16 Best Restaurants in Edison, NJ

Best Restaurants in Edison, NJ
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If you're keen on exploring new and exciting cuisines, you'll be happy to know you can find some of the best restaurants in Edison in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

Your palate will take a trip abroad as you explore the flavors from India, Japan, Malaysia, China, Mexico, and hearty American meals.

The real treasure of Edison lies in the restaurants you don’t know, so be adventurous and dare to eat something different!

These establishments are experts, with some having perfected their craft since 1968.

The ingredients are fresh, the herbs and spices are compelling, and the flavor will have you smiling from ear to ear!

The time for comfort eating is in the past, so get ready for new and exciting options – who knows, you might find a new favorite!

Here are the best restaurants in Edison, New Jersey, that you should check out:


Cake at Loucas
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LouCas is a BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurant offering a combination of Italian seafood cuisine with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to satisfy every palate.

They boast a plethora of dining options where you can choose from a lunch, dinner, banquet, or takeout menu.

They are famous for their Tuscan Style Grilled Swordfish Steak, Shrimp Francese, and Lobster Ravioli.

Delicious dish at LouCas
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Lou Cas Sofocli and Chef Alex Charalameous opened LouCas Restaurant in 1991.

It's an exquisite choice for fine dining with family and kids, friends, or if you want to host business meetings or celebratory events.

You can find them on Lincoln Highway.

Tastee Sub Shop

Tastee Sub Shop offers American-style subs brimming with meats and sauces and offers deli and takeout options.

You can enjoy famous subs with pressed ham, salami, and cheese, or perhaps smoked turkey breast (honey or oven roast) is more your style.

Tastee Sub Shop opened in 1963, but David Thornton and Carl Padovano have owned it since 1972.

You can find them on Plainfield Avenue, between Qzone Billiards and John’s Automotive.

This establishment is an excellent pick if you have hunger pangs and want a quick bite or something to satisfy your craving for the right amount of value for money.

Wu’s Shanghai Dumplings

Wu’s Shanghai Dumplings offers some of the most flavorful and succulent dumplings due to their focus on Chinese cuisine and affordable rates.

Try their famous crab and pork soup dumplings, or opt for sweet potato pancakes or salty tofu pudding.

You can find them on Route 27, before the traffic light that crosses into Suttons Ln and Duclos Ln.

If you've never tried Chinese cuisine and want to surprise your tastebuds with something new, or if you're interested in some of the best dumplings in Edison, try Wu's Shanghai Dumplings!

Skylark Diner

Pasta at Skylark Diner
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Skylark Diner offers hearty American-style cuisine at all hours of the day and numerous options for vegetarians, vegans, and those seeking gluten-free alternatives.

They are famous for their fresh ingredients, allowing you to enjoy tasty salads, soups, handmade pizzas, omelets, and waffles.

They also have a healthy selection of desserts, cocktails, craft beers, and more!

Coffee at Skylark Diner
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Constantine Katsifis opened Skylark Diner in 2006.

The establishment is ideal for excellent food and company meetings, meet-up groups, social gatherings, reunions, and fundraisers.

You can find the diner on Wooding Avenue.

Le Peep

Sliders and crisscut fries at Le Peep
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Le Peep offers American cuisine with provisions for vegetarians, vegans, and customers looking for gluten-free food.

They are famous for their delicious nutty oatmeal breakfast, Rock Lobster Scramble, and pancakes of the month, like apple crisp or Tres Leches French Toast with cream and strawberries.

Desserts at Le Peep
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The original owner was Artie Diamond, who opened the location on Route 1 in 1987.

Le Pee is an excellent option if you’re looking for healthy and nutritious food at affordable prices, and you have the opportunity for takeout if you need to eat on the go.

You can find Le Peep near US Highway 1, Dey PI, and Planet Fitness.

Pho Anh Dao

Shrimp spring rolls at Pho Anh Dao
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Pho Anh Dao offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine consisting of rice noodles, soup, seafood, rice dishes, and vegan and vegetarian-friendly dishes.

Their famous dishes are Vietnamese-style barbecue pork on a stick, shrimp pancakes, wraps and spring rolls, and seafood soup with vegetables.

Spring rolls at Pho Anh Dao
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You can find Pho Anh Dao on South & Old Post Road, near the Apple Montessori Schools & Camps.

This restaurant is the perfect pick if you want to try authentic Vietnamese cuisine without the need to venture far.

Sunshine Grill & Deli

Sunshine Grill & Deli offers delicious deli meals like breakfast platters, wraps, homemade pancakes, and more!

Their famous club sandwiches are a must-try and come with a choice of ham and swiss, turkey, tuna salad, and juicy grilled chicken.

Vergis “Sunshine” Bourgeois and his daughter Arga opened Sunshine Deli & Grill in 1983.

You can find them on Amboy Avenue, on the corner leading into Carlton Street S.

Sunshine Deli & Grill is excellent if you want something healthy and delicious for the entire family.

Yaraku Ramen

Appetizing ramen at Yaraku Ramen
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Yaraku Ramen offers authentic Japanese cuisine, focusing on ramen, where customers can choose between wavy or thin noodles.

They are famous for their Yaraku House Ramen with pork broth noodles, pork belly chashu, kikurage mushrooms, mena, scallions, and a soft-boiled egg.

Yaraku Ramen opened its doors in 2019.

Delicious ramen at Yaraku Ramen
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You can find them on Lincoln Highway, after Idlewild Road, and before Vineyard Road.

If Japan’s cuisine piqued your interest in the past, but you’ve yet to visit or even try some of their dishes, Yaraku Ramen is an excellent pick for a bit of Japanese immersion!


Ferraro1061 focuses on delivering tasty Italian cuisine in the form of pizzas, salads, soups, and calzones, with options for vegetarians.

They are famous for their buffalo wings, garlic knots, personal pies, and selection of mouthwatering traditional pizzas.

The establishment partnered with Slice in 2016 but was operational for a good number of years before.

You can find them on Amboy Avenue, between Coolidge and Jackson Avenues.

If Italian cuisine is your thing, or you’re looking for a place to take the family for a memorable night out, consider Ferrario1061.

Happy Lamb Hot Pot

Happy Lamb Hot Pot is all about preparing delicious meats and vegetables at the table before consuming them.

It offers a combination of Chinese-Asian-Mongolian cuisine bursting with flavor and taste, plus there are options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten-free preferences.

Happy Lamb opened their doors in February 2016, starting in Boston and expanding to different parts of Asia, Europe, and America.

You can find them between Lincoln Highway and Eardley Road, in Festival Plaza.

This restaurant is excellent if you’re looking for a great time with friends and family while enjoying the tantalizing aroma of meat and vegetables in a cooking pot before enjoying the contents.

Delhi Garden Indian Restaurant

Meat with sauce and pita bread at Delhi Garden Indian Restaurant

Delhi Garden Indian Restaurant combines Indian-Asian cuisine to bring you exotic and authentic tastes and textures.

They are famous for their delicious clay oven-baked kebabs, Lamb Korma, Machi (fish) curry, and Paneer Tikka Masala.

You can find them on Route 27, opposite the 7-11, surrounded by Nelson and Vinal Avenue.

If you’d like to treat your palate to India’s finest spices, herbs, and traditional dishes, Delhi Garden Indian Restaurant is one of the best places to do so in Edison!


Ham sandwich at Subcentral Sandwiches
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Subcentral Sandwiches offers American-style cuisine with the freshest ingredients, such as sandwiches, subs, snacks and drinks, and soups.

Their famous The Steph is a super large sub with ham, salami, capicola, and cheese, while their All Cheese is a customer favorite, with your choice of different cheeses.

Subcentral Sandwiches opened its doors in 2018.

Pepperoni Sandwich at Subcentral Sandwiches
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You can find them on Lincoln Highway, between Thornall and Frederic Streets.

The establishment is an excellent place to buy something tasty, satisfying, and nutritious, especially if you need to plan for a busy day ahead.

Edison TexMex Deli

Tacos on a plate at Edison TexMex Deli
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Edison TexMex Deli is a Mexican-style deli serving the finest Mexican cuisine.

They are famous for serving a rotation of seven different tasty tacos daily, Tex-Mex salad, and rice and beans specialty items.

Tacos at Edison TexMex Deli
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You can find them on Woodbridge Avenue, on the corner of the intersection to Silver Lake Avenue.

While deli establishments are great for delicious, fresh foods, Edison TexMex Deli is an excellent pick for Mexican deli goods with authentic flavoring.

Coco Asian Cuisine

Coco Asian Cuisine offers a mouthwatering combination of Thai-Malaysian cuisine, with options for vegan and vegetarian customers.

They are famous for their Curry Potato Chicken, a wide variety of soups and salads, and Malaysian King Pork Chop.

Coco Asian Cuisine opened its doors in 2010.

You can find them on State Route 27, close to where Penn Avenue crosses into Lincoln Highway.

Coco Asian Cuisine is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a place to enjoy exquisite Thai-Malaysian flavors packed with spiciness, savory, and sweet & sour delicacies.


Inside the Pakvaan
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Pakvaan Desi Spice Restaurant brings you exquisite, authentic Indian food using only the healthiest and freshest ingredients.

They are famous for their flavored Lassi, specialty pizza & Kati rolls, and Aaloo Tikki Chaat.

Pakvaan has some of Edison’s most delectable Indian dishes, making it the perfect choice if your friends or associates want something spicy, flavorful, and unforgettable.

You can find them on Oak Tree Road, between Meridian and Sugar Roads.


Sliders and quesadillas at Topgolf
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Topgolf provides a delectable American-style menu, entertaining golfing games for players of all ages and ability levels, top-shelf beverages, and big-screen TV entertainment.

They are famous for their tasty seasonal margaritas, cheesy macaroni bites, smokehouse burger, and double trouble cookie skillet.

Topgolf opened in 2016.

Signage of Topgolf
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The establishment is a fantastic source of entertainment, quality food and beverages, and new memories for the entire family or colleagues, anniversaries, and reunions.

You can find them on Route 1.

Ruby Ke Kitchen Se

Ruby Ke Kitchen Se offers unique family-style Northern Indian cuisine, with options for vegetarian customers and cooking classes for those wanting to hone their Indian cooking craft.

They are famous for their tasty vegetable platters packed with flavorful herbs and spices, like their Dhaba Daal, Bharwa Baigan Subzi, and Kadai Paneer.

Rupali Nigam established Ruby Ke Kitchen Se in 2012.

You can find the restaurant on the corner of Amboy Ave and 3rd Street.

This restaurant offers some of the most exquisite, hearty Indian-style dishes that are perfect for thrill seekers wanting to entice their palate with unique flavors and textures.


Healthy meals at Meemah
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Meemah offers a delicious combination of Chinese-Malaysian cuisine with options for vegetarian-friendly meals, too.

Customers enjoy steamed seafood dumplings, mango chicken or shrimp, and spicy sambal chicken & crispy prawns.

Beef noodles at Meemah
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This establishment is excellent if you want to take the family to enjoy authentic Chinese-Malaysian flavors and textures or for an exciting date night.

You can find Meemah on Lincoln Highway at the Colonial Village Shopping Center.


Sushi at Benihana
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Benihana offers authentic Japanese cuisine, focusing on the ancient art of Teppanyaki—food preparation on a steel plate on the table—to entertain your eyes and appetite.

You’ll enjoy their famous sushi platters consisting of the shrimp lover roll, spicy tuna, Las Vegas roll, and more.

Hiroaki Aoki established the first Benihana (Safflower) in 1968, outside New York City in Chicago.

You can find the establishment on Parsonage Road, on your right, as you pass Mason Street.

Benihana is one of the more reputable Japanese restaurants, and for a good reason—their food is professionally prepared with the freshest ingredients, making it ideal if you want Japanese cuisine.

Final Thoughts

Edison is an ideal place to enjoy different cuisine options without traveling far.

You can spoil yourself with Chinese, Japanese, American, Mexican, Italian, Malaysian, and Thai cuisines, which are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those wanting gluten-free alternatives.

These best restaurants in Edison, New Jersey offer quality service for hosting parties, families, or events.

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