20 Best Restaurants in Bethlehem, PA

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Best Restaurants in Bethlehem, PA

Oh, the joy of living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!

One of the best parts of calling this charming town my home is the amazing array of restaurants we have at our disposal.

With so many fantastic options, deciding where to eat is always an exciting adventure.

From cozy cafes to fine dining establishments, the culinary scene in Bethlehem offers something for every palate.

So, let's embark on a mouthwatering journey as we explore the 20 best restaurants in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Hi Pot

Thai Tom Yum Hot Pot at Hi Pot

As someone who lives in the area, I never thought I'd find such an authentic Taiwanese dining experience right here in town!

When I first visited Hi Pot - Bethlehem, I was blown away by their traditional Taiwanese-style hot pots, noodle dishes, and bubble teas.

The casual atmosphere makes it perfect for a laid-back meal with friends or family.

One of my personal favorites is the lamb hot pot - the rich broth and assortment of ingredients make it a hearty meal perfect for sharing.

And if you're up for trying something new, don't hesitate to order the popcorn chicken or cheese milk hot pot!

Another thing I appreciate about Hi Pot is their attention to accommodating large groups.

I've been there with my extended family a couple of times, and they've always been able to find space for us, even at peak hours.


A spread of meat dishes at InihawBBQ

As someone who's always lived in this area, I'm always eager to try out new restaurants in town, and I recently discovered Inihaw Filipino Barbecue.

I decided to give it a try since I have never experienced Filipino cuisine before, and I must say that my visit to InihawBBQ was truly amazing!

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with friendly and professional customer service, as well as a well-decorated atmosphere that made me feel right at home.

The platter I got included two main dishes, rice and noodles, and I couldn't eat another bite after finishing my meal because it was so delicious and mouth-watering!

During my visit, I also had the chance to try their Lechon, which was super tender and crispy, as well as freshly fried.

It was definitely one of the highlights of my meal.

Apollo Grill

Scrumptious shrimps at Apollo Grill

I've been living in the area for quite some time now, and I can't believe it took me 17 years to finally try out Apollo Grill!

What a hidden gem this bar & grill turned out to be.

I recently went there with my best friend for a cozy dinner, and we were both blown away by the freshness of the food and the amazing service we received.

The prices were quite reasonable, too, considering the prime location and high-quality dishes.

I particularly appreciate that Apollo Grill is a top spot for the LGBT community members and workers.

I can see myself coming back here again and again for the delicious food and the friendly, inclusive atmosphere.

We ordered a variety of appetizers to share, and every single dish was mouthwateringly good.

Some of my personal favorites were the angel hair pasta with basil cream sauce, spinach, the crab mac and cheese, and the filo-wrapped asparagus.

I can't wait to go back and try more dishes from their extensive menu.

Tulum Restaurant

Chicharon de Queso at Tulum Restaurant

I'm always on the lookout for great Mexican food in the area, and I found just the place at Tulum Restaurant.

This snug counter-serve outfit offers jumbo burritos, tacos, and other tasty Mexican bites.

They even have a patio for outdoor seating.

I've been to Tulum a couple of times, and the food never disappoints.

One of my favorites is their burritos, which are big enough for a meal and incredibly tasty.

Their wings are another must-try; I once ordered a wingadilla, and it was fresh, flavorful, and fairly priced.

Easy to order on the phone, their nachos and salsa are to die for.

The chips are so fresh and good, making them the perfect snack or appetizer.

Besides, their pork and veggie quesadilla is a true delight, beautifully browned with crispy edges, topped with pico de gallo and sour cream, and served with a colorful side salad.

Another dish that I have enjoyed at Tulum is their big crisp tacos and Chicharon de Queso, which is fried cheese.


Rib eye at Bolete

I absolutely adore Bolete, a rustic-chic American restaurant in our town.

The farm-to-table menu is always fresh and seasonal, which means every dining experience is unique and exciting.

The place itself is charming, with a beautiful farmhouse decor that adds warmth and character to the dining experience.

Bolete's attention to detail is unparalleled, with the chefs carefully selecting high-quality ingredients from local farms.

This gives each dish on the menu an abundance of flavor that you can taste in every bite.

One of my all-time favorite dishes is the mushroom "Caesar" salad - it's simply otherworldly.

Now, let me tell you about the cocktails at Bolete.

If you're a fan of dirty martinis, you must try their 'its latin for mushroom' cocktail.

Made with pickled mushroom brine, this drink is nothing short of divine!

Additionally, their caviar service is a unique experience, with homemade, warm blinis and local accouterments that elevate the dish even further.

And don't get me started on their desserts!

The butterscotch pudding is a staple and the perfect way to end a fantastic meal at Bolete.

Playa Bowls

Colorful meals at Playa Bowls

One of my favorite spots to grab a healthy and delicious meal is Playa Bowls.

I was initially intrigued by the idea of poke bowls, only to find out that they don't actually serve poke.

However, I quickly fell in love with their incredible selection of acai, pitaya, and green bowls.

The atmosphere is warm and cozy, with a decent amount of seating both inside and outside.

It's the perfect spot to catch up with friends or just enjoy a solo treat.

Machs Gute Pub and Grille

French Onion soup at Machs Gute Pub and Grille

I've been to Machs Gute Pub and Grille a few times, and it has quickly become one of my go-to spots for a casual night out with friends.

The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for catching up, and the patio seating is a great option when the weather is nice.

The food is always satisfying - the wings are decent, but I must say, their cheesesteak is something I find myself craving!

My last visit was in April 2022, and I couldn't resist ordering one.

Besides the cheese steak, I've also tried their French onion soup and loaded tacos, both of which hit the spot.

Another thing I enjoy about Machs Gute is the TVs for watching the game and the loud music with a good playlist.

It all adds to the lively atmosphere and makes for an entertaining night.

The Other Fish

Philly Roll white marlyn roll at The Other Fish

One of my favorite spots to indulge in some delicious sushi is The Other Fish.

This cozy little Japanese restaurant always impresses me with its classic rolls, noodle dishes, and rotating specials.

The snug space and outdoor seating make for a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience.

Every time I order the "The Other Fish" sushi roll, I am blown away by the freshness of the ingredients and the attention to detail in its preparation.

I also love trying their Blue Crab, Natalie, and Dragon rolls whenever I visit.

Another aspect that makes The Other Fish stand out is its unique twist on traditional sushi offerings.

The menu is always fresh and innovative, packed with delicious options that I can't find anywhere else in town.

The fact that it's a BYOB restaurant and priced at least 25% below the area's average is just the cherry on top.

Olive Branch Cafe & Restaurant

Kebab with rice at Olive Branch Cafe & Restaurant

The other day, I decided to take a break from my usual lunch spots and try something new.

I stumbled upon Olive Branch Cafe & Restaurant, which turned out to be a delightful little Middle Eastern restaurant right here in Bethlehem.

When I walked in, I was immediately drawn to the warm, cozy atmosphere and the friendly owners who made me feel right at home.

I started with some grape leaves, which were delicious, and then moved on to a salad with lamb kebab - it was absolutely divine.

To finish off my meal, I couldn't resist trying their baklava.

Let me tell you, it was one of the best I've ever had!

A visit to Olive Branch Cafe & Restaurant isn't complete without trying their Arabic coffee, which was recommended to me by the waiter.

The light infusion of cardamom and sugar was an absolute delight and something I never knew I needed in my life.

Tre Scalini Ristorante

Mushroom Ravioli at Tre Scalini Ristorante

One of my favorite places to enjoy a delicious Italian meal in the city is Tre Scalini Ristorante.

I remember the first time I walked in, I was immediately captivated by the dimly lit, warm, and rustic ambiance.

I've always appreciated that Tre Scalini is a BYOB establishment.

Being able to bring my own special bottle of wine makes the experience even more personal and enjoyable.

I recall ordering the barbecued octopus as an appetizer once, and I was blown away by its incredible flavor.

The rigatoni alla norma quickly became one of my go-to dishes with its well-flavored sauce and perfectly cooked pasta.

Their outdoor dining option is another feature that I find quite appealing, especially during the warmer months.

Pho Bowl

Rare steak and flank pho at Pho Bowl

Let me tell you about this amazing Vietnamese restaurant in town called Pho Bowl.

I've been there a few times in Fall of 2021, and I've had nothing but pleasant experiences.

The first time I went was for a dinner date with my spouse, and we were absolutely blown away by the food's quality and taste.

We got there just before closing, but they still welcomed us with open arms and were very accommodating.

The vibe inside the restaurant is super chill, and the best part is that you can BYOB!

The pricing is very reasonable, and you get a generous amount of food for the cost.

I especially loved their Banh Mi, which is simply delectable.

Just a word of caution, though, their spicy dishes are really, really spicy.

But other than that, everything at Pho Bowl is fantastic.

The place itself is clean and cozy, with tables well spaced out, following the COVID protocol.

Geaker's Tacos

Beef Taco at Geaker's Tacos

One of my go-to spots for a quick and satisfying meal is Geaker's Tacos.

Their jerk gator tacos are absolutely mouthwatering, and at 8 bucks each, just one is enough to fill me up.

In fact, my 8-year-old claims their cheeseburger is one of the best he's ever had.

I also love their soft tacos – they're as big as a paper plate folded in half!

The thing I appreciate most about Geaker's Tacos, besides its scrumptious food, is the overall atmosphere.

They have a clean, well-maintained building and plenty of outdoor seating with umbrella-covered picnic tables.

It's a popular spot for locals and has a kid-friendly vibe, making it perfect for family outings.

Parking is a breeze, with spaces available on both sides of the building, and the 6th Street entrance is the easiest way to get in.

They're conveniently located for a quick stop on the way home and accept both cash and credit, with a 5-dollar minimum.

Pho Viet Royal

Shrimp summer rolls at Pho Viet Royal

I have been living in this neighborhood for quite some time now, and I must say that Pho Viet Royal has become one of my favorite spots to dine in.

The first time I visited this Vietnamese restaurant, I was blown away by the authenticity and taste of the dishes they serve.

The pho, in particular, was simply amazing, and the pork clay pot was so delicious that I couldn't get enough of it.

The location is surprisingly spacious, and I have found myself returning numerous times since my first visit.

I remember one specific visit where I ordered a variety of dishes, including spring rolls, hot tea, a Pork Bahn Mi, and beef pho.

Another time, I went there and ordered my standard first-time meal of grilled chicken pho.

I also tried their steamed dumplings, which were satisfactory.


Dumplings at U & TEA

One of my favorite spots in town for a delicious and authentic Chinese meal has to be U & TEA.

This cozy Chinese restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes and bubble tea in a minimalist yet comfortable interior.

My friends and I frequently come here, especially on weekends, and it never disappoints.

I must say that the food is exceptional!

The portions are generous, and the dishes are always fresh and flavorful.

The crispy garlic ribs are heavenly, while the salt & pepper ribs are equally appetizing.

My personal go-to dish is the pineapple fried rice.

My partner, on the other hand, can't get enough of their lamb, squid, and chicken skewers, which have the perfect amount of spice.

Despite being a popular spot, the food always comes out quickly after placing your order.

It's also a great date night destination, and I've heard that it's a BYOB establishment.

Yianni's Taverna

Roasted chicken at Yianni's Taverna

I recently dined at Yianni's Taverna, and let me tell you, it was an unforgettable experience!

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a warm atmosphere, vibrant decor, and friendly staff.

I couldn't wait to try their Greek fare, and I wasn't disappointed.

The menu had a wide variety of dishes to choose from, so I decided to order the spicy feta dip and pita to start.

The dip was flavorful and creamy, and I couldn't get enough of the pita bread.

For my entree, I had the grilled pork chop with apples and polenta, and it was cooked to perfection.

The flavors blended together beautifully, and the portion size was just right.

I couldn't resist trying their baklava for dessert, and it was the perfect way to end the meal.

Throughout my dining experience, the service was impeccable.

The People's Kitchen

Baked Mac and Cheese at The People's Kitchen

I've always loved exploring new brunch spots in my neighborhood, and I recently discovered a cozy one called The People's Kitchen.

This small and inviting restaurant offers a fantastic mix of traditional and inventive dishes that are perfect for a leisurely weekend morning.

I was especially impressed by the tasty and affordable choices on the menu.

I decided to try their omelet and the savory French toast sandwich, both of which were incredibly delicious.

The home fries were also crispy and full of flavor!

Anatolian Kitchen

Baba Ghanoush and Mezze plate at Anatolian Kitchen

One of my favorite spots in town is Anatolian Kitchen, a fantastic Turkish restaurant that offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

I recently went there with a few friends, and we all enjoyed the flavorful eggplant dish and the lamb gyro platter.

We couldn't resist ordering the small appetizer platter that had a little sample of everything – and it did not disappoint!

This place is always a hit, especially since it's BYOB, which makes for a fun and relaxed dining experience.

On a separate occasion, I decided to try out their desserts and was blown away by the taste.

The Turkish coffee, cream cake, and kunafa were all exquisite.

Sibris Restaurant

Shrimp Scampi at Sibris Restaurant

Sibris Restaurant is a casual American eatery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The place has a little bit of everything, from delicious Cobb salads to a variety of burgers, paninis, and old-school pasta dishes.

The best part is that they serve breakfast all day, except for waffles.

Whenever I'm out walking around town and want a decent meal without breaking the bank, Sibris is my top choice.

The service is always swift, efficient, and friendly, which I appreciate.

Parking can be a bit challenging in Bethlehem since it's all-street parking, but that's hardly a problem when you're on foot.

One of my favorite things about Sibris is its atmosphere.

The jaunty jazz music playing in the background and the cozy ambiance makes it the perfect spot to revive after a long day or a hard night of drinking.

F&A Grog House

Buffalo bleu cheesesteak with fries at F&A Grog House

I absolutely love spending my evenings at F&A Grog House, it's definitely one of the best restaurants in our neighborhood.

The food is always delicious, especially those pierogies with shaved garlic that I can't get enough of.

And just the other day, I had a fantastic chicken sandwich that looked so good I had to take pictures of it!

The atmosphere is always fun and inviting, and I've had some amazing times there during their live music events on the weekends.

Thai Kitchen

Delicious dish served at Thai Kitchen

I absolutely love Thai food and have been searching for a go-to spot in the Lehigh Valley area for quite some time now.

Luckily, I recently stumbled upon Thai Kitchen, a bright and cozy BYOB restaurant that serves authentic Thai dishes.

The menu isn't extensive, but each dish is thoughtfully crafted and ranges from mild to extra spicy.

They also offer Thai iced tea and coffee, which are both delightful treats.

The moment you walk into the restaurant, you're greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

You can seat yourself, and even though there's usually just one waiter, the service is prompt and attentive.

What really impressed me about Thai Kitchen is the quality and flavor of their food.

The Pad Thai, for instance, is perfectly balanced with a great mix of scallions, veggies, and peanut flavor.

I also enjoyed their fried rice and Thai dumplings, both bursting with deliciousness.

Another fantastic aspect of Thai Kitchen is its reasonable prices and generous portions.

They offer a variety of lunch options for just $10 between 11 am-2 pm daily.

I have tried their curries, which are delectable when ordered mild, and even my 80-year-old grandmother loved them!

The restaurant also has a comfortable seating arrangement, making it a great place to dine with friends or family.

Final Thoughts

Bethlehem offers a diverse and delicious array of dining options for all tastes and preferences.

I have spent countless evenings enjoying mouthwatering dishes, colorful cocktails, and warm atmospheres at these establishments.

So go ahead, indulge in the tasty journey, and discover the hidden gems of Bethlehem's dining scene.

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