their appetizers and homemade beverages also add a special touch to the meal.

I've always enjoyed their ramen dishes, which have tender beef and are seasoned to perfection.

And if you're into cocktails, their selection won't disappoint you.

Mecha Noodle Bar · 1215 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Ramen restaurant

Fin Japanese Restaurant

One of my favorite places to go for sushi in town is definitely Fin Japanese Restaurant.

I've been a regular customer there for over a decade, and I have to say that their sushi quality and freshness is simply unmatched.

The Lady Love Roll and Dragonfly Roll are among my top picks whenever I visit.

During one of my recent visits, I tried their special Fin roll, which was good.

I also had the chance to try their Fatty Toro Rolls during a recent stopover on a long drive home, and it was absolutely the highlight of our night.

The quick and friendly service only added to the great experience.

Fin Japanese Restaurant · 1241 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Japanese restaurant

Brick Walk Tavern

I must say, Brick Walk Tavern really took me by surprise!

When I first heard about this place, I thought it would just be your typical tavern with standard pub food.

But after dining there, I can confidently say that the quality and offerings are much higher-end than you'd expect at a tavern.

The menu changes daily, so you'll always find something new to try.

On my visit, I started with some wontons and zucchini chips - the zucchini chips were absolutely delicious, lightly battered and fried with great flavor.

My main course was a burger, and it was definitely worth trying.

The meat was tender, and the entire dish was full of flavor.

I also enjoyed their wine and cocktail selection, which made for a very pleasant evening.

Brick Walk Tavern · 1275 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · American restaurant

Luna Azzurra Italiano

I must say, I feel incredibly lucky to have Luna Azzurra Italiano right in my neighborhood.

This gem of a restaurant has been my go-to for a few months now, and I just can't get enough of it.

Every Friday night, my partner and I head over to Luna Azzurra for a delicious dinner and a fantastic atmosphere.

The food here is simply divine - from the bean and escarol soup to the flavorful short rib with potatoes, side of spinach, and my personal favorite, the lobster ravioli.

Everything is always cooked to perfection and served piping hot.

I've even found myself saying at times, "That was the best meal I've ever had!"

Not only is the food at Luna Azzurra amazing, but the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic dinner with my partner.

And if you happen to visit on a Saturday, do yourself a favor and try their prime rib - it's out of this world.

Luna Azzurra Italiano · 238 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Italian restaurant

Chef's Table Fairfield

I absolutely love going to Chef's Table Fairfield for my lunch break.

Every time I visit, I'm impressed by the freshness of their salads and the variety of soups at their soup station.

Their sandwiches and wraps are incredibly tasty and satisfying.

I often find it hard to choose which one to order, as they all seem so tempting!

The service is always efficient and friendly, which makes for a pleasant experience.

The atmosphere at Chef's Table is something I truly enjoy.

The open-air garage doors, cool decor, and live music give it a unique and inviting ambiance.

As a fan of rock music, I appreciate the rock-style theme that the place has.

On top of that, they usually have live music, making it an excellent spot to enjoy your meal and relax.

Chef’s Table Fairfield · 1138 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · American restaurant

Johnny's Restaurant

One of the best things about living in this neighborhood is having Johnny's Restaurant (Google Maps) just down the street.

It's my go-to spot for breakfast whenever I can make it there.

The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming, and the service is quick, efficient, and friendly.

The food is absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection.

I usually opt for their eggs, which are always cooked just the way I like them.

They also serve mouthwatering French toast, beef hash, and Italian sausage that tastes homemade.

My favorite, though, has to be their light and fluffy waffles with buttermilk flavor that doesn't get drowned out by the syrup.

And let's not forget their divine coleslaw - I've never tasted anything quite like it!

Johnny’s Restaurant · 170 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Breakfast restaurant

Ginkgo Sichuan Cuisine

I can confidently say that Ginkgo Sichuan Cuisine is hands down the best and most authentic Chinese Sichuan restaurant around.

I've been coming here since 4 years ago and they never disappoint.

What I love about Ginkgo is that they make changes and improvements based on customer feedback, which shows how much they value their patrons.

You can find their menu and more information on their website.

Whenever I dine at Ginkgo, I highly recommend their Peking duck, meatballs (狮子头), and pork in garlic spicy sauce (蒜泥白肉).

These dishes are consistently amazing!

Their noodles are also very savory and worth trying.

The service at Ginkgo is top-notch, and they always make sure that their customers are well taken care of.

Ginkgo Sichuan Cuisine · 923 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Chinese restaurant

Primo Pizza

I've always found Primo Pizza to be a convenient choice for a casual meal whenever I'm craving some Italian pizzeria staples.

With their no-frills, family-owned atmosphere, I appreciate being able to indulge in my favorite calzones and burgers without breaking the bank.

One of the things that keeps me coming back is their amazing weekly deals, especially the 1/2 off deal that helps me save money while still getting their generously sized slices.

I find the taste and quality satisfying enough for the price I pay.

It's the perfect spot for me to grab a quick, satisfying bite in the area.

Primo Pizza · 2424 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT 06825, United States
★★★★★ · Pizza restaurant

Rawley's Drive-In

As a Fairfield resident, I've always heard great things about Rawley's Drive-In from my friends and neighbors.

Recently, I finally decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed!

The moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm smile and a welcoming atmosphere that reminded me of the classic old-school diners I love.

I decided to go for their famous Connecticut Style Hot Dog and a side of fries, and my taste buds were immediately delighted!

The hot dog bun was perfectly toasted on both sides with butter, and the hamburger was cooked just as I requested.

I could tell that the fries were freshly cut and nicely salted, making them the perfect complement to the meal.

To top it off, the onion rings actually had onions inside, something that's hard to find these days.

Not only was the food amazing, but the service was top-notch as well.

Rawley’s Drive-In · 1886 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824, United States
★★★★★ · Hot dog restaurant

Final Thoughts

Fairfield is truly a haven for food enthusiasts like myself.

From mouth-watering pizza at Enzo's and Nauti Dolphin to the exotic flavors of Taj Fairfield and Ginkgo Sichuan Cuisine, there's something for everyone to indulge in.

I must admit, I've spent countless evenings savoring the delicious dishes at these establishments, and I still find myself excited to return time and again.

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