15 Best Restaurants in Auburn, NY

Best Restaurants in Auburn, NY
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Auburn in Cayuga County, NY, is situated near Owasco Lake's north end in Cayuga County.

While picturesque, the city itself is more than simply pretty.

It's also a great place to visit if you're a foodie because there are many unique restaurants to try.

There is a colorful variety of dining options in Auburn, from casual cafés to elegant fine dining establishments, from essential classics to more complicated delicacies.

If you are residing in or visiting Auburn, NY, the city offers many great dining experiences.

For your convenience, we've compiled a short list of some of Auburn's finest dining establishments!

Moro’s Table

Meal at Moro’s Table
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This downtown Auburn eatery, situated on East Genesee Street, is well regarded for its artistic presentations of American cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients.

The décor at Moro’s Table is stunning!

High ceilings and lovely oak chairs and tables give it an appearance of sophisticated rustic charm.

The tasty dishes are presented with such artistic flair that they are Instagram-worthy.

Chicken at Moro’s Table
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Grilled-to-perfection rack of lamb will satisfy your meat cravings, while the savory beef and rich sauce bordelaise will make your mouth water.

Meals are served with sides such as potatoes, sweet corn, and carrots.

Surprise your friends and family with a gift certificate for the perfect sit-down meal prepared by Chef Moro.

Nino’s Pizzeria

Cheesy pizza at Nino’s Pizzeria
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Nino’s Pizzeria, operating as a family-run business since 1996, offers some of the best chicken wings, pizza, spaghetti, and other classic American comfort foods.

Their original charbroiled chicken wings have dominated Auburn competitions for the past 14 years.

Meanwhile, their pizza has won awards for exceptional dough and harmonious topping combinations.

We highly recommend the Charbroiled Wings, perfectly smoked chicken wings but with variations on the classic recipe.

Pizza in a box at Nino’s Pizzeria
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Add some tasty hot sauce for an extra kick of spice that your taste senses won't soon forget.

Located outside of downtown in the heart of Finger Lakes, the atmosphere at Nino's is warm, lively, and inviting, and the friendly serving staff look forward to welcoming you.

Balloons Restaurant & Catering

Steak at Balloons Restaurant & Catering
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Since its opening in 1934, Balloons Restaurant & Catering, situated on Washington Street, has become one of Auburn's best options for fine Italian fare, steaks, and beverages.

Your search is finally over if you're looking for a regional birthday restaurant.

This one has a wide variety of catering alternatives, and the food is superb and sure to please a diverse group's taste buds.

After a delicious dinner, you and your friends may use the restaurant's large dance floor and let loose.

Pasta at Balloons Restaurant & Catering
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Their succulent medallions of tenderloin topped with delicious savory mushrooms and the melt-in-your-mouth Filet Gorgonzola are two of their most famous dishes and a must-try!

The last touch of cheesy richness from the whiskey gorgonzola sauce on top of the filet makes this meal a culinary marvel.

Michael’s Restaurant

Situated on Clark Street is the lovely Michael's Restaurant.

It opened for business in 1933 and has since transformed into one of the most incredible restaurants in Auburn, serving classic Italian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

You will want to photograph nearly everything in this location, including the building's zebra-themed exterior.

The inside landscape mural is a work of art that merits every photograph.

The Linguine pasta with creamy Clam Sauce is a true treasure.

The delicious, bursting flavor of fresh clams cooked in butter, tomatoes, and white wine is unlike anything you have ever tasted!

With such a lovely atmosphere, aesthetic appeal, and friendly staff, you should try and pop in for a delicious meal the next time you are in town.

Elderberry Pond Restaurant

Delicious dish at Elderberry Pond Restaurant
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Elderberry Pond Restaurant, located in the middle of a beautiful farm in the Fingerlakes region, is among the best places to eat in Auburn.

Its extensive menu includes many organic alternatives and a fine selection of wines.

While enjoying a gourmet meal at this establishment, you'll be surrounded by nature.

While you savor your exquisitely presented meal in opulent surroundings, you can gaze out the window and take a lovely view of the surrounding greenery.

Salad at Elderberry Pond Restaurant
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Or, if you prefer, you may also choose to dine outdoors in the open air.

Their pork and tenderloin are highly recommended.

A delicious apple cider balsamic vinaigrette enhances the flavor of the Berkshire cross pork to an outstanding degree.

And to complete the perfect meal, your tenderloin is complimented with creamy mashed potatoes and fresh green asparagus.

Lasca’s Restaurant

Pasta at Lasca’s Restaurant
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Lasca's Restaurant, situated on Grant Ave and established in 1987, is one of the best restaurants in Auburn that serves delectable Italian cuisine in a tranquil setting.

It is your destination for a delicious slice of Italy.

Dine on delicious foods prepared following recipes from the lovely European nation.

The restaurant has the refined atmosphere of a traditional Italian ristorante, transporting diners to Italy.

Salad at Lasca’s Restaurant
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We highly recommend ordering the Veal Piccata.

The meat is perfect, but it takes on a new level of deliciousness when cooked with fresh mushrooms and garlic.

With that fantastic combination of butter, lemon, and white wine sauce on top, the meal is exquisite.

Amelia’s Pizza

Located in the center of Auburn, Amelia’s Pizza restaurant is known for its excellent renditions of Italian pizza, boneless chicken wings, French fries, and other comfort food mainstays.

Amelia’s Pizza was established in 1985 and had been flourishing ever since.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal at this locally-owned establishment.

Eat your delicious meal at the window and take in the sights of the area, or you may go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and Auburn's natural scenery.

Enjoy their delicious Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza; it is the perfect combination of tender chicken and crispy bacon on top of the most delicious crust.

Turn it into a gourmet masterpiece by adding the optional garlic and cheese.

They guarantee 100% satisfaction upon your departure from Amelia’s.

Pavlos’ Restaurant

Located in the city's heart, Pavlos’ Restaurant (York Street Diner) has become a local favorite because of its extensive menu.

The menu includes tasty appetizers, decadent desserts, and even gluten-free options for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Take advantage of the chill atmosphere and come and dine in comfort while taking in the sights of the area through the restaurant's floor-to-ceiling windows.

If you appreciate art, you may always choose a seat directly in front of one of the gallery's stunning artworks.

The spicy South of the Border meal will ignite your taste senses.

This flour tortilla stuffed with onions, eggs, onions, and cheese will make you come back for more because of its perfect combination of rich and savory combination.

You can add spicy sauce and green chilies if you are a daredevil.

Parker’s Grill & Tap House

Close up look of burger at Parker’s Grill & Tap House
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Parker's Grille & Tap House has five locations around New York, all serving the same fantastic steaks, burgers, and other American classics.

Its Auburn branch, situated on Genesee Street, upholds the restaurant's excellent reputation.

The restaurant's design has a remarkable mix of classic and contemporary elements.

Envision a pub with chic ceiling lights, hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and TV wall where walls adorned with images of legendary football players.

Chicken at Parker’s Grill & Tap House
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There is a reason why the Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger Wrap is a popular favorite.

The delicious crispy bacon and beef patty wrapped in herbs will fulfill your meat and veggie needs, and the subtle sweetness imparted by the bleu cheese leaves you craving more!

Join the amazing, energetic crowd for some fantastic football and classic, all-American cuisine!

Lavish Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Lavish Lounge Bar & Restaurant, situated on Genesee Street, offers delectable traditional American and Jamaican cuisines in a stylish and modern atmosphere.

They provide monthly food and drink specials and promotions in addition to occasional themed evenings with their top DJs and live bands.

The music scene there is vibrant and features some of the industry's top performers.

After a long day at the office, everyone deserves a kickback spot with an ice-cold drink in hand.

Visit the Lavish Lounge for Happy Hour between 4 and 7 o'clock daily!

In addition to a jukebox and darts, this establishment is perfect for blowing off some steam following a hard day.

Lavish Lounge not only provides excellent food and live performances but also hosts a variety of unique events each week, including:

·    Tuesday: Trivia from 7 pm to 9 pm with Finger Lakes DJ Trivia

·    Wednesday: Karaoke from 9 pm to 2 am with Dr. Feelgood

·    Thursday: Throwback, Thursday DJ Dolla from 9 pm to 1:30, am

Hollywood Restaurant

Pasta at Hollywood Restaurant
Hollywood Restaurant

Rose and Dan Cecora, the owners of the Hollywood Restaurant on Clark Street, started the business in 1933.

Margaret and Bridget, their daughters, assisted with the day-to-day operations.

It was among the area's earliest dining establishments.

Images and the original liquor license from the restaurant's opening on April 12, 1933, are displayed on the dining area wall.

In 1966, Joe and Bridget Colella, the second generation, took control and made extensive interior and exterior changes.

After sending three of their five children to the CIA, the tradition is carried on by Joe Jr., the youngest of the bunch.

The Hollywood Restaurant has been serving delicious Italian and American fare in the heart of the Finger Lakes for almost eight decades.

This casual, family-friendly, low-key restaurant is within walking distance of the city's hotels.

It has been voted the "finest Italian restaurant in the neighborhood" five years in a row.

Café 108

Café 108, situated on Genesee Street, has a storied history.

It started in 2005, after five friends founded the nearby Auburn Public Theater (APT).

Their dream was to bring people together via accessible, low-cost theater.

Café 108 is their meeting place, serving tasty, sustainably farmed cuisine that is good for you and the community.

The idea of a communal table was central to this plan.

Spending money at the café directly benefits APT, ensuring the longevity of the theater's goal for years to come.

Prison City Pub & Brewery

Established in 2014, locals and visitors highly regard Prison City Pub & Brewery, located on State Street, for its stylish ambiance and delicious New American fare.

Among local eateries, this is easily among the hippest and trendy.

Relax with a beverage while listening to the skills of local musicians. The restaurant also caters to fitness enthusiasts by hosting yoga sessions on the terrace.

The Prison Plate is an excellent choice for either breakfast or brunch. Meat eaters like pork belly and sausage since they satisfy their carnivorous side.

If you top it off with the house gravy, you'll have the greatest meal in Auburn!

Mesa Grande Taqueria Restaurant

Taco with drink at Mesa Grande Taqueria Restaurant
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Mesa Grande Taqueria Restaurant's inspiration comes from the owners' time dining at some of the best Mexican eateries in California.

When they debuted in 2010 on Genesee Street in Auburn, New York, they reintroduced those tastes and customs back to the area.

The chefs at Mesa Grande Taqueria utilize only the freshest ingredients and the finest culinary methods to create their delicious dishes.

Their slow-smoked, hand-pulled meats are seasoned with marinades and dry rubs.

Salsas are produced in-house daily using hand-cut, fresh-from-the-market ingredients.

Tacos and soda at Mesa Grande Taqueria Restaurant
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Cabot Creamery is where they get all their dairy products, like sour cream and cheese.

Each dessert is created in-house. There will be no convenience foods or shortcuts here. Gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian choices are also available.

Planning a party or having a business meeting at the workplace or hosting a client party?

Their catering services are top-notch and suitable for any event.

You may have a variety of appetizers and platters, including taco and burrito trays, nachos, salads, and chips with salsa and guacamole.

Auburn Diner

If you and your family are in the mood for traditional American fare like chicken wraps, burgers, and sweets, look no further than the amazing Auburn Diner on Columbus Street.

Although this eatery was founded in 2005, upon entry, you'll feel like you've stepped into the 1950s.

The restaurant's circular bar seats and galley kitchen will transport you to a bygone era of America.

You may now fully immerse yourself in the past thanks to the antique photographs that adorn the walls.

The famous 222 dish is a must-eat and consists of crispy, flavorful bacon and a silky-smooth egg.

Since there are two of everything delicious on your plate, you'll be double satisfied!

Final Thoughts

Auburn is a lovely neighborhood with a lot to offer, especially when dining in authentic, rustic, old-school restaurants with a rich history.

From cultural heavyweights like the Auburn Public Theater to diner favorites, you’ll surely find the thing that satisfies your craving.

Don't miss out on a unique dining experience in Auburn, New York, the next time you are in town!

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