17 Best Restaurants in Apple Valley, MN

Best Restaurants in Apple Valley, MN

Ah, Apple Valley!

This quaint little slice of culinary heaven in Minnesota never ceases to amaze me.

With its captivating mix of unique, family-owned bistros and some of the best-known names in the dining world, it has something for everyone.

As someone who's made this city my home, I've had the privilege of exploring its many flavors and aromas, dining at our fine eateries brimming with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and appetizing dishes.

Let me guide you through some of the best restaurants in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

About this article: This article was written by a local contributor based on their own experiences and those around them. While this list showcases some remarkable restaurants, it's important to note that this is an opinion piece, and there are many other exceptional dining establishments that are not featured here.
Our aim is not just to guide you to popular eateries but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city's diverse culinary landscape for yourself

Nautical Bowls

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream that's just as sweet and satisfying?

Well, feast your taste buds on the delectable smoothie bowls at Nautical Bowls.

Their smoothie bowls are a delightful blend of mouthwatering textures and all-natural flavors, with a base made solely of fruit blended with water.

Let me fill you in on a little secret: The secret to their wonderful texture is the air whipped into the mix.

These bowls are whipped to perfection, giving them a fluffy, airy texture that you can't resist diving into.

What I love about Nautical Bowls is their immaculate space.

It's always clean and tastefully decorated, offering a haven where you can relax and savor your bowl in peace.

Plus, there's always some intriguing conversation starters on the table, making the meal all the more enjoyable.

What's more, they make every bowl fresh to order.

I often drop by with my little ones, and they have kid-sized bowls that are perfect for tiny tummies.

They even accommodate special requests - like the time my partner, who's allergic to bananas, ordered a bowl.

They were kind enough to put the toppings on the side.

My favorite?

It has got to be the Big Island Bowl.

I usually order the Yacht - the largest size - which comes to $17.

It's worth every cent for a refreshing, healthy treat that's oh-so-sweet.

Nautical Bowls · 15050 Cedar Ave #113, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Açaí winkel

Satay 2 Go

There's a hidden gem in our city that I'm absolutely obsessed with.

It's a small spot serving dishes that take me back to my travel days - Satay 2 Go.

This place is the epitome of Malaysian authenticity, with every bite sparking flavors reminiscent of the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur.

Stepping into Satay 2 Go feels like stepping into a different country entirely.

The smell of spices wafting from the kitchen is enough to make any passer-by take a detour.

The menu is filled with a variety of Asian dishes, from red-bean buns and Japanese pizzas to rice noodles and of course, the namesake satay.

And I tell you, each dish is better than the next!

The red-bean buns are a particular favorite of mine.

Freshly baked every day, these fluffy buns filled with sweet red beans are the perfect dessert (or snack, I won't judge!).

The satay, oh the satay!

Marinated and grilled to perfection, it's honestly the best I've had this side of the Pacific.

Living fairly close to the place is both a blessing and a curse.

I can get my hands on their food whenever I want, but it also means resisting the temptation to overindulge.

If I lived any further, say 30 minutes away, I'd probably still make the drive.

It's that good.

Satay 2 Go · 6670 150th St W #103, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Zuidoost-Aziatisch restaurant

Pizza Karma in Apple Valley

Just the other day, I was craving something unique for dinner, and Pizza Karma in Apple Valley crossed my mind.

I remember the first time I went there with a friend, the aroma of freshly baked pizzas with a unique twist of traditional American and Indian flavors just filled the air.

The menu was filled with a wide array of choices, which left us taking a while to decide what to order.

The person behind the counter was incredibly patient and polite, giving us ample time to make our selections.

I decided to try the chicken tikka pizza with a tandoori-fired crust and their wings with PK dry rub.

The wait for our orders was short, and the food that was served was hot and brimming with flavors.

The pizza had just the right amount of spice, and the tandoori-fired crust was something out of this world.

The welcoming feel of the place was undeniable.

The fusion of traditional American and Indian flavors on a pizza was a delightful surprise for my palate.

The crust made from naan bread, fired in a tandoori oven, was a winner - the perfect balance of soft and crispy, with a hint of garlic that added depth to the overall flavor.

If you're a wings fan, the tandoori oven-fired wings with complex Indian spices and a cooling dip on the side is worth trying!

PIZZA KARMA - Apple Valley · 15265 Galaxie Ave # 200, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Pizzeria

Mac Kitchen

Out of all the places in Apple Valley, Mac Kitchen Asian Cuisine has effortlessly managed to steal my heart with its tantalizing oriental dishes.

Let me tell you about the first time I stepped into this culinary haven—it was a sunny afternoon on the 23rd of June.

As soon as I walked in, I found myself surrounded by an inviting atmosphere enhanced by the meticulously maintained cleanliness and tastefully arranged tables and booths.

Our first order was the beef and potatoes, which arrived sizzling hot, with the potatoes cooked to perfection.

Our gastronomic journey didn't end there.

We also sampled the Singapore noodles, a harmonious mix of various types of meat that seemed to dance in our mouths with each bite.

And let's not forget the egg rolls, so fresh and piping hot, complemented wonderfully by a delicious dipping sauce.

Trust me when I say I am already planning our next visit with a mental checklist of the dishes I can't wait to try next.

Now here's something worth mentioning, the sesame chicken.

I had it after a 15-minute drive home, and it was still as crispy as it could be.

I've tasted sesame chicken at other places, but the flavor that Mac Kitchen’s version packs is out of this world.

In fact, every dish they serve, be it Mongolian beef, General Tsao chicken, Lo Mein, or beef with mixed vegetables, is prepared with a level of finesse that is nothing short of impressive.

Mac Kitchen Asian Cuisine · 15465 Cedar Ave, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Vietnamees restaurant

Goodcents Subs

If you're seeking out the best sandwich joint in the city, Goodcents is your place.

Surprisingly, not many people are familiar with it, but once they try it, they love it.

I've been frequenting this spot at 15594 Pilot Knob Rd in Apple Valley for quite some time now, and boy, has it been a revelation!

No, Goodcents is a simple, straightforward sub shop serving up fresh deli meats on their signature bread, all with a side of friendly service and great pricing.

Be prepared to be spoiled for choice.

Their menu boasts a wide range of cold and hot subs, pastas, and salads.

My personal favorite?

The turkey and ham on an 8-inch garlic pepper bread with extra lettuce, onions, provolone cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, oil & vinegar, salt & pepper, and just the right slather of mayo.

What makes these sandwiches truly stand out is their freshness.

They slice the meat right in front of you and serve it on the fluffiest, softest bread you'll ever eat.

The bread alone is a game-changer!

Goodcents · 15594 Pilot Knob Rd Ste. 700, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Broodjeswinkel

Punch Pizza Apple Valley

Ever had pizza so good it almost brought tears to your eyes?

Well, that was my experience at Punch Pizza in Apple Valley.

Every bite of the Margherita pizza was a revelation; a flavor explosion of tomato, basil, and mozzarella that was perfectly balanced and baked to perfection.

And the Caesar salad - oh, the Caesar salad!

Tossed in a tangy, creamy dressing and served with a side of flatbread, it was the perfect accompaniment to the pizza.

And they are punctual to a tee - my order was ready at exactly 7 PM, just as promised.

If you’re planning to visit, make sure to save some room for dessert.

I gave in to temptation and bought a hazelnut chocolate panini on my way out, and it was an absolute delight, a sweet end to a fantastic meal.

The establishment is well located and shares a parking lot that has plenty of spots, but be warned - it's always busy.

But that's not surprising, considering the top-notch food and service they offer.

Punch Pizza Apple Valley · 15640 English Ave #400, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Pizzeria

Hawaii Poke Bowl

There's something truly delightful about discovering a gem in your own backyard.

Such was my experience with Hawaii Poke Bowl, a vibrant little eatery that has quickly become one of my favorite spots.

The warm rice cushioned under the cold toppings created a satisfying contrast that I've come to love.

There's a variety of signature bowls on the menu, but I enjoy building my own bowl from the assortment of fresh ingredients artfully displayed behind the counter - it's like watching the creation of a culinary masterpiece!

The Volcano Bowl, while definitely on the spicier side with its mix of Sriracha, spicy mayo, and fresh jalapenos, was a fiery delight that I would happily brave again.

The freshness of the food, the generous portion, and the incredibly competitive prices make Hawaii Poke Bowl a must-visit.

While this is a haven for sushi lovers looking for a twist on the traditional roll, I encourage even those who usually shy away from raw fish to try this place.

The clean flavors and the high-quality ingredients might just win you over.

Trust me, once you've tasted their poke, you'll be counting down the days until your next visit, just as I am now.

Hawaii Poke Bowl · 7594 150th St W, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Poke bar

Taste of Thaiyai

Picture this, it's midweek, you beat from a day's work, and all you want is a calming ambiance and convenient food that bursts with flavor.

Look no further than Taste of Thaiyai, a family-run restaurant situated right next to Rascal's.

Intriguingly, I've frequented Rascal's for over ten years, yet I only recently discovered this hidden gem.

Stepping into Taste of Thaiyai, you are met with a warm blend of easygoing decor and a neatly kept environment.

Don't be fooled by its unassuming nature; the sizable menu is a treasure trove of Thai favorites.

Their Tom Yum soup is a must-try, hands down.

Its tartness hits just the right note and surprisingly, it's a fan favorite even among the kids in the neighborhood.

But what truly stands out, and sets them apart from other local joints, are the small, thoughtful details.

Take their spring rolls, for instance.

The accompanying delightfully layered dipping sauce, sprinkled with crushed peanuts, elevates the dish from just 'good' to 'exceptional.'

And it is not just their food, the service, too, is commendable.

Despite how busy they usually are (especially on Wednesdays), the team remains professional and friendly, striking a perfect balance.

As if this isn't enough, Taste of Thaiyai also offers excellent value for money.

Amidst all the recent inflation, their shrimp entree still stands at $15.99, a testament to their commitment to affordability.

Taste of Thaiyai · 7705 147th St W, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Thais restaurant

Simplee Pho

The taste of home.

That's what springs to mind every time I savor a simmering bowl of pho at Simplee Pho.

Every slurp sends a wave of warmth through me, making my palate dance with pleasure while memories of my Vietnamese neighbors waft through my mind.

The place may not be grandiose, but its unpretentious setting perfectly complements its authentic food.

I'll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: their wonton noodle soup is a bowl of heaven that you simply cannot miss.

And the egg rolls?

They're the best I've ever tasted, hands down.

But the star of the show, as the name suggests, is the pho itself - an artful blend of fragrant broth, tender meat, and subtly textured noodles.

The magic of Simplee Pho, however, extends beyond Vietnamese cuisine.

It's also home to the best Chinese food in the Metro.

Each dish is a visual and gastronomic delight, carefully curated with premium ingredients and true Chinese vegetables, just like you'd find in a Chinese household.

Simplee Pho · 15265 Galaxie Ave, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Vietnamees restaurant

Sam's Club Cafe

Ah, the good old days!

I still vividly remember those sleepovers at my buddy's place.

The next day, we were always accompanied by their parents to Sam's Club Cafe for a little shopping trip.

With the excitement of waking up in a different house, coupled with the anticipation of a trip to our favorite spot, there was simply no better way to spend a weekend.

I must say, nothing beats the taste of those Icee cones we used to get at Sam's Club Cafe in Apple Valley.

Trust me; it's one of the finest places to relish quality food in the city!

The taste of their offerings has never failed to transport me back to those carefree days of our childhood.

The service there is top-notch too.

From the moment you step in, you're greeted with friendly smiles and warm welcomes.

You just feel at home!

I can't stress enough how critical this is in enhancing the overall dining experience.

No wonder its fame has only grown over the years.

Sam’s Club Cafe · 14940 Florence Trail, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Café

Ooka Sushi and Asian Hibachi

I always appreciate finding a hidden gem in the city, and Ooka Sushi & Asian Hibachi And Delivery is exactly that.

Nestled just around the corner from my apartment building, it's a contemporary Asian fusion spot with a clever sushi bar and a wide array of kitchen entrees.

The place offers a nice assortment of beer and wine to pair with your food, too, perfect for a relaxing evening.

Walking into the restaurant, I was greeted with a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

It's the kind of place where you can take your time savoring the flavors of each dish.

And savor, I did.

I ordered a rainbow roll while my partner opted for a hibachi chicken dinner.

Each bite was a delightful fusion of flavors, the kind that makes you close your eyes just to focus on the taste.

Ooka Sushi & Asian Hibachi And Delivery · 6520 150th St W #400, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Aziatisch fusion-restaurant

Pho Valley

Have you ever come across a steaming bowl of pho that gives you the feeling of home?

That's exactly what I found at Pho Valley.

With a menu that's as diverse as the city itself, this Vietnamese restaurant located at Pho Valley has quickly become my go-to spot for some soulful Vietnamese cuisine.

My first visit to Pho Valley was a random weekday evening when I was looking for something to satiate my hunger pangs.

Trust me, the steaming bowl of pho I savored was delightful!

I couldn't help but plan my second visit soon.

The second time, I tried their Banh Mi with pork.

Everything was fresh, and the pork was succulent.

However, the lemongrass chicken I tried that day was slightly disappointing.

The chicken was a bit dry and chewy, and the dish seemed like it was made yesterday.

The sweet chili sauce was not sweet at all; it was just chili flakes.

Though a bit disheartened, I decided to give it another shot.

On my third visit, I was accompanied by my partner.

We decided to experiment a bit.

I ordered the P.23 Spicy soup - a pho with kapoon noodles.

The portion was perfect, and the tasteheavenly!

Pho Valley · 7538 149th St W, Apple Valley, MN 55124, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Vietnamees restaurant

Other Restaurants Nearby

J's Restaurant

I've just got to tell you about J's Restaurant.

This little gem is my go-to whenever I crave some hearty American fare.

It's not just a place to grab a bite - it's a place where you get to step back in time with every mouthful, relishing the good old days of simple, homestyle cooking.

My usual, you may ask?

I'm a sucker for their classic meatloaf paired with a side of their creamy mashed potatoes.

I bet you can spend an entire evening just listening to her fascinating stories.

Now, before you expect a fancy, polished place, let me tell you - it's not.

It's an unpretentious mom-and-pop diner that reminds me of a hunting cabin or a church basement, complete with quirky decor that oozes charm.

But it's not all about the nostalgia; the food here is also noteworthy.

One of the aspects I adore about J's restaurant is the generous portions they serve.

Delicious, filling, and comforting - you'll never leave hungry.

J’s Restaurant · 2913 Cliff Rd E #3303, Burnsville, MN 55337, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Familierestaurant

Olivia's Organic Café

"Oh, the joy of biting into a crispy chicken sandwich!"

This is the mantra of every weekend for me.

Waking up to the aroma of fresh, gluten-free food at Olivia's Organic Café is what I look forward to every Saturday morning.

The hearty crunch that accompanies every bite of the sandwich, perfectly complemented by a hint of sweetness, is simply heavenly.

Olivia's Café is not just about food.

It's also about the ambiance.

The café is quite petite, making each visit a cozy and intimate experience.

Yes, the parking is limited, and you might have to wait for a bit, but trust me—the food and experience are more than worth it!

Even the bulky yet comfy chairs add to the charm, making you feel right at home.

If you have any allergies or sensitivities, like soy or nuts, they are more than ready to accommodate your needs.

And did I mention the self-service coffee and iced water?

It's like a cherry on top!

Let me also give a special shout-out to their bakery section.

Even if you just drive by this place, the sight of their cute little bakery is enough to lure you in.

The cinnamon roll is to die for, and the lattes on ice, especially when enjoyed on the patio, are the perfect way to kick off a weekend.

Olivia’s Organic Café · 11849 Millpond Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Kazoku Japanese Restaurant

When it comes to sushi, Kazoku Japanese Restaurant is unbeatable in our area.

The moment you take a bite of their delicately made sushi, you can't help but marvel at the quality and freshness.

Their homemade soy sauce is the icing on the cake, adding a unique, delectable flavor you won't find anywhere else.

And while their specialty rolls might be on the pricier side, they are worth every penny.

This is the kind of indulgence you order when you're here.

Ramen at Kazoku is another feast in itself.

Served in generous portions, it's a hearty meal that's equally satisfying.

And when summer rolls around, there's nothing better than enjoying these culinary delights outdoors.

Their setup may be simple, with just plastic picnic tables, but it adds to the overall laid-back and enjoyable experience.

The first time we went to Kazoku, we decided to venture beyond sushi and ramen and tried their Sashimi tacos.

What an absolute delight they were!

Each bite is packed with flavor and freshness.

Kazoku Japanese Restaurant · 2925 Cliff Rd E, Burnsville, MN 55337, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Japans restaurant

Porter Creek Hardwood Grill

When the day is done and the hunger pangs set in, there's no place I'd rather be than the Porter Creek Hardwood Grill.

Combining California flair with Mediterranean accents, this restaurant promises a magical culinary journey that's hard to forget.

Stepping into the restaurant, you're immediately welcomed by a contemporary setting that's as exciting as it is inviting.

The patio is a splendid corner for leisurely meals, complete with a spacious layout, cozy fireplace, and even blankets for those slightly nippy evenings.

And yes, dining under the stars that's a whole experience in itself!

Diving into their menu, one discovers a plethora of choices that cater to all taste buds.

A personal favorite is the artichoke dip with pita, a starter that's no less than a treat for the palette.

With a rich, buttery taste that simply melts in your mouth, it's the perfect precursor to the main event.

Their duck is a stand-out dish, too, served with fresh veggies and a special sauce that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

If you're a seafood lover, the salmon dish is a must-try.

Perfectly cooked and served over creamy mash, it's a symphony of flavors that'll have you humming in delight.

The steaks are succulent and never dry - a testament to the chef's expertise.

Beyond the delectable dishes, what sets Porter Creek apart is the exceptional service.

Not to mention, the pricing is fair for the 'high-end' feel of the place.

Porter Creek Hardwood Grill · 14201 Burngarten Dr, Burnsville, MN 55306, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Amerikaans restaurant

Jensen's Cafe

"Worth the wait" is a phrase that perfectly sums up my frequent breakfast escapades at Jensen's Cafe.

Waking up on a lazy Sunday with the craving for a hearty breakfast is a common occurrence for me.

And on such days, Jensen's Cafe is my sanctuary.

The cozy, casual atmosphere of the cafe lends itself to those in search of comfort and delicious food.

What sets this place apart is their all-day breakfast.

They have a philosophy I can stand behind - that breakfast should not be confined to the early hours of the day.

As soon as I walk in, the aroma of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon wafts through the air.

It's a nostalgic symphony of scents that triggers my tastebuds into action.

But the star of the show is undoubtedly their stuffed French Toast.

Coming in various flavors and served with a side of their famous American potatoes or cheesy hash browns, it's a breakfast lover's dream.

A special mention to their banana pancake, an enticing twist on a classic dish.

Soft, fluffy, with just the right amount of sweetness, it takes a regular breakfast staple to the next level.

Don't get me started on their unique Eggs Benedict served on a sweet pancake; a quirky blend of savory and sweet that's surprisingly delightful.

Jensen’s Cafe · 12750 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Amerikaans restaurant

Final Thoughts

Apple Valley has a diverse culinary scene that caters to all tastes and preferences.

Believe me; you won't run out of places to eat in Apple Valley; such is the richness of our restaurant scene.

Each place holds a unique charm and a menu that promises a satisfying meal.

It really does feel like the world is at my doorstep!

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