20 Best Hotels in Ubud

20 Best Hotels in Ubud

Ubud has long been a haven for dreamers, one of those places where the simple mention of its name invokes stimulating descriptions and imageries of far-reaching glossy green rice fields, empty shorelines, and a bursting panoply of nature. With Ubud’s siren call leading you to the inimitable aesthetics, here is a detailed guide to the best hotels there.


This high-end hotel bears a resemblance to a time-honoured Balinese village and overlooks sacred Ayung valley. It is perched on a hillside bordered by verdant vegetation and is about fifteen minutes from the town centre. Yet, Amandari feels a world away from the buzz. Free shuttle services are made available to facilitate diving into the action.

The style strikes a stunning blend between customary Balinese villages albeit an incredibly genteel one. Local aesthetics is presented by means of clever incorporation of elements such as peaceful gardens, the Indonesian archipelago, and carved statues draped in vibrant fabrics.  The service is impeccable and the staffs’ loyalty and grace shine through. The guests have access to a wide array of facilities like an infinity pool, a gleaming gym, a tennis court, and a peaceful spa offering trance-like levels of repose. The rooms come with sleek marble floors, outdoor baths and airy spaces.  The open-air restaurant includes local specialities that are irresistibly appetising.

Capella Ubud

A mischievously imagined tented retreat is Capella Ubid put simply. This ultra-luxe hotel wows the guests from the moment they enter. The location is quite dreamy with it being the only opulent hotel in Keliki Valley, a place to venture into for its inimitable style of diminutive paintings.

The style is brilliant with mischievous essentials that tangle up in the aesthetics. The service is simply amiable and accommodating. The hotel offers facilities like an expansive pool, a tented spa that offers reclining massages, indoor and outdoor pools, in addition to several complimentary services. The rooms come with interiors that dimple enthralling features. When it comes to food and drinks, the two open-air restaurants serve scrumptious menu items.

Hanging Gardens of Bali

Jutting over a verdant ravine, this hotel is fashionable amongst travellers who batten on aesthetics. The hotel’s location is truly remarkable and is perched on a luxuriant hillside that stretches down to the Ayung River. The situation is rendered all the more remote with the extensive jungle walks.

The style is distinguished by the inventive architecture that strikes at the very first glance. The thatched roof constructions along with luxuriant gardens create a famed atmosphere. The service is warmly pleasant and hospitable. The guests have admittance to facilities like a two-level spectacular pool, a lounge and bar, a well-stocked up library, and a fantastic spa that provides ethereal massages. The rooms are richly adorned with sophisticated wooden flooring in addition to stamped headboards and are adequately spaced by any standard. The in-house restaurant that places a priority on local and natural ingredients is a gorge.

Viceroy Bali

Promising nothing less than a royal experience, the Viceroy Bali overlooks an illustrious stretch of luxuriant area that previously housed Balinese aristocracy.  It is set on the dawn of a verdant hillside. The style is fundamentally tropical with the old world elegance setting an apt tenor for the ornately festooned public spaces. The sweeping valley sights offer swathes of perfectly placed modishness. The service is immaculate and topnotch from beginning to end. The hotel features a hilltop infinity pool, lounge area, a two-storey spa that tenders steam rooms alongside hot tubs, a huge fitness centre among many others. The rooms are polished and boast of stately ambience with lavish daybeds. The all-day dining restaurant offers both Indonesian and European cuisines.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

With swish conveniences, sterling service along with memories to reminisce, this urbane tropical resort is definitely one to look out for. The location is dreamy with its positioning amongst a small hillside village of Sayan. It is bounded by remarkably odorous gardens and the Ayung River topples throughout its midst. Bali’s creative and devout epicentre is just around the corner and takes less than ten minutes to reach.

The style is beautiful and echoes the bends and bows of the surrounding landscape. The guests enter the building via an astonishing bridge that glides across the valley. Close in the distance, one can see elaborately carved temples and stepped rice paddies. When it comes to matters of hospitality, the service is exceptional. The resort proffers an infinity pool, an excellent spa that offers soothing and elaborate treatments enriched by the goodness of nature in addition to complementary activities such as village walks and cycle tours among countless others. The rooms are spacious and come with splendid forest views. The interiors are refined and tasteful all the while blending time-honoured Balinese craftsmanship with modern magnificence. The hotel comes with two restaurants that serve delicious Indonesian flavours.

COMO Uma Ubud

It is a well put together haven close to Ubud’s action while being distant enough to coddle in the stillness of a jungle retreat. With a fashionable Italian inspired restaurant to match, it is the right place that offers all of what Bali has in store. It is flanked by the Tjampuhan Valley, and a road bordered with local eateries and diffident convenience stores.

The style is chiefly streamlined to incorporate contemporary Asian designs. The public spaces are graciously airy with a profusion of tropical greenery throughout. A local village feel is brought about by the line of verdant trees such as banyan, coconut palms and scented frangipanis. The service is agreeable and discreet. The major facilities include an outdoor pool, a compact gym, yoga sessions, and a spa that tenders signature massages.  Furthermore, there is the weekly schedule of activities, including morning meditation to paid pleasure trips like safari tours and whitewater rafting. Set in white and neutral tones, the rooms are relaxingly equipped with minimalist décors and interiors. They make you feel at home without compromising on the sophistication and panache. The resort features a sleek restaurant that serves appetizing Italian fare.

COMO Shambhala Estate

One of Ubud’s much sought after respites, this place enjoys its landscaped grounds and cleansing atmosphere among the eponymous river.  It sits on a flourishing vastness of property lining the sacred Ayung Valley and past fertile rice fields.
The style is minimal and natural with indigenous plants and trees to add to the allure. The long-established décor immerses the guests into the Balinese culture and tradition.  The service is incredibly welcoming and pleasant. The guests can way into the wide array of facilities offered- a top-notch spa that tenders treatments like colonics, massages as well as meditation, a wellness programme that offers consultation, two fitness centres, an outdoor pool with pictorial views to name a few. The rooms are stylishly elegant with the daybeds encouraging comfortable lounging. In matters of food and drinks, the focal restaurant features locally sourced choices.

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah

A sumptuously secluded villa, this incredible hotel pays reverence to arts of Bali by lodging a private compilation of Balinese paintings. Set amidst verdant vegetation, thriving water bodies, this place offers true island retreat. The tranquillity of the place has a class of its own and is just ten minutes away from the busy Ubud. The property sits in close proximity to Goa Gajah, a sacred historic temple.

Formerly the family home to Indonesia’s most celebrated art collecter, Hendra Hariprana, this hotel is built around outsized lawns and lakes. The style echoes a private sanctuary of traditional Balinese fashion- the gabled roofs, wooden pillars, and stone walls. The service feels extremely homely with the friendly staffs always a call away. The facilities accessible include personal butler services, private and communal pools, a tennis court and fitness centre, besides complimentary facilities like morning yoga classes, laundry, and car shuttle service into Ubud. The villas fall into categories ranging from standard doubles to spa villas. They are comfortably spacious and come with a wide range of amenities stocked up. The in-house restaurant offers indulgent meals that are mainly Asian cuisine with a stroke of Western influence.


This place offers everything you might want from a gusto holiday- beautiful recoil with nature, luscious vegan food among many others. Standing on the wellness recession of revered Ayung River, it is not much far from the fashionable day-tripping town of Ubud.

The style is natural and offers a textbook transition between interiors and tranquil outside. There is a magnificent sense of space and a close association with nature. The open design along with stonewall bathrooms and bamboo buildings allow for a naturedly feel. The service feels royally welcoming. Breezy yoga spaces, a pool, a beauty sanctuary in the form of spa and hammam are amongst the facilities obtainable. All suites are set amidst verdant jungle valley, which has to be accessed via expansive bridges, stepping stones and lush garden paths. The rooms come with thatched roofs, locally crafted soft furnishing, and airy bathrooms. The cuisine served at the hotel lies in perfect cadence to the philosophies of the hotel- the meals are prepared from the finest ingredients. No meat or alcohol is served here. The double rooms may come up to £375 during the high season.


Beautifully designed and closely curated services form the crest of Katamama’s brilliance. Located in Seminyak, it shares close proximity with Bali’s much-favoured beach clubs. The location offers a pulsating nightlife with the airport close to one hour travel.

The style is unexpectantly perfect. Close attention has been paid to details-sleek surfaces; bold, geometric architecture; handcrafted Indonesian textiles. The deliberate lighting with an interplay of light and shadows along with the use of tropical plants breathe life into the area. The service is marked by the genuine warmth and impeccable facilities. Wellness is fundamental to the whole hotel experience- yoga classes, tailored Vitality programme coalesces nutrition and a personal trainer session. Furthermore, there are amenities obtainable like a pool bar, a well-equipped gym, and a spa.  The rooms are classified into six suite types. The standard rooms come with a living area and a well-stocked bar. The mid-century furnishings and custom-made work desk complete the feel. The in-house restaurant is known for its tasteful blend of Indonesian and Continental.

The Bulgari Resort Bali

A decadent destination that houses elegant villas that thrives in exotic tropical beauty and Italian sophistication, the Bulgari Resort is the chicest vacation address while in Bali. Situated in Uluwatu, the hotel gears a great pristine beauty.
The style exudes a blend of Milan met Eden vibe. With stone pathways and thatched roofs, each villa stands secluded like a dazzling treasure trove.  The public spaces are airy and polished with Balinese influences. The exotic art pieces and antiques paired in faultless balance with Italian panache provide a matchless edge to the spaces.

The service feels exquisitely amiable with discreet service along the board. An expansive infinity pool, another plunge outdoor pool, a spa that caters muscle-melting treatments, yoga pavilion, a salon, fitness centre, in addition to open-air treatments rooms are the services accessible. The rooms are set behind impressive volcanic stone walls that provide uninterrupted ocean views. The interior is made moody by the clever use of rich textiles and breezy lightness. When it comes to food and drinks, the dining options range from conventional English choices to sumptuous Japanese cuisine. The double villas come up to £1,158 during the high season.

Hoshinoya Bali

This becomes all the more special as Hoshinos’ first property outside of Japan. It skillfully makes a blend of the traditional homeland, reworking it with slight Balinese touches. The result is a gracious hillside respite that stands around 6km from central Ubud.

The design and style are exquisite. Japanese tiered rooftops and discerning gazebos punctuate the flora that sprints through. The unrestrained size of the hotel means an abundance of secluded spaces to enjoy the pervading sights. The service is conscientious and knowledgeable. The guests have access to three sprawling pools, a spa that offers opulent massages, arranged yoga sessions and shuttle services. The rooms are chiefly of three- amongst which ‘Sokha’ and ‘Jalak’ are somewhat larger than ‘Bulan’. The interiors are marked by fashionable choices of bedding and other intricate fittings like the wall hangings. The food and drinks tendered are quite in par with finest you will find in the city- Balinese classics together with Japanese and Indonesian cuisines.

Alila Seminyak

A fashionable tropical resort positioned on a calm stretch of Bali’s admired beaches, this hotel tenders comfortable luxury and an opportunity to indulge in deluxe treatments, all in beautiful surroundings. Set amidst Seminyak beach, it offers continual views of the ocean.

The style is tropically sophisticated and the contemporary designs allow for strong dominant lifestyle designs. The service is dedicated and forthcoming. The amenities accessible include five swimming pools, a kids’ club, a slick gym, a dreamy spa offering Asian enthused treatments, and other selection of guided experiences.  The rooms are large and styled minimally with stunning ocean views, small patios, and a glitzy bathroom.  As far as the dining options are concerned, the menu choices are extensive and the food served here is sublime.

Stone House

A tucked-away sanctuary for tropic dodging, recouped in wooden textures, enthralling backgrounds and comfort, the Stone house stands tall outside a frenzied melting pot of artists, ex-pats and sightseers. It is situated over an hour from Denpasar airport, amidst ample tourist attractions.

The style is contemporary with an underlying luxe edge.  The service feels warm and friendly. The guests have access to facilities like a warm pool and in-room treatments. The rooms come with their own soul and exude Indonesian bent that opens out in diverse directions. A Dutch colonial theme is also prevalent with the elaborate antique carvings, abstract paintings, and stocked books.  The interiors are marked by colourful Indonesian fabrics and hand-woven rugs. The hotel does not have a formal restaurant in itself but the chefs prepare food as per order.

The Purist Villas

Flanked between tropical fronds parades the Purist Villas amidst contemporary artefacts evocative of Bali’s heritage. The location is appealingly peaceful with a short drive from central Ubud.

The style is sensitively primitive and beautifully crafted. The boutique hotel is intimate and proudly celebrates its longstanding customs and traditions. The service feels warm and genuine. The guests have access to facilities such as spa treatment rooms, two pools that overlook the thespian green valley, and on-demand yoga sessions. The rooms are spacious laid in calming neutrals and elegantly festooned with Indonesian curios. They are gracious in their rustic warmth. The only eatery catered by the villa is renowned for serving freshly seasoned and authentic Balinese dishes along with Asian tapas-style dishes for meals.

Bisma Eight

With its bantam beauty, modern raw-concrete architecture and bucolic materials, this hotel stands in perfect synchronization with the leafy Ubud. It is located along shop-lined track, away from Ubud’s bustling centre.

The style is marked by magnificence and splendour of high class. There is incredible attention to detail and the exquisite craftsmanship in the custom-made furnishing allure everyone. The thoughtful blend of Hessian, delicateness in addition to the modern flair whisper Bali’s extravagance. The service is friendly, professional and consequential. An infinity pool, a full-fledged fitness centre are amongst the amenities offered. The rooms scream spaciousness and five-star luxuries. The in-house restaurant is a destination in its own right. The dishes feature Indonesian classics alongside several ambitious contemporary dishes.

Motama Villa

This is an opulently private resort that stands at a short hour drive from central Ubud.  Located on the edge of an undersized valley, they offer exceptional views of the nearby paddies and forest.

The style is chiefly contemporary with each villa suited in its special, classified patches. The expansive windows offer entrance to the world beyond that allow for seamless living. The service is exceptionally forthcoming and gracious. The villas are serviced with amenities like a sprawling pool among many other commendable facilities to access. The rooms come with irresistible views and the décor is tastefully contemporary with crisp Indonesian accents. The place lacks a restaurant but simple Western or Indonesian meals are served on demand.

Bambu Indah

Famed for its intricate luxury and architectural delights, this resort houses inventive eco-style rudiments. Located off a twenty-minute ride from Ubud's frenzied centre, this place assembles in an unruffled contrast.

The style is the faultless synthesis of modern and antique- from the capricious vibe to the tranquil lined lagoon amidst the gardens. The soaring thatched roof and the extensive palm valleys provide a splendid sight. Throughout, the conscious efforts to recognize and conserve the natural surroundings are apparent.  The service is low-key and gracious. The guests have access to pool facilities in addition to calming spa treatments. The rooms are unique in their arrangement and are often nestled amidst paddy fields or such. The resort houses two restaurants that serve organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Sandat Glamping Tents

Expediently close to Ubud, this dreamy boutique hotel offers lush privacy. This resort presents camping at its finest. The adept landscaping fashions the impression that you are tucked in a far-flung, dreamy jungle where in reality; the situation is just a block away from central Ubud.

The style is glamorously chic with a tint of sensitive elegance. The chic element is provided by the luxuriant garden-like walkways, extensive decks, in addition to well-designed thatches. White and wood are recurring rudiments when it comes to interiors. The service is attentive without being meddling. A splurging pool that overlooks a modest valley, provision for in-suite spa treatments, a small library are amongst the amenities accessible.  The rooms come with outsized, comfortable beds and feature décor that adds to the peaceful sumptuousness. The dining options include Balinese and western cuisines, prepared to perfection.

Alila Ubud

This fashionable and tranquil hotel is a getaway that stands at walkable distances from popular tourist attractions. It embraces a hillside above the sanctified Ayung River valley and overlooks a thriving ravine. The secluded location serves as a placid retreat from the hustle of the town centre.

The style exudes customary Balinese boding all the while manifesting a stylish, contemporary vibe. The look is trendy yet natural all at once. The architectural elements are structured to spotlight the natal rudiments such as crushed rocks and thatched roofs. The service is warm and responsive with kind and helpful staffs. The excellency broadens to an hour-long fitness centre, a tranquil spa, a sculpture garden, an infinity pool, and a well-stocked library. All entry-level rooms come with outdoor spaces in addition to understated spaces with neutral decors.  The main eatery features artisanal menu followed by countless other choices.

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