20 Best Restaurants in Cupertino, CA

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Best Restaurants in Cupertino, CA

When dining in Cupertino, my taste buds have been on quite the adventure over the years.

Let me take you on a culinary journey through some of the best restaurants in Cupertino, California, where you'll discover mouthwatering flavors and unforgettable experiences.

So, if you're ready to dig in, let's get started!

Local Kitchens

I recently discovered Local Kitchens and have been absolutely loving the variety of delicious food options it offers.

My personal favorite has been the tosilog burrito with added cilantro cream sauce from the Senior Sisig menu.

The combination of the fried egg inside, flavorful rice, and pork is just incredible.

In fact, it's so good that I don't even feel the need to add guacamole, which is something I usually do to amp up the taste of other burritos.

Apart from the irresistible burritos, I've also tried their tomato soup and tofu CYO, which turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The restaurant offers a simple and clean ambiance, with no fancy seating, but the focus is clearly on the healthy and tasty food they serve.

I appreciate that they also promote local businesses, which adds to the charm of the place.

Another dish worth trying at Local Kitchens is the Nash and Proper Hot chicken, which is simply divine.

Local Kitchens · 21666 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Cap't Loui

One of my go-to spots for a seafood feast in Cupertino has to be Cap't Loui.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how spacious the place is, with lots of booths available.

Although the menu is smaller than I anticipated, it is packed with delicious options.

I recommend ordering at least two items from the boiler combo, like snow crab and king crab, as it comes with a free side.

The crabs were incredibly delicious, especially with their hot special house sauce, which had me tearing up from the flavor.

The combo also came with a piece of corn (which was sweet and delicious) and two potatoes.

To satisfy my hunger, I also ordered the fryer combo of fish, calamari, and fries, and it was absolutely worth it.

What I love most about Cap't Loui is the outstanding service.

You can even find mouthwash in the bathroom!

I've also had their signature funnel cake ice cream dessert, which they sometimes offer on the house.

I'm always impressed with my experience here, and it's definitely a spot I'll continue to visit.

Cap’t Loui · 19700 Vallco Pkwy #150, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Seafood restaurant

Siam Station Cupertino

One evening, my friends and I were looking for a place to have dinner, and we stumbled upon Siam Station Cupertino.

We had to wait for about 30 minutes to get a table, but it was definitely worth it.

We ordered a variety of dishes, including fried shrimp egg roll, fried tofu, pad thai, panang curry beef with rice, green curry shrimp with rice, pineapple fried rice, and tom yum noodle soup.

I must say, the pineapple fried rice was a group favorite – it had an interesting texture and a touch of curry that added a unique flavor.

The tom yum noodle soup was also quite popular, thanks to the textures and rice noodles that aren't commonly found in the Thai restaurants in our area.

As for the green curry, the basil essence and shrimp really complemented the white rice, and I loved that we could choose our spice level for the curries.

We particularly enjoyed the papaya salad, and mama egg rolls for appetizers and the sticky mango rice for dessert.

Siam Station Cupertino · 20956 Homestead Rd A2, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Thai restaurant

Galpão Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse

I finally decided to give Galpão Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse a try after hearing so much about it.

The whole experience was just as amazing as I had heard.

The atmosphere was upscale and very pleasant, perfect for a night out.

The salad bar was like a buffet with a wide variety of choices, including cheese, bacon, soup, salami, and sausage.

I couldn't help myself and tried most of the options on offer, everything tasted so fresh and delicious.

However, the main event was yet to come.

We were served a parade of meats to our table: steak, shrimp, chicken, ribs, and more.

It was hard to decide which one to start with, but I eventually settled for the shrimp, followed by the steak.

Both were cooked to perfection and full of flavor.

What really blew me away was the grilled pineapple with cinnamon.

The smell alone was enough to make my mouth water, and the taste was even better.

I couldn't resist going for seconds, even though I was starting to feel full from all the meat.

I also indulged in their Brazilian bread and caramelized banana, both were absolutely delightful.

Galpão Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse · 19780 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Steak house

The City Fish

I recently decided to try out The City Fish for lunch.

I had heard some good reviews about it and thought it would be the perfect spot for a quick and delicious meal.

I ordered fish 'n' chips along with garlic fries, and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing!

The fish had a perfectly crunchy batter that was well seasoned, providing an excellent flavor.

The garlic fries were crispy and well seasoned too, with just the right amount of garlic.

The overall experience was fantastic and left me wanting more.

If you want to experience their delicious seafood dishes for yourself, you can find them on Google Maps.

The City Fish · 21678 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Seafood restaurant

O2 Valley

Whenever I crave Taiwanese cuisine, I always head to O2 Valley.

The place is famous among not only Asians but also Americans, and the dining area is always clean and bright.

I absolutely love their Taiwanese bento boxes for lunch.

The portions are big, and each meal comes with three sides, which I think is great value for the price.

My personal favorite is their basil popcorn chicken bento, but I've also tried their gpie, pork, and squid, and everything tastes amazing.

As for the sides, I usually go for tempura, oyster mushrooms, taro balls, and Taiwanese sausage.

I've also heard good things about their bubble tea options, so I'm looking forward to trying those out soon.

O2 Valley · Loree Center, 19058 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Taiwanese restaurant

Rio Adobe Southwest Cafe

I recently dined at Rio Adobe Southwest Cafe, and let me tell you, it is a fantastic spot for vegetarians and vegans.

Their rice and beans do not contain any lard or chicken broth, which is a huge plus for people with dietary restrictions.

The full self-serve salsa bar is a delightful touch, offering a variety of flavors to suit every palate.

I tried their cheese enchiladas and the R&B burrito, both of which were very tasty.

My vegan friend opted for the R&B burrito without cheese, and they were more than happy to make the substitution.

What I love about this place is that any burrito can be made "wet", meaning it's smothered in sauce.

Apart from the food, the unique chicken and gecko-decorated atmosphere add an extra element of fun to the dining experience.

Free chips and salsa with orders are a nice touch, too.

Rio Adobe Southwest Cafe · 10525 S De Anza Blvd #100, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Mexican restaurant

Bar Bonmot

I recently spent an unforgettable night at Bar Bonmot, a high-end restaurant, and bar that specializes in beautifully presented Korean modern fusion cuisine.

Their menu is truly a work of art, with each dish showcasing the thought and care put into their creations.

One of the things that stood out to me was their amazing selection of cocktails.

They were not only delicious but also visually stunning, making the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Of course, if you prefer something other than a cocktail, they also offer an excellent selection of spirits and wines.

The food itself was on the smaller side, with portions that would be perfect for sharing among a group.

This lets us try a variety of dishes, and trust me, you'll want to taste as much of their menu as possible!

Bar Bonmot · 19429 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Dish N Dash

One of my all-time favorite spots for a delicious and healthy meal in the Bay Area is Dish N Dash.

I'm always excited to grab a bite there, and I have some go-to dishes that never disappoint.

The falafels are some of the best I've ever tasted, and their garlic dip is just perfect.

I also love their chicken over rice – it's well-cooked and flavorful.

Not only is the food amazing, but the ambiance of the restaurant is great too.

I especially love sitting in their outdoor seating area, which adds an extra touch of comfort and relaxation to the dining experience.

And if you're in the mood for a beverage, they do serve beer and wine, which is a nice bonus for a Mediterranean restaurant.

Another unique aspect of Dish N Dash is the selection of freshly squeezed juices.

I'm always pleasantly surprised by the variety they offer.

On a recent visit, I tried the carrot and orange juice, and it was so refreshing and tasty.

Dish n’ Dash · 20750 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Middle Eastern restaurant


There's this amazing Greek place in town called Yiassoo, and I absolutely love going there to satisfy my cravings for gyros and souvlaki.

The restaurant has a chill counter and a simple blue-and-white interior, making it an inviting and unfussy spot for a quick and delicious meal.

The last time I went there, I tried the gyro sandwich, and it was so tasty and filling!

I must say, their fries are some of the best I've ever had—crispy and salted to perfection.

I also had the fried calamari, baklava, and a super sandwich, which I highly recommend spending a few extra bucks for because it's seriously worth it.

Yiassoo · 10660 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Greek restaurant

Holder's Country Inn

As someone who lives nearby, I decided to give Cupertino Country Inn a try for breakfast.

I had heard about their popularity, and I must say, it was quite busy when I visited on a Sunday morning.

The place is a bit hidden from the outside, but once you're inside, you'll be greeted by its pretty plant wall, which gives the place a fresh and unique ambiance.

I had made reservations but noticed about 15 people waiting to be seated.

The interior was quite noisy, making it a bit difficult to have a peaceful conversation, but it could still work as a nice date spot.

I tried their crepes, eggs Benedict, and hash browns.

The crepes were rich in butter, and the eggs Benedict was tasty.

Holder’s Country Inn - Cupertino · 10088 N Wolfe Rd STE 130, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · American restaurant

Alexander's Steakhouse

I have been a regular at Alexander's Steakhouse for quite some time now, and it never ceases to amaze me.

The fusion of steakhouse classics with Japanese cuisine is an innovative and delightful combination that I truly enjoy.

The white-tablecloth space adds a touch of elegance to the dining experience, making me feel like I'm in a posh temple to beef.

The ambiance at Alexander's is fantastic, and the food is just as impressive.

I've tried their tuna tartar and scallops, which are always prepared to perfection.

One of my favorite moments at Alexander's was when I dined with my coworkers.

We had a selection of appetizers, including tofu tacos and shrimp.

Even though I'm not a fan of tofu, I must admit that the tofu tacos were quite tasty.

Alexander’s Steakhouse · 19379 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Steak house

Haidilao Hot Pot Cupertino

I've always been a fan of hot pot, so I decided to give Haidilao Hot Pot Cupertino a try.

For hot pot, it's pretty good, but you really need the sauces to get the full experience.

The soups are tasty, but since the food is boiled and doesn't soak in the flavor in such a short time, the sauces are a crucial part of the meal.

My favorite part of the meal was the fatty Kobe beef.

It cooked in about 30 seconds and was tender and buttery.

I also enjoyed the mushroom soup and pork bone broth soup.

The seafood combo came with a large platter of veggies, which was a nice touch.

The best part?

The meal ended with a soft-serve ice cream dessert.

One thing I appreciated about Haidilao Hot Pot Cupertino is that it has good options for vegetarians.

The ambiance is nice, and I loved the individual hot-pot concept.

I chose the tomato soup, and it was delicious.

Since it was busy on a Friday evening, I made sure to book in advance.

The service was great too.

Haidilao Hot Pot Cupertino · 19409 Stevens Creek Blvd #100, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Hot pot restaurant

Sweet Maple

I decided to give Sweet Maple a try for a weekend brunch.

I've heard a lot about their Millionaire Bacon and other unique dishes, so I thought it was about time to see for myself what the hype was all about.

Once seated, I was impressed by the friendly and efficient service.

The menu had so many mouth-watering options that it was hard to choose, but I finally settled on the Korean fried chicken with garlic honey butter flavor.

To my delight, the fried rice cake that came with it was an unexpected treat.

One of my friends ordered the Oscar Benedict, which featured crabmeat and sweet potatoes.

I had a bite, and I must say the sweet potatoes were a hidden gem.

My other friend decided to try their famous Pimped up ramyun with the millionaire bacon, and I have to admit, the bacon lived up to its reputation.

To top off our meal, we shared an Ube cold brew coffee, which was an interesting and refreshing twist on our usual caffeine fix.

Sweet Maple · 20010 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★★ · Brunch restaurant

La Pizzeria Cupertino

I recently dined at La Pizzeria Cupertino, an Italian restaurant in my hometown, and I must say, it was quite an experience.

My fiance and I were seated in the back of the restaurant next to the pizza oven, which was a fun addition to our evening.

The food was very good, with both of us enjoying our entrees - lasagna for me and pasta for my fiance.

We didn't have pizza, but we saw a few coming out of the wood fire oven, and they looked great.

The interior design of the restaurant was pleasing.

I found the portions to be quite generous - my pasta dish could have used a bit more bacon, but there was plenty of pasta to go around.

The pizza we saw being served looked delicious, with an ample amount of cheese.

My favorite part of the meal was the tiramisu - it was light and packed with chocolate and coffee flavors.

La Pizzeria Cupertino - Italian Restaurant · 10088 N Wolfe Rd Suite 120, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★☆ · Italian restaurant

Tofu Plus Korean BBQ

I absolutely love going to Tofu Plus Korean BBQ for a delicious and authentic Korean meal.

Whenever I crave traditional Korean BBQ, bibimbap, and other classic dishes, this informal restaurant never disappoints.

It's always bustling with regulars, and the atmosphere is clean, comfortable, and inviting.

Tofu Plus easily surpasses my standards for a top-notch eatery.

The food quality is consistently amazing, and the service is fast and efficient.

I particularly enjoy their generous side dishes, which are all individually delicious.

The tofu soup is always flavorful and perfectly balanced, and the seafood pancake is packed with squid and shrimp, making it crispy and fluffy at the same time.

One of my favorite things about this restaurant is the variety of banchan (small side dishes) they serve.

They offer 12 different types, and they change from time to time, keeping things fresh and exciting.

If you order any of the soup-based dishes, be prepared for a massive bowl that's sure to satisfy your appetite.

Tofu Plus Korean BBQ · 10971 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★☆ · Korean restaurant

Marufuku Ramen Cupertino

I have had the pleasure of dining at Marufuku Ramen Cupertino multiple times.

Their Hakata-style Tonkotsu ramen has always been my go-to choice, and I have to say, it never disappoints.

The Tonkotsu broth is rich and flavorful, and the portion size is perfect for a satisfying meal.

On one occasion, my friends and I decided to try their Chicken Paitan, Chicken Paitan DX, and Spicy Tan Tan ramen as well.

All of them were delicious, with the Paitan DX featuring their signature grilled chicken leg - a unique touch that sets it apart from other ramen places.

Aside from the ramen, the Chicken Karaage and Marufuku bites are also worth trying.

We once ordered a bottle of Marufuku Junmai Daiginjo sake for the table, which had a fruity flavor and was served in a wooden square cup, adding to the authentic Japanese dining experience.

One thing I appreciate about Marufuku Ramen Cupertino is their attentive and polite service.

On busier nights, they have a convenient system where you can leave your phone number and receive a text when your table is ready, allowing you to explore the area while you wait.

Marufuku Ramen Cupertino · 19772 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★☆ · Ramen restaurant

Von's Chicken

As a fan of fried chicken, I decided to give Von's Chicken a try.

The food presentation looked great.

I ordered their fried yang-nyum drums, which is one of their most popular menu items.

They offered a buy-one-get-one deal on half drums in October, so if you're looking for a lot of food at an affordable price, this is a good option.

I also tried their fried and oven-style chicken, which were consistently good.

Von’s chicken · 10520 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★☆ · Chicken restaurant

One Pot Shabu Shabu

I've been to One Pot Shabu Shabu on several occasions.

The food here is really fresh and delicious, and the locally sourced produce makes a difference.

I particularly love the garlic miso broth, and the sesame sauce is a must-try too!

The meat quality is top-notch, as I have tried the angus prime gyutan, black angus prime ribeye, and premium American kobe beef, all of which were mouthwatering.

The service is usually good and quick, especially during off-peak hours like Sunday mornings and late afternoons.

One Pot Shabu Shabu · 19648 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★☆ · Shabu-shabu restaurant

Taiwan Porridge

After a long day, there's nothing better than sitting down to a comforting meal at Taiwan Porridge.

As a fan of Taiwanese cuisine, I've been visiting this unpretentious restaurant for years, and it never disappoints.

What I love most about Taiwan Porridge is the extensive variety of ingredients that allow me to curate a meal according to my preferences and dietary needs.

As a vegetarian, I've found that the restaurant caters to all palates, with dishes ranging from fresh vegetables to flavorful tofu.

One of my favorite dishes here is the sweet potato porridge, which has a unique twist compared to traditional porridge.

The texture resembles that of rice, albeit with a slightly watery consistency.

Although some diners might prefer a more savory or neutral taste, I find the subtle sweetness to be a delightful change from the norm.

Another great aspect of Taiwan Porridge is that it's perfect for large groups.

In fact, I often come here with friends after big gatherings and events.

We love sharing the small, cold tapas-style dishes and trying a bit of everything on the menu.

Taiwan Porridge · 20956 Homestead Rd Ste A1, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States
★★★★☆ · Taiwanese restaurant

Final Thoughts

Cupertino truly has a diverse and delicious food scene that I am proud to call my own.

From mouth-watering Korean BBQ at Tofu Plus to the exquisite Brazilian Steakhouse experience at Galpão Gaucho, there's something for everyone.

If you're considering a visit to Cupertino, I highly recommend stopping by one of these fantastic eateries.

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