15 Best Restaurants in Barstow, CA

Best Restaurants in Barstow, CA
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Nestled in the Inland Empire region of California, Barstow is a city in San Bernardino County.

Barstow was established in 1880 and renamed in 1886 to commemorate William Barstow Strong, head of the Santa Fe Railway.

The city is not just a place brimming with fun activities but also exciting and diverse gastronomic experiences.

Many restaurants are scattered around the city where you’ll find something that will please your palate.

If you want to explore the dining options in this historic city, here are the 15 best restaurants in  Barstow, California.

DiNapoli’s Firehouse

Mushroom dish at DiNapoli’s Firehouse
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If you love Italian food, stop by DiNapoli's Firehouse.

Since 1994, DiNapoli’s Firehouse has provided the best Italian cuisine in Barstow.

The restaurant is right off East Main Street and is known for its authentic Italian cuisine and amazing service.

They have various dishes, including pasta, pizza, calzones, and lasagna.

Pizza at DiNapoli’s Firehouse
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You can start off with some appetizers like their mozzarella sticks or Caesar salad while you decide on your main course.

When it's time for dessert, you can enjoy one of their sweet treats, like gelato or tiramisu.

DiNapoli's Firehouse is a great choice if you're looking for scrumptious Italian food.

Los Domingos Restaurant and Lounge

Los Domingos Restaurant and Lounge has been open since 1982, so it's no surprise that it still attracts loyal customers who return regularly for lunch or dinner.

The food is excellent, the service is quick and friendly, and this place has something for everyone!

The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy authentic Mexican food and drinks.

The menu at Los Domingos Restaurant and Lounge is filled with mouthwatering Mexican dishes, seafood, and steaks.

Their specialties include burritos, sopas, ensaladas, and mariscos.

If you want to sample Mexican food, go to Los Domingos Restaurant and Lounge on East Main Street.

Jenny’s Mexican Grill Steak & Mariscos

Jenny’s Mexican Grill Steak & Mariscos offers the best of both worlds: great food and affordable prices.

It serves classic Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more.

They also offer breakfast all day long, so you can enjoy your favorite meal at any time of the day.

Try one of their breakfast specials, including Bacon and Eggs, Huevos Rancheros, or a Cheese Omelet.

For lunch, you can choose tacos, beef tamales, enchiladas, or tostadas.

Jenny’s Mexican Grill Steak & Mariscos has become a popular spot for locals looking to grab something quick on a busy weekend or during lunch hour.

Visit Jenny’s Mexican Grill Steak & Mariscos on East Main Street to enjoy an authentic Mexican meal.

Black Bear Diner Barstow

Sandwich and fruits at Black Bear Diner Barstow
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Black Bear Diner Barstow offers tasty food, excellent service, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

You can easily find it on Lenwood Road in a woodsy setting.

The restaurant serves breakfast all day.

Waffles at Black Bear Diner Barstow
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Have some of their New York Steak and Eggs with a seasoned USDA Choice steak paired with eggs and housemade biscuits.

Order the sweet cream pancakes dusted with powdered sugar and syrup if you want something sweet.

They also have omelets, sandwiches, burritos, and sliders.

Stop by for a quick bite of the mouthwatering dishes from Black Bear Diner Barstow.

Oggi’s Sports Brewhouse Pizza

Sandwich at Oggi’s Sports Brewhouse Pizza
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Since 1991, Oggi’s Sports Brewhouse Pizza on Lenwood Road has been the perfect place to grab a bite and catch a game in the Barstow area.

This family-owned and operated restaurant serves delicious pub food at reasonable prices.

Whether you're looking for a quick bite or an entire meal, Oggi’s Sports Brewhouse Pizza can accommodate your needs!

Pizza at Oggi’s Sports Brewhouse Pizza
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The menu includes delicious burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and more.

There's also pasta, pizza, and salads, which are made fresh daily.

The flat-screen TVs allow you to catch up on your favorite games while you dine.

Complete the experience by drinking beer or a cocktail as you enjoy your game.

Ate 8 Noodle

Noodles at Ate 8 Noodle
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Ate 8 Noodle has been serving noodles in Barstow for years.

It's a great place to order tasty noodles, wonton soups, and bento boxes.

Their noodles are known to be one of the best in town, and they also serve a variety of other Asian dishes, including chow mein and pot stickers.

Rice meal at Ate 8 Noodle
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If you're not a fan of noodles, they have other great-tasting dishes such as chow mein, fried rice meals, and pot stickers.

The best way to explore their menu is to order family-style and share dishes with your friends or significant other.

When you pass High Point Parkway, stop by and check out the delicious Asian cuisine of Ate 8 Noodle.

Route 66 Pizza Palace

Signage of Route 66 Pizza Palace
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Route 66 Pizza Palace is a must-visit if you want mouth-watering pizza.

They offer different flavors and catering options, so there's something for everyone.

Route 66 Pizza Palace serves classic and specialty pizzas with many delicious topping combinations.

Spaghetti at Route 66 Pizza Palace
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Appetizers, salads, calzones, sandwiches, desserts, dinners, and lunch meals are also available.

Order a classic cheese pizza to taste one of the locals’ favorites, or choose a specialty pizza such as Meat Lovers Pizza, Combo Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, or Chicken Barbecue Pizza.

Try the pizzas at Route 66 Pizza Place and discover why it's been a local favorite for many years.

Pit Stop Bar & Grill

Fries at Pit Stop Bar & Grill
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If you want a place that offers entertainment, good food, and drinks in a classic desert setting, look no further than Pit Stop Bar & Grill.

Pit Stop offers a variety of food options, including appetizers, salads, sandwiches, chicken, spuds, and burgers.

They also have a basket of wings, corn dogs, chicken strips, and grilled cheese served with homestyle fries, tater tots, or coleslaw.

The Patty Melt burger smothered in melted Swiss cheese, grilled onion rings, and house dressing on toasted rye bread will make your mouth water.

Try something new with an Avocado Chicken Sandwich with seasoned grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, guacamole, and more.

Pair these savory foods with a bottle of ice-cold beer.

Check out live events and entertainment at Pit Stop Bar & Grill on Victor Street.

Fosters Freeze

Located on Main Street in Barstow, Fosters Freeze is ideal for people who love ice cream and hamburgers.

This place has been around since 1946 and offers the convenience of fast food and quality ice cream.

The tempting aroma of delicious burgers will greet you upon entrance.

One of their best burgers is the Big Boss, featuring a juicy beef patty, bacon, Swiss and American cheese served with onion rings.

Besides burgers, they also have milkshakes, sundaes, parfaits, and hotdogs.

While there, also try one of the cold and creamy treats like the caramel marble fudge parfait, vanilla milkshakes, and chocolate chip cookie dough twister.

Barstow Burger

Barstow Burger is an eatery with an old-school feel and offers some of the best burgers in Barstow.

Besides burgers, other options include salads, fajitas, and tacos.

The prices are affordable, which makes this restaurant an excellent choice for date night or to satisfy your craving for an occasional fast-food burger.

When passing through East Main Street, this place should be at the top your list of places to stop by.

Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers

Fries and sliders at Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers
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In 1946, the first ever Tommy’s opened on Fisher Boulevard, and since then, the restaurant has been providing the best burgers in Barstow.

Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers on Fisher Road serves a wide variety of tasty burgers to satisfy your craving—chili cheeseburger, California classic, Caliente chili burger, and more.

You can also order chili cheese dog and chili tamale, fries, and breakfast sandwiches off their menu.

Burgers and fries at Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers
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Their Shack on Wheels is a great way to bring the delicious burgers of Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers to your corporate events.

With Shack on Wheels, you get the same fantastic burgers from the restaurant.

Satisfy your burger cravings at Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers!

Casa Jimenez

Rice meal at Casa Jimenez
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If you're looking for a quality Mexican restaurant with fresh, authentic dishes, then Casa Jimenez is the place for you.

This family-run business has been around for many years and is known for its excellent food.

Casa Jimenez on Barstow Road offers a wide range of dishes that satisfy your appetite.

It has an extensive menu with all the Mexican classics from breakfast to dinner, including burritos, tacos, and enchiladas that come in vegan and meat-based varieties.

If you want to spice things up, why not try their chili Relleno, a stuffed pepper?

When you visit Casa Jimenez, you can enjoy not only the authentic cuisine but also the family-friendly environment of the restaurant.

Billie’s Kitchen

Billie's Kitchen is a locally owned restaurant on North 7th Avenue that serves the city's best tacos and smash burgers.

The menu offers amazing food with Mexican flavors at very affordable prices.

From their Carne Asada to their Beef Birrias, Billie’s Kitchen has something for everyone.

If you want to try something new, check out the “Fun Stuff” on their menu.

You’ll find the "Pizzadilla,"  “Tiktok Torta,"  “Taco Pizza,” and other interesting dishes.

Of course, classic Mexican dishes like tacos, tortas, nachos, and quesadillas are also available.

Overall, Billie's Kitchen has an authentic mom-and-pop feel, which makes it worth visiting.

Red Baron Pizza

Experience the best pizza in town, served fresh by Red Baron Pizza.

Red Baron Pizza is a family-friendly, casual dining restaurant situated along Armory Road that serves a wide selection of delicious dishes and drinks.

They have the best variety of pizzas in town that will have you coming back for more.

Have a slice of one of their specialty pizzas, including the Chicken BBQ Pizza, Meat Lovers Pizza, and Vegetarian Pizza.

If you're looking for something lighter, they also serve salads, appetizers, calzones, and submarine sandwiches.

Come and see for yourself why locals love coming back to Red Baron Pizza.

Los Alazanes Mexican Food

Los Alazanes is one of Barstow's most delicious and unique Mexican restaurants.

It’s located along Lenwood Road and has some of the best dishes you can enjoy in the city.

The restaurant’s extensive menu includes breakfast burritos, enchiladas, tacos, and tortas.

Customers rave about the restaurant's most popular dishes, including the carne asada fries, menudo, and breakfast burritos.

Bring your friends and family along and bond over delicious meals with huge portions.

Final Thoughts

With its fantastic weather year-round, fascinating places to see, exciting things to do, and the friendliest locals, Barstow should be included on your bucket list.

Aside from that, it's also home to numerous excellent dining options.

Indulge your palates in scrumptious dishes by visiting these best restaurants in Barstow, California!

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