16 Best Restaurants in Bowie, MD

Best Restaurants in Bowie, MD
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Welcome to Bowie, my hometown - boasting history and charm and a treasure trove of culinary delights.

I've spent countless evenings exploring the gastronomic scene here, savoring delectable dishes from around the globe in my backyard.

From cozy, intimate corners perfect for date nights to bustling, family-friendly establishments that never disappoint, Bowie's restaurant scene has something for everyone.

So, tighten your seat belts as we embark on this flavorsome journey, exploring the best restaurants in Bowie, MD.

About this article: This article was written by a local contributor based on their own experiences and those around them. While this list showcases some remarkable restaurants, it's important to note that this is an opinion piece, and there are many other exceptional dining establishments that are not featured here.
Our aim is not just to guide you to popular eateries but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city's diverse culinary landscape for yourself

CK & Lounge

Did you know that nestled in the heart of Bowie, Maryland, is a spot that has sent locals raving?

Let me tell you about CK & Lounge.

I stumbled upon this establishment while searching for a new place to hang out, and boy, was I in for a surprise.

As soon as I walked into CK & Lounge, I was enveloped by a soothing and inviting ambiance that instantly made me feel at home.

It was like I had discovered a hidden gem in my backyard.

But the allure of this place doesn't stop at the atmosphere.

For those who enjoy wings, this is the perfect spot.

The wings were genuinely exceptional and quickly became a personal favorite.

I can't recommend them enough!

But a night out isn't complete without a few drinks, right?

The cocktails at CK & Lounge are simply divine.

Each concoction is unique and heavenly, from the intriguingly named Yoruba Demon to the refreshing Delta Breeze.

I must say, CK & Lounge has quickly become my go-to spot for celebrations.

It's the perfect place to mark special occasions or unwind after a long day.

CK & Lounge · 3524 Crain Hwy, Bowie, MD 20716, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Lounge

Rips Country Inn

I tell you, there's something extraordinary about my hometown gem, Rips Country Inn.

This rustic oasis in a little corner of our city brings together the class of a country club and the cozy comforts of an Irish pub.

Though they often come clumped together, the fried pickles are fried to perfection in a batter that stands out from the rest.

It's as if they've been dipped in fried fish batter, providing a unique twist on this classic appetizer.

Their roasted beet salad is a thing of dreams, with crisp apples complementing the earthy beets.

You can omit the cheese if you're not a fan, but it would add a layer of flavor for those who are.

The mains are equally impressive.

The liver and onion - a recipe that harks back to my grandmother's kitchen table - is so tender it practically disintegrates in your mouth.

And the cream of crab soup?

Their roasted beet salad is a thing of dreams, with crisp apples complementing the earthy beets.

You can omit the cheese if you're not a fan, but I imagine it would add a layer of flavor for those who are.

The mains are equally impressive.

The liver and onion - a recipe that harks back to my grandmother's kitchen table - is so tender it practically disintegrates in your mouth.

And the cream of crab soup?

Let's say it's teeming with chunks of delicious crab meat.

The setting, reminiscent of a cozy Cracker Barrel, adds to the overall charm of this longtime family-owned eatery.

Rips Country Inn is a valued part of our community, offering a wide range of classic comfort dishes in a setting that feels just like home.

Rips Country Inn · 3809 Crain Hwy, Bowie, MD 20716, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Amerikaans restaurant


Ruby's Southern Comfort Kitchen

Whenever my stomach grumbles for soul food, I drive to Ruby's Southern Comfort Kitchen.

Their down-home American comfort foods are just the thing to satisfy my cravings.

Everything is too good to resist, from their catfish to their fried chicken.

Not to mention their crispy, nicely breaded catfish that's always a generous size.

The fried chicken is also a delight, always fresh from the kitchen.

However, the goodness continues after their main courses.

Each meal has a choice of a biscuit or cornbread, both equally delicious.

I always need help to choose between the two!

What's a southern-style meal without classic greens and mac 'n' cheese?

At Ruby's, these are not just your ordinary sides.

They take these simple dishes and turn them into something exceptional.

Although some may consider them just "okay," I find them to be much more than that.

They provide a sense of comfort in every bite.

Ruby's Southern Comfort Kitchen is one of those places with lip-smacking dishes and overall excellent service.

Ruby’s Southern Comfort Kitchen · 4410 Mitchellville Rd, Bowie, MD 20716, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Soul Food-restaurant (Afrikaans-Amerikaans)


America's Best Wings

How can one resist the tantalizing aroma of chicken wings wafting through the air?

You pass the familiar storefront of America's Best Wings, and your stomach grumbles in anticipation.

It's practically a staple in the local food scene.

Now, let me tell you about my recent visit here.

I'm a big seafood fan, so I tried their catfish sandwich combo.

At America's Best Wings, the delicious, locally-inspired menu is satisfying and easy to order - you'll be returning for more!

America’s Best Wings · 3440 Crain Hwy, Bowie, MD 20716, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Kiprestaurant


Hunan Delight

A saying goes: "A good meal can enlighten your day."

Hunan Delight in Bowie is a restaurant that embodies the saying, "Actions speak louder than words."

Not just their main courses, but even their side orders like Shrimp and California Roll Sushi are finger-licking good.

Their portions are satisfying, and let's say I'm someone who can pack away a lot of food.

But one order from Hunan Delight and I am good.

Its Special Chicken is impressive, with thick, meaty chunks of chicken cooked to perfection.

Moreover, their shrimp and bean curd dishes are also cooked with skill and precision.

Their sauces are a delight, too - General Tso's orange and sesame sauces must-try.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Based on my experience, I can confidently recommend Hunan Delight for its delicious, generous portions and affordable prices.

Hunan Delight · 3329 Superior Ln, Bowie, MD 20715, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Chinees restaurant

Hunan Garden

I highly recommend trying out Hunan Garden.

Their food is delicious.

I've had my fair share of experiences with Chinese eateries in this region, but Hunan Garden stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The Lo Mein, General Tso's Chicken, Sesame Chicken, and Vegetable Stir Fry are phenomenal.

You could quickly feel the balance of flavors dancing on your tongue without the excessive saltiness or greasiness in some places.

And don't even get me started on their hot and sour soup, dumplings, and what I believe is the absolute best General Tso's Chicken I've ever had.

The spring rolls are crispy, the egg rolls are delicious, and every dish seems to be cooked with love.

So, if you're yearning for good Chinese food, Hunan Garden is the way to go.

Hunan Garden · 15712 Mt Oak Rd, Bowie, MD 20716, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Chinees restaurant

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

There's nothing like biting into a juicy burger from Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews, especially after a long day.

The gourmet burgers and the American comfort food they serve have always been a hit in my family.

The burgers are cooked to perfection, and the bottomless fries are just irresistible!

The food is terrific, and we always prefer to eat at the restaurant.

Delivery might be convenient, but the experience of being there, with the aroma of the burgers and fries wafting through the air, is something else.

Their food has always satisfied me.

Whether you prefer chicken, beef, or classic french fries, this place has something for everyone.

So, if you're like us and love your fries, burgers, and a good time, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews is the place to be!

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews · 15650 Excelsior Dr, Bowie, MD 20716, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Amerikaans restaurant

Ichiban Sushi Asian Bistro

One Saturday, I had a busy day running errands.

Eventually, I ended up at a nice restaurant called Ichiban Sushi Asian Bistro in a strip mall.

True to its name, the restaurant offers a splendid array of Pan-Asian cuisine, including world-class sushi and mouthwatering Thai curries.

As you set foot inside, you instantly feel the soothing and welcoming ambiance that eases your senses.

Eager to indulge, I ordered their sashimi deluxe, sushi for two - I was feeling particularly greedy - and a few of their profound wok dishes.

I highly recommend trying their crab Rangoon with a unique twist - it's worth trying!

Additionally, all the dishes were served in generous portions, fresh and flavorful, satisfying my Asian-cuisine cravings.

I also had a chance to try their Pineapple wok with chicken, recommended by a fellow diner.

It was a perfect blend of sweet and savory, a true delight for the taste buds.

Nothing could beat the refreshing taste of my first Japanese beer to cap off the night!

Ichiban Sushi Asian Bistro is a beautiful addition to the local dining scene.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a relaxing evening out, it's a great choice that won't disappoint.

Ichiban Sushi Asian Bistro · 3921 Evergreen Pkwy, Bowie, MD 20716, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Sushirestaurant


Abbyskitchen LLC

Sometimes, when my daily routine feels repetitive, I like to switch things up by visiting Abbyskitchen LLC.

It's a hidden gem in our city that offers delicious culinary experiences.

With its homely ambiance and a menu boasting heartwarming flavors, this place has become my go-to hangout spot.

The dishes served at this place are true works of art, crafted with care and a subtle genius.

Their offerings range from hearty meals to light bites, ensuring there's always something for every foodie.

I like how they have achieved a delicate balance between traditional dishes and modern cuisine, resulting in a menu that I find irresistible and keeps me coming back.

But what I enjoy most is the warmth that exudes from its ambiance to its service, which sets this place apart.

Whether craving comfort food on a gloomy day or searching for a spot to catch up with friends, Abbyskitchen is an absolute must-visit.

After trying their food, you'll see why this secret spot lives up to its reputation!

Abbyskitchen LLC · 3651 Elder Oaks Blvd, Bowie, MD 20716, Verenigde Staten

Chesapeake Grille and Deli

Perhaps the person who coined the phrase "home is where the heart is" never had the opportunity to try the Crab Cake Sammy at Chesapeake Grille and Deli.

I swear, nothing tastes more like Maryland than this dish.

It's hot and delicate, with a flakey crab and brimming with flavor.

My heart sings a little every time I pair a bite with a dollop of tartar, transforming an already fantastic dish into a heavenly experience.

As a frequent customer, I've grown to love not just the food but also the ambiance.

The bar is stretched out and spacious, perfect if you're like me and enjoy a chat while waiting for your order.

Outside seating is limited to four tables, but the view is worth it if you snag one.

Don't get me started on the parking - it's plentiful and rare in the area.

I'm pleasantly surprised whenever I switch things up and order the Peppadew Pasta, the day's special.

It's a red pepper chicken cheese Alfredo pasta that hits all the right spots.

I usually pair it with a Caesar salad that's always crisp and fresh.

My friends have tried the Rachel with sweet potato fries and the Chicken Cheese Melt, and they all agree that the flavors are spot-on and the portions are generous.

I have never wondered what a typical day in my life looks like.

It's simple - basking in the sun, seated outside the Chesapeake Grille and Deli, savoring their mouthwatering dishes, and letting time slip by.

Chesapeake Grille and Deli · 6786 Race Track Rd, Bowie, MD 20715, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Amerikaans restaurant


Camu Cook Catering

From the moment I first stepped into Camu Cook Catering, I was in for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The aroma of freshly baked goods and simmering sauces filled the air, immediately sparking my appetite.

The attention to detail was palpable, from the meticulously set tables to the perfectly curated menu.

Each bite celebrates taste, and the variety ensures something to appeal to everyone's palate.

Whether it's a birthday party, corporate event, or just a simple family dinner, Camu Cook Catering caters to all occasions with elegance and professionalism.

Long story short, a visit to Camu Cook Catering is an absolute must for anyone who appreciates good food and a wonderful dining experience.

Camu Cook Catering · 12808 9th St, Bowie, MD 20720, Verenigde Staten
Peruviaans restaurant


Other Restaurants Nearby

Molloy's Irish Pub & Restaurant (Gambrills)

As soon as I entered Molloy's Irish Pub & Restaurant, the irresistible scent of traditional Irish food filled the air, enticing me to explore further.

The pub has a unique charm with its cozy and friendly atmosphere.

The service was impeccable, even when I visited with many friends one weeknight.

They handled our separate bills with accuracy and efficiency, which is impressive considering the size of our party.

The menu offers a variety of delicious Irish dishes, expertly balanced and generously portioned.

The Shepherd's Pie is a must-try, the Potato Chorizo Kale soup was heartwarming, and the Irish Wantons were out of the ordinary.

But the Gaelic nachos are worth writing songs about!

Meanwhile, the drinks menu is equally impressive.

Whether you're looking for a pint of your favorite beer, a glass of fine wine, or a traditional Irish whiskey, Molloy's has you covered.

I visited again on a Friday evening and was satisfied.

The food was served hot, the drinks were enjoyable, and the service remained top-notch.

Not only is this Irish pub perfect for casual dinners, but it also serves as an ideal location to host special events.

My friend celebrated her wedding there and had a perfect experience, from the food and drinks to the outstanding service.

Molloy's Irish Pub & Restaurant is where you can enjoy a taste of Ireland without traveling thousands of miles.

Molloy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant · 1053 MD-3, Gambrills, MD 21054, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Ierse pub

Fuji Hibachi Sushi & Lava Bar (Gambrills)

There's something about the flickering flames and the sizzle of a teppanyaki grill that always feels like a celebration.

My usual haunt for these flame-kissed delights is the Fuji Hibachi Sushi & Lava Bar.

The first thing that catches your eye as you walk through their doors is the tasteful modern decor setting the stage for a promising evening.

I've always found something incredibly soothing about the magic at a hibachi.

But you know what's even better?

The fact is that, at Fuji, they let you dictate how you want your dish.

We customize everything based on your preferences, from the tenderness of the meat to the level of spice.

The noodles are a must-try.

Their flavor is so delicious that you'll want to enjoy them independently without distractions from other accompaniments.

The sushi was incredibly fresh and tasted like the morning breeze, while the rolls were creatively crafted and provided delightful and surprising flavors.

But the real showstopper at Fuji has always been their Martini menu.

An eclectic mix of the classics and some innovative concoctions, this menu alone is worth multiple visits.

Overall, Fuji Hibachi Sushi & Lava Bar is a beautiful local hub with an international appeal.

Fuji Hibachi Sushi & Lava Bar · 1406 S Main Chapel Way, Gambrills, MD 21054, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Japans restaurant

Namaste Fine Indian Cuisine (Gambrills)

Look no further if your tastebuds search for the perfect balance of spice and flavor.

Namaste Fine Indian Cuisine, quietly nestled in the heart of Maryland, answers your culinary prayers.

From the crunch of their heavenly garlic Kulcha to the explosion of flavors in their lamb dishes, this destination is a haven for gourmands craving a taste of India.

The charm of the restaurant lies not just in its immaculate white tablecloths and stylish interiors but also in the slow, relaxed pace it encourages in its patrons.

I took my time perusing the expansive menu, finally opting for the lamb vindaloo - a dish I'd tried and loved during my previous visits.

The spices were blended to perfection, and every bite was a delight.

Making a last-minute decision, I also decided to get some food for takeaway.

Meanwhile, its service is always efficient and polite.

As I enjoyed my meal, I couldn't help but appreciate Namaste's fine dining experience.

Namaste Fine Indian Cuisine · 2510 Conway Rd #109, Gambrills, MD 21054, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Indiaas restaurant

Blue Dolphin Seafood Bar & Grill (Gambrills)

Who knew you could find a treasure like Blue Dolphin Seafood Bar & Grill in our hometown?

With a casual yet refined ambiance and white-tablecloth service, this restaurant is our go-to for the freshest seafood in Bowie.

During my previous visit, I ordered raw oysters with a tangy cocktail sauce and horseradish.

These giant oysters tasted incredibly fresh, like they were just harvested.

Paired with their exemplary buffalo wings and cocktail shrimp, it was a meal that left me satisfied and eager to return for more.

The crab balls, jumbo steamed shrimp, and cream crab soup are some standouts.

However, my showstopper was the steak served with a crab cake, spinach, and sautéed potatoes.

The balance of flavors was simply out of this world.

And don't even get me started on the Arnold Palmer Ice Tea; it's the perfect accompaniment to the feast.

After all, nothing brings people together like good food, and Blue Dolphin Seafood Bar & Grill has plenty to offer.

Blue Dolphin Seafood Bar & Grill · 1166 MD-3 North, Gambrills, MD 21054, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Visrestaurant

Frank and Luke's Pizza Kitchen (Gambrills)

A little slice of the Big Apple is tucked away in my city, and I'm not talking about an apple orchard.

No, this slice is hot, cheesy, and served on an authentic New York crust.

The gem I'm referring to is none other than Frank and Luke's N.Y. Pizza Kitchen.

This isn't a place you stumble upon by accident.

Despite moving 25 minutes away, my partner and I still make the drive because the pizza is simply unbeatable.

Also, the prices are affordable, considering the food quality you get in return.

Their Chicken Parm and Caprese pizzas are my favorites, packed with rich, savory flavors that dance on your palate.

These pizzas would make any New Yorker feel at home in Maryland.

The crust of this dish is simply outstanding!

It's one of the best I've tasted in the state.

But it's not just about pizza here.

The Italian sub combo is a great deal, too.

Frank and Luke's is a sweet end to a culinary journey that combines the best of New York and Italian cuisine.

Frank and Luke’s N.Y. Pizza Kitchen · 1153 MD-3 Space 30, Gambrills, MD 21054, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Pizzeria

Final Thoughts

Bowie offers a culinary journey that is as diverse as it is delicious.

No matter where I go in Bowie, I'm always met with friendly service, a welcoming ambiance, and, most importantly, fantastic food.

These are just some of Bowie's many dining delights; I can't wait to see where my next culinary adventure takes me.

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