15 Best Restaurants in Eagle River, WI

Best Restaurants in Eagle River, WI
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Known as the Hockey Capital of Wisconsin, Eagle River is one city you should add to your must-travel list.

But before becoming popular for its winter sports, it was also the home of the first permanent Indian settlement.

It's believed that the city got its name from the abundance of eagles around the area, especially along riverbanks.

During its early years, Eagle River's most prominent industries were logging and fur trading.

Now, this city in Vilas County prides itself as the Snowmobile Capital of the World on top of its fame in hockey.

During summer, it's also an ideal travel spot to hike, bike, and explore the cultural events hosted within the community.

But no matter the season, Eagle River never fails to impress locals and tourists with its array of food stops and adventures.

Here are the best restaurants in Eagle River that you should take note of.

Lucy's Lunchbox

On East Wall Street, Lucy's Lunchbox stands as a bright diner with a classic American-style menu.

It's an excellent stop for a simple breakfast experience before fully exploring the treasures that Eagle River can offer.

Named after the owner's mother, the restaurant is also a lovely tribute to her homemade dishes and casual cooking.

Stack your plates with gigantic portions of some breakfast combos or traditional skillets.

Lucy's Signature Breakfast plates are also great for energizing and keeping you prepped for the day.

Indoor dining has never been this intimate and nostalgic!

Lucy's Lunchbox also offers child-friendly dishes, so bring your little ones with you and spend precious time with them in the early morning with good food.

Leif's Cafe

Delicious breakast at Leif's Cafe
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If you're looking for a restaurant that keeps the Eagle River tradition alive, you are looking for Leif's Cafe!

Leif's Cafe is a locally-owned eatery specializing in homemade tenderness in its menu choices.

Not only exclusive to breakfast, but this American restaurant also has lunch and dinner eats for everyone.

Its famous chicken and dumpling take center stage as a local favorite and one you shouldn't miss.

Bread and eggs at Leif's Cafe
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To keep your dining experience fresh, come by and order a daily special meal.

Take in the sights and scents of Eagle River every season when you dine by the outdoor patio.

You can find Leif's Cafe on North Railroad Street.

Williams's Pine Gables Supper Club

Drinks at Williams's Pine Gables Supper Club
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An elegant and forest-like experience awaits you at Williams's Pine Gables Supper Club.

This log restaurant offers an intimate and serene atmosphere with its wooden furniture and fireplace.

It is ideal for romantic dates and introduces you to the traditional deep-fried haddock that Northwoods residents are familiar with.

Start the night with onion rings or a special cocktail that helps prepare your appetite.

Order a glass of wine with your steaks and entrees for a grand time.

There are delicious homemade desserts and nightly specials you can also choose from.

Be sure to reserve a table before you visit Williams's Pine Gables Supper Club on West Pine Street.

Eddie B's White Spruce Restaurant & Tavern

Eddie B's White Spruce Restaurant & Tavern gets you the best of outdoor dining with smoked dishes.

In 1883, George P. Dickinson spearheaded the origins of this restaurant but as a mercantile store first.

After a forest fire that destroyed the store, he built a log home where Eddie B's White Spruce Restaurant & Tavern now stands.

It's the oldest working building in Eagle River that has a log cabin built in 1884.

Its smoked ribs are one of its bestsellers, so get a taste of them when you're there.

You can never go wrong with a specialty sandwich for a light meal.

And if you've got time, spend it at the riverside deck where you can enjoy the view of the river outside.

If you have an upcoming party and wish to celebrate it while at Eagle River, this restaurant is an ideal place to host it.

From small planned get-togethers to large events, you can count on this restaurant and tavern to make your festivities more memorable.

Come spend your afternoon at Eddie B's White Spruce Restaurant & Tavern on North Railroad Street.

The Craftsman American Tavern

Cool beverages at The Craftsman American Tavern
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In downtown Eagle River, The Craftsman American Tavern offers a modern perspective on Wisconsin craft beer, among others.

This restaurant shines a light on cocktails, beers, other refreshments, and a classy night dining experience.

Its bistro-style setting combines a unique look from the usual logs and cabins throughout the Eagle River community.

Make your child feel special by letting them choose a meal from the distinctive child's menu at the restaurant.

Creative logo of The Craftsman American Tavern
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Unwind with a classic burger and pair it with a rejuvenating drink of your choice.

The sleek, slightly vibrant look also adds to the appeal of this place.

Drive by South Main Street to glimpse The Craftsman American Tavern and all its glorious form.

Buckshot’s Downtown Bar & Deli

Seeking a food experience that transcends eras?

Buckshot’s Downtown Bar & Deli provides a stunning, retro impression that gets you away from the stresses of daily life.

This tavern keeps you entertained on East Wall Street with live music and exceptionally good food.

Started in 2015, the Buckshot's dining business opened on Route 45.

The success of Buckshot’s Saloon & Eatery then spurred the presence of a second location, which is Buckshot’s Downtown Bar & Deli, in 2019.

Scanning the walls of this tavern, you'll find yourself transformed back into the 50s and 70s with its vintage vinyl records and design layouts.

And to top it all off, expect fresh gourmet snacks, including sandwiches and the famous Buckshot's pizza.

Prepare for a great time at Buckshot’s Downtown Bar & Deli!

JJ’s House Of Dogs

Hotdog at JJ’s House Of Dogs
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The hotdog joint, JJ’s House Of Dogs, promises an excellent venue for a midday food excursion.

Located on East Wall Street, next to MBank of Eagle River, it's also a convenient location if you wish to pursue your city exploration downtown.

From its homemade pizzas to its Vienna-brand hotdogs, you are sure to have your stomachs filled and your spirits lifted.

Special Friday favorites, including a haddock plate and a fish sandwich, may interest you.

Stay outdoors with the table umbrellas shielding you from the Eagle River heat and find yourself enjoying the food more.

JJ’s House Of Dogs also allows early call-ins for pick-ups.

Outside view of JJ’s House Of Dogs
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Bortolotti's Cin Cin

Fancy drinks at Bortolotti's Cin Cin
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Bortolotti's Cin Cin brings you closer to authentic Italian cuisine with signature dishes and diverse wine.

Situated on Bluebird Road, this fine dining restaurant excites your taste buds with bold and fresh meals.

Don't miss out on the pasta selection variety with its cheese and vegetable combinations.

Feel the intimacy of a get-together with friends or family with the sultry aura of the restaurant's decorations and motifs.

The ambiance also helps you fully indulge in the Italian meals prepared for you at Bortolotti's Cin Cin.

Whether you are getting ready for a second plate or just getting started with some appetizers, a quiet and peaceful time is guaranteed.

Aiello's On Wall Street

Want the ease of ready-to-eat foods for your snacking hours?

Aiello’s On Wall Street may be the ally you are looking for.

This sandwich shop on East Wall Street serves innovative meals deli-style.

Should you prefer hot or cold meals, it has a diverse menu that caters to your unique taste.

From artisan pizzas to garlic cheese bread, you'll find this local stop gets you the best of everything for a delicious meal.

Aiello’s On Wall Street's storefront is also a delight to see, so don't forget to take a picture when you visit!

Kickback Grill

Scenic view at Kickback Grill
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Kickback Grill on Route 45 offers a stunning landscape of Duck Lake for a bout of lakeside dining.

Known for its boat docks, this restaurant gets you pumped with tasty cocktails and delectable dishes.

Its most notable entrees include Norwegian salmon, shrimp scampi, and Boursin filet.

Explore the tiki bar and watch a sports game on the elevated television screens.

Stay for a while and watch the sunset go down the skyline with a significant other or a special friend.

Kickback Grill is a convenient stop off the freshly groomed snow trail.

So, start a winter adventure by going on a snowmobile when you visit this restaurant during the snow season.

Eagle River Roasters

Coffee at Eagle River Roasters
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Make the most of your cup of coffee at one of the most famous roasters in Eagle River, Eagle River Roasters.

A MOSA Certified Organic Coffee Roaster, this local coffee hub sources beans from all over the world.

But its focus lies on Coffea Arabica, which it considers the most extraordinary creation of this earth.

Eagle River Roasters started in 2004 and continues to be a pride of the city.

Delicious meals at Eagle River Roasters
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It is a partner for small coffee house businesses within the area, offering expert coffee blends not found anywhere else.

Shop around for packed local food products to go with your craft coffee.

And make your days a little sweeter with a trip to Eagle River Roasters on West Pine Street.

Lumpy's Bar & Grill

Drinking with beautiful view at Lumpy's Bar & Grill
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Since 2009, Lumpy's Bar & Grill has been an Eagle River favorite because of its promising nightlife escapade.

But more than its laidback bar ambiance, it's also the perfect place to destress or play games with a friend group.

Go over Lumpy's Bar & Grill's extensive menu, which includes the usual American-style snack options.

With its blazing, vibrant signages, it gives off a colorful sports bar tavern look to it.

Signage at night of Lumpy's Bar & Grill
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Added with live music, you are in for a chilling night out.

Want to stop by for a visit?

This bar and grill is on Highway 45, should you decide to come in and stay for a wonderful meal.


Located on Braywood Lane, Braywood is a restaurant that brings over the usual Northwoods nostalgia in the summer.

Its scenic view from the cottages helps you feel refreshed while you nurse a meal.

Go for a frozen piña colada to help battle the summer heat and humidity.

Pair it with some handhelds, including burgers, sandwiches, and hotdogs, to keep your hunger pangs away.

Your outdoor dining experience will never be the same after a visit to Braywood.

Friendship House Family Restaurant

Eagle statue at Friendship House Family Restaurant
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On West Wall Street, Friendship House Family Restaurant gives you and your family a bonding experience through your shared love for food.

This family-style restaurant combines traditional meal classics with unique twists to them.

With its delicious crepes and French toast, the breakfast of your dreams may just come true within the walls of this restaurant.

Make your stay more worthwhile with a heavy Angus burger or some ranch wraps.

Its Polish sausage breakfast serve is also one for the books!

But what makes this restaurant stand out from the crowd isn't the excellent customer service or the affordable food rates--though those are hefty bonuses.

Friendship House Family Restaurant's casual and carefree atmosphere and simple decor make it an ideal spot for deep and fun conversations with loved ones.

Friendship House Family Restaurant's doors are open for you!

Blue Heron Restaurant

Blue Heron Restaurant offers over-the-top fine dining, alongside its casual homemade menu choices.

Other than its usual entrees and appetizers for some walk-in meals, the restaurant also hosts small gatherings.

So, if you're planning a Christmas party or a bridal shower, there's no other place to celebrate it than Blue Heron Restaurant.

The rustic interior vibes of the restaurant can make your festivities stand out, and your guests feel amazed.

What are you waiting for?

Be sure to drive by Chain O Lakes Road for a fancy dine-and-wine journey.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to exploring exquisite food and fine dining, Eagle River keeps it simple.

With its collection of American-style eateries and bistros, you can make yourself feel at home while traveling.

At the same time, its culture-centered restaurants introduce your palate to a variety of dishes and tastes.

Take note of the list of the best restaurants in Eagle River, WI, above to guide you on your foodie journey!

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