15 Best Restaurants in Apple Valley, CA

This article was written by local contributor Nina Thomas & edited by the Travel Lens team.

Apple Valley

Apple Valley, California, is truly a hidden gem when it comes to dining.

I've been lucky enough to call this place home, and throughout the years, I've had the pleasure of discovering the best spots to eat.

Whether you're in the mood for some delicious comfort food, authentic ethnic cuisine, or a fine dining experience,  this beautiful town has got you covered.

Let me take you on a culinary journey through my favorite restaurants in Apple Valley, California!

Halleluiah BBQ

Juicy meat served at Halleluiah BBQ

The other day, I had this intense craving for some soul food, and living in the HD, I hadn't heard of many places that could satisfy my taste buds.

But then, my family and I stumbled upon Halleluiah BBQ on Google and decided to give it a try.

Boy, oh boy, was I in for a treat!

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted by the mouthwatering smoky aroma wafting through the slightly cracked door.

We ordered a family dinner combo with ribs, brisket, and chicken, along with some delicious sides: greens, mac and cheese, BBQ beans, and a pulled chicken sandwich.

Taking my first bite of the pulled chicken sandwich was like heaven on a plate.

The smoky, peppery, and sweet flavors exploded in my mouth, making me instantly fall in love with their food.

Each dish they served was beyond amazing - the greens were savory, smoky, and slightly sweet; the BBQ beans were definitely homemade, and the brisket was tender, juicy, and smothered in their homemade BBQ sauce.

My dad tried the ribs and had no complaints, so I knew I had found a gem in our neighborhood.

Koi Sushi

Albacore roll at Koi Sushi

One of my favorite spots for date night is Koi Sushi.

As a sushi lover, I can confidently say that Koi offers some of the best sushi I've ever had.

Koi Sushi might not be in the most obvious location, but it's easy to get to, and there's plenty of parking.

Their prices are reasonable, and the taste and presentation of the dishes are truly outstanding.

Try their Sushi Nachos – they are a game-changer!

One thing that makes Koi Sushi stand out from other sushi restaurants is their incredible attention to detail and customer service.

During one of my visits, my dad jokingly mentioned a plum-flavored wine to the chef, and to our surprise, the chef had actually special ordered it just for him!

It's rare to find such personalized service these days.

Not only is the service top-notch, but the food is simply amazing.

Some of my favorites include the Rainbow Roll and the Shocker Roll.

Spirit River Café

Bacon and eggs with hashbrowns at Spirit River Café

My friends and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Spirit River Café for breakfast, and I must say, it did not disappoint!

The café is small but cozy, and though I'm usually partial to booth seating, I didn't mind the absence of it here.

The food, of course, was the highlight of the experience.

My friends and I decided to order a few different dishes to share: the biscuit and gravy, the Texas skillet, and the Pecan French toast cinnamon roll.

Each dish was absolutely scrumptious, and though the prices weren't exactly cheap, they were reasonable for the quality of the food.

What really stood out to me was the amazing atmosphere at Spirit River Café.

Mama Carpino's

Pasta at Mama Carpino's

One of my favorite spots to dine in town has to be Mama Carpino's Italian restaurant.

The moment I enter, I'm enveloped in the warm and inviting atmosphere that makes me feel right at home.

The menu offers a wide variety of Italian classics that are sure to please anyone's palate.

On my most recent visit, I indulged in their lasagna, which was absolutely mouthwatering.

The presentation of the dishes is always impressive, making the dining experience even more enjoyable.

They also offer a great selection of wine deals and have a beautiful patio for those looking to enjoy their meal al fresco.

One of the unique features of Mama Carpino's is the live music they often have, adding a lively touch to the dining experience.

I've found that it's the perfect place to spend an evening with friends or family, enjoying the delicious food and each other's company.

Mr Kabob Mediterranean Restaurant

Combo meal at Mr Kabob Mediterranean Restaurant

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Mr Kabob Mediterranean Restaurant for my birthday, and it was an amazing experience!

This unassuming joint is tucked away in a nearly abandoned plaza, making it a bit difficult to find.

But once you step inside, you're in for a treat.

The food itself was simply delicious.

We tried a variety of skewered meats and hearty Mediterranean meals, all served fresh and flavorful.

I couldn't help but notice that every dish was prepared with care and love, making the overall experience even more enjoyable.

One unique item I tried was the yogurt drink.

It wasn't exactly my cup of tea, as it had a sour milk taste, but it was certainly interesting to try something new.

Regardless, the rest of the food was incredible, and I am eager to return and try more of their offerings.

I sincerely hope that more people discover Mr. Kabob and give it the love it deserves.

As a resident of the area, I can confidently say that it's hands down the best Mediterranean food in the high desert!

It's now become my go-to place for a delicious and satisfying meal.

Pieology Pizzeria Apple Valley

Pizzas at Pieology Pizzeria Apple Valley

I absolutely love going to Pieology Pizzeria in Apple Valley whenever I'm craving a delicious pizza night with my family.

This place is not just an ordinary pizza joint; it's a whole experience that satisfies both vegetarians and meat lovers.

The best part about Pieology is that you get to design your own pizza with a diverse range of sauces, cheeses, and toppings.

The moment you walk into the restaurant, you're greeted by a clean, bright, and airy atmosphere.

I appreciate the availability of fresh ingredients, such as cherry tomatoes, pineapple, and jalapeno.

The pizzas are a bit larger than personal pan size, so they're small yet filling.

I often have leftovers for the next day, which is always a plus.

Aside from the tomato red sauce, Pieology offers plenty of other sauce options to suit everyone's taste buds.

The fact that each pizza is customizable makes it perfect for family outings, as everyone gets the pizza they want.

Viva Maria Mexican Restaurant

Cactus salad at Viva Maria Mexican Restaurant

As someone who lives nearby, I've had the pleasure of visiting Viva Maria Mexican Restaurant a few times.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the festive and colorful atmosphere, which sets the tone for a fun dining experience.

While waiting for your order, they serve you chips and salsa.

The drink menu is quite extensive, with a wide variety of cocktails to choose from.

I've tried a few, and they were all pretty good!

Captains Fish Tacos

I absolutely adore Captains Fish Tacos for its delicious Mexican food!

Whenever I'm craving some authentic Mexican cuisine, I head straight to this restaurant.

With at least a dozen different taco options to choose from, I can never get bored.

They also offer burritos, fries, salad, soup, and more, which keeps things interesting every time I visit.

For around $5 each, their tacos are generously portioned and served on 5-inch tortillas.

My personal favorite is the grilled shrimp taco, which is loaded with tasty shrimp in every bite.

The Ensenada-style fish tacos are another mouthwatering option, as they're fresh and made to order.

On a chilly day, I can't resist their amazing clam chowder.

The great service and clean restaurant, including the bathroom, only make the dining experience even better.

I just wish Captains Fish Tacos was even closer to my home!

Their catering service is fantastic too, so they're always my top pick for any events I host or attend.


Sea soup at Pampa-rara

As someone who has been living in the area for quite some time now, I have to say that one of my favorite spots to enjoy delicious seafood is Pampa-rara.

The place has been a go-to for me and my friends since 2016, and we have shared countless memories here over the years.

I've watched the family who runs the restaurant grow and adapt through all the changes – from the early days of trying their scrumptious Tamales to ringing in the new year with their mouthwatering Fish Tacos, Garlic Shrimp, and Pork Burrito with Green Sauce.

They even made me fall in love with their Mixed Tostada and Cocktail with Octopus, and their Fish/Shrimp Soup and Paella never disappoint.

What stands out even more is the warm and welcoming atmosphere they've created – it feels like a home away from home every time I step inside.

Their commitment to quality and taste has not wavered, and I can't wait for the day they can return to using real dishes again.

Chicho's Mexican Restaurant

Tacos at Chicho's Mexican Restaurant

I can't help but rave about my recent visit to Chicho's Mexican Restaurant in Apple Valley, California.

Being a local here, I've tried different Mexican places in the area, but Chicho's stands out for me.

I went there last November with a couple of friends, and we had an amazing time.

The ambiance of the restaurant was warm, inviting, and perfect for a casual dining experience.

It's a family-oriented place, and it was great to see people of all ages enjoying their meals.

We started with their freshly-made chips and both red and green salsas, which were a great introduction to the flavors we were about to experience.

They have a variety of dishes to choose from, and their Taco Tuesday and Sunday brunch specials caught our attention.

I opted for their asada burrito, and my friends tried the albondigas and the Champagne Brunch.

We were all pleased with our choices, and the flavors were authentic and delicious.

I've already planned to take my family to Chicho's for their Sunday brunch, and I can't wait to try more of their menu.

Mollie's Kountry Kitchen

Cheesy Pasta at Mollie's Kountry Kitchen

Let me tell you about one of my favorite spots in town: Mollie's Kountry Kitchen.

Every time I visit, I'm immediately greeted by a warm, homey atmosphere that takes me back to my childhood.

Their American-style menu is filled with delicious treats, and the portions are generously sized - I never leave hungry!

The other day, I had an incredible experience here.

Although there was a considerable wait, my friends and I managed to find seats at the counter.

Within moments, we had our drinks, and our orders were taken.

To our delight, the meals came out promptly and piping hot.

From the scrumptious pancakes to mouth-watering omelets, everything exceeded our expectations.

Las Brisas Restaurant

Dessert at Las Brisas Restaurant

I have to say, Las Brisas Restaurant has always been one of my favorite Mexican places to eat in the High Desert.

From the moment you arrive, the atmosphere is just fantastic – I love how the walkway and surrounding shrubs are all lit up, and there's even a peaceful little water stream as you enter the restaurant.

The patio section is absolutely beautiful, with a charming fire pit in the middle.

I've been lucky enough to have a few adorable kitties hanging around my table during some of my visits.

As for the food, it's amazing.

I've tried quite a few dishes, and everything has been delicious.

The sea bass is definitely a standout, and their Cadillac Margaritas are some of the best I've tasted.

One of my favorite things about Las Brisas is their taco bar, where you can get fresh-made tortillas and choose from five different meats, including grilled fish!

It's just another reason why I keep coming back to this gem of a restaurant in our community.

Rusty Bull

Juicy ribs at Rusty Bull

Just last week, I decided to try out Rusty Bull, an American restaurant in town, and it was a fantastic experience.

Their website had some pretty appetizing pictures and positive reviews, so I figured why not give it a shot.

As soon as I walked in, I was welcomed by the Western-themed ambiance, which really set the tone for the evening.

I ordered their Roy Rogers ribeye steak, which was a whole pound of tender and delicious goodness.

Their loaded baked potato was also a great addition to the meal.

The atmosphere was perfect for a family outing or even a night out with friends.

Plus, they have live music on certain days, which is a nice bonus.

They also brought out some vegan fried chicken to try since they're always testing out new menu options, which we both appreciated.

Also, the Rusty Bull is a great spot for watching sports.

They have TVs all over the place and a big bar for those who want to grab a drink while watching a game.

The prices were reasonable, especially considering the generous portion sizes.

Linko Sushi

Sashimi at Linko Sushi

Whenever I crave sushi, there's no other place that comes to mind than Linko Sushi.

Their menu offers an amazing variety of choices, and I've never been disappointed with their food.

My personal favorite is the dragon egg, but I've also heard great things about their vegetable rolls.

I particularly appreciate the complimentary treats they offer, and I haven't come across a single item on their menu that I don't like.

The freshness of their ingredients is evident in every bite, ensuring that I keep coming back for more.

In the desert, it can be hard to find a decent sushi restaurant, but Linko Sushi truly stands out as the best option for satisfying my sushi cravings.

No other place in the high desert can compare to the quality and taste that they offer.

Siam Thai Cuisine

Thai Papaya salad at Siam Thai Cuisine

Siam Thai Cuisine is just within my neighborhood, and I can attest the food is absolutely delicious!

As a huge fan of Thai cuisine, I couldn't resist trying their Drunken Noodles, which turned out to be one of the best I've ever had.

The spice level was perfect, and I loved that they offered dry spices at the table in case I wanted to add more heat.

During my visit, I also tried their Orange Chicken lunch special, which came with soup and an egg roll.

The chicken and rice soup had a delicate lemongrass flavor that I found delightful.

The rice looked plain at first glance but was packed with unexpected flavors.

One of the things that stood out to me about Siam Thai Cuisine was the authenticity of the experience.

Final Thoughts

Living in Apple Valley has truly been a culinary delight for me.

From savoring the mouth-watering barbecue at Halleluiah BBQ to indulging in the delectable sushi at Koi Sushi, there's always something to satisfy my taste buds.

And with hidden gems like Spirit River Café and Viva Maria Mexican Restaurant, there are always new and delicious experiences waiting to be discovered.

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