20 Best Hotels in Tokyo

20 Best Hotels in Tokyo

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Tokyo is hailed as one of the world's most significant and influential global cities. This city is Japan’s capital and is the most populous metropolis. The city proposes a seemingly limitless preference of shopping, amusement, customs and dining to its visitors. With that being said, this guide brings before you the best hotels in Tokyo.

Aman Tokyo

This hotel is as tranquil as it is sleek, straddling the top six floors of a skyscraper. Situated in the commercial district of Otemachi, this place is as urban as it can get.
The style is marked minimalistic with discreet entrances. The reception is a cosmic that taps into Japan’s legacies and history. Pensive rock gardens, a centre stage crowned in notable flower arrangement, astonishing glass walls, are amongst a few attractions that steal the show. The service is impeccable with welcoming and plateful staff who are always up for help. A luxurious spa, a nominal sunlit enclave crammed with clean-lined water, and a fitness centre are amongst a few amenities offered. The rooms are marked by a contemporary take on time-honored Japanese inns. They are plentifully laden with conceptual lettering scrolls, tatami mat rugs, and earthenware. The food and drink offered are gratifyingly fresh, a daring mix of seasonal constituents entrenched in Italian culinary traditions. Indisputably, this hotel offers great value for money and is one of the best hotels in Tokyo.

Trunk (House)

Undoubtedly hailed as one of Tokyo’s faddiest opening, the Trunk is an ex- geisha dwelling renewed into a latter-day creative salon. It is situated in the city of Shibuya amidst a central neighbourhood.  The hotel is well linked with the aid of subways and other transport hubs.

The style is remarkably fashionable with added luxury. This helps one intimately escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  The interior strikes a delicate balance between the mesh of old and new. The floors are set in dark terrazzo, the walls in grey mortars. Wooden beams, angular lamps, and sliding windows are other striking features. The service is proficient than homely. A luxe bar is amongst a few amenities tendered at this hotel. The rooms are simple and fashionable with comfortable furnishings. Minimalist arts are a recurring sight. The food and drinks proffered are acclaimed for its quality and flavours. The meals are an impressive affair with a bold, imaginative flair.

Mandarin Oriental

A corporeal, sky-touching hotel that stands at the ideal end between the hub and buzz of the city, Mandarin Oriental offers a treat for those who stay over. Located in the district of Nihonbashi, this place benefits from a metro station in its very basement.

The style is dazzling with its design zipping a glass backdrop that overlooks Mount Fuji in a speck. The interior takes inspiration from the full-fledged nightlife of the city. The service is praiseworthy with the staff always ready to help. A line of them is always forthcoming in need of assistance. The rooms are predominantly known for their incomparable view that shrieks megapolis. Elegantly appointed with wood washi, fabrics from off-limit Reiko Sudo, and bonsais that come with its special biography. The dining choices are vast with twelve restaurants that are the best in town. The menu covers every dietary possibility feasible. The hotel is certainly a must-visit.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Hotel New Otani Tokyo
Hotel New Otani Tokyo

An enormous space that is so huge that it can be a city itself-is how one would describe this hotel. Packed with every plausible facility, it largely pays homage to its history and honour its legacy. The location is so not dreadful with the metros serving catering to several chief areas.

The style is largely marked as a home ambience with large public areas, a massive atrium that soars to the sky, an enormous garden, and a sizeable waterfall. The service is uniformed and impressive. Eateries, bars, sauna, a fitness centre, are amongst a few amenities offered. The rooms are compact spaces with old-fashioned décor and linen laid comfort. The choices of dining are exceptional with more than thirty places to eat out from. Japanese, Chinese, Italian are a few cuisines offered.   The hotel gives great value for money.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

A historic inn with modern interiors overlooking the Imperial Palace trench in the very heart of Tokyo, is this hotel described for you. Located amidst the financially viable and vend hub of Marunouchi, this hotel is marked for its serenity.

The style is elegance personified. Splashes of contemporary art, colossal floral displays, and lined designs create an ambiance that brings character sided by opulence into the structure. The service is perfectly discreet and professional.  A spa for relaxation that renders Japanese acupressure, an opulent fitness centre, a luxurious pool are amongst the facilities offered. The rooms are contemporary and airy. Most of them offer a glance into the futuristic skyscrapers. The food is chiefly an assortment of intimate Japanese cuisine.

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo At Marunouchi

A distinctly stylish hotel that strikes just the delicate balance between chic and contemporary, Four Seasons, is an expansive luxury property. The location is central with its station amongst upmarket commercial spaces and sky-touching skyscrapers.

The style is a standout with the hotel being one of the smallest luxury buildings in the city. This, however, does not sacrifice the warmth and intimacy of the atmosphere. The interior is resolutely chic, sleek and contemporary. It houses luscious contemporary designs, expanses of dim wood, metallic furnishing, and flower arrangement. The service is warm and friendly. A two-room spa, a luxe bar, a boutique that retails crafts that is emblematic of Japanese traditions, etc are amongst the services rendered.  The rooms are spacious and contemporary with chic designs, light wood paneling, and plush carpets. The food and drinks are masterminded by culinary experts and draw inspiration from seasonal Japanese ingredients.

Shangri-La Hotel

An expansive luxury hotel that is renowned for its intricate extravagance, the Shangri-La is located in Marunouchi. It is ideally placed amid the hub of Tokyo station, Imperial garden, and other high-end spaces.

The style is an elegant respite patenting luxury, opulence, and modernity. The place is lit extensively by the use of overstated chandeliers. The service is gracious and accommodating. A Tibetan-inspired spa that gives East-Asia enthused treatments, nail salons, fully equipped and functional gym,  a heated indoor pool are amongst a few attractions that the hotel presents. The rooms are another case of luxury altogether with the décor elegantly contemporary. Expansive windows by the rooms give the best views of the city. The food catered is an explicitly Italian flavor that promises the best upmarket experiences of dining.

Conrad Tokyo

Exuding a mischievous modern tone with a combination of clear designs, contemporary art, and favourite sculptures, Conrad Tokyo is a hotel to look out for. It is situated in the very hub of Shiodome, an eventful business district. The hotel offers one of the most quaint skyscraper sights in the city.

The style is sleekly contemporary as evident in its bold sculptures and painting. An opulently palatial construal of Japanese minimalism is reflected in the décor. The service is exceptional with organized, bilingual staff always aiming to please the guests. A raft of activities is lined up for the visitors to choose from. Besides, there are amenities like an elegant swimming pool, a serene spa that offers aromatherapy massages, a sauna, and fitness centres. The rooms are airy and contemporary set in a clean palette of neutrals. Remnants that echo of traditional Japanese culture is evident-motifs, lanterns, and panels. The food is modern Japanese interpretation of contemporary French cuisine masterminded by the best culinary experts.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

One of Tokyo’s biggest luxury hotels, the Grand Hyatt is stylish and contemporary with a cord of top restaurants.  It is located in a cosmopolitan upmarket of Roppongi Hills-one of the city’s most renowned commercial spaces. The style is luxurious and showcases a graceful fusion of contemporary Japanese and western designs. The expanses of dark wood laden floors, elegant atmospheric lanterns, and intrepid minimal artworks are a striking feature of the hotel. The service is relaxing and friendly. A luxe bar, spacious fitness centre, an unrestrained swimming pool, whirlpool baths are among the attractions. The rooms are elegantly understated with neutral colour palettes. Compact and contemporary, the rooms quarters comfortable landscapes into the city view and skylines.  The food and drinks are delicious and are chiefly Japanese ingredients exquisitely incorporated.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

A five-star legend renowned for its flawless service and graceful designs, Park Hyatt is one of its kind. It is located among the broad streets and gleaming skyscrapers of the West Shinjuku. The style is one that resembles delicatessen with firm stylistic features. The service is flawless with efficient uniformed staff. A giant swimming pool, mini trampolining sessions, a luxurious gym, and an aerobatics studio are the greatest attractions that you can enjoy here. The rooms are elegant mutes of clean-lined luxury, neutral furnishings, and indulgent bedding. Walls of glass outline breathtaking views. The dining happens in a restrained space that serves traditional Japanese cuisine.  

Hoshinoyo Tokyo

The city’s first extravagant five-star established ryokan inn, Hoshinoyo Tokyo is a skyscraper that stands tall. Its position is expedient as it is urban.  Located by the workplace towers in the commercial district of Otemachi, this hotel is something to look out for.

The style is a clever addition to the hotel scene of the city and blends contemporary design with time-honoured craftsmanship with surly touches.  The dramatic double-height of the building added with the kimono motif encases a class that is hard to miss. Furthermore, serial flower displays, gliding paper screens, indigo walls are amongst the attractions. The staffs are young and friendly, always enthused to offer personalized services. Onset communal baths, a spa are the few amenities offered. The rooms are traditionally inspired as well as are warm and serene. The food is acclaimed for its distinctive French cuisine prepared with localized Japanese inspired ingredients.

The Peninsula Tokyo

A spacious, sky-scrapping, rose-tinted tower that offers panoramic views, is what is Peninsula Tokyo for you. Situated in Yurakucho, amidst high-end stores, this place is definitely one to satisfy the ones that visit.

The overall style and structure are said to have been enthused by a Japanese lantern. It is elegantly luxurious with marble walkways, traditional artworks, and verdant views. The service is relentlessly cooperative and accommodating from the moment you walk in. The spa offers a respite from the urbane city life doubled with some well-appointed treatments of its own.  Facial treatments, a bar, a fitness centre, a large pool are the other facilities offered.  The rooms are spaciously fused with exquisite remnants of traditional Japanese designs. The colour palette, the ceiling, calligraphic artworks, bright lanterns to name a few. There are exceedingly high-tech rudiments like electronic gadgets everywhere, electronic weather displays, and centralized control panels. The food and drink catered are delicately Japanese in its essence.

The Ritz-Carlton

Perched atop, this luxury hotel does not need to be furnished with introductions. Seamlessly located in the district of Roppongi, the hotel offers great views in breathtaking metropolitan sprawl; including directional landmarks.
The style is well executed with marbled floors, luxurious fabrics, and oversized fabrics. The service is exceedingly attentive. Fitness centers with luxe facilities, lap pools, a kid’s club, steam rooms, and bar facility are amongst the services offered. The rooms are extensive with the beds dressed in furnished fabrics and fête linens. The food offers the gamut of Japanese fine dining. The real treat is, however, the French cuisine with a Japanese twist.

The Okura Tokyo

A modernist masterpiece restored, the Okura Tokyo houses in two glittery skyscrapers. With its location in a civilized bend of commercial hub Akasaka, the hotel is as central as it is well-heeled. It is well linked by the aid of train stations and the closest one is only six minutes away.

The style is unwaveringly modern with an artistic blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The hotel crowns close replicas of earlier remediation and signature geometric motifs.  Impressive in detail, iconic pendant lamps and obscure hemp leaf motif screens the interior. The service is unwaveringly intuitive and superlatively quick. The amenities proffered are grand- multiple restaurants, bars, a pool, fitness centre, tea ceremony rooms, a palatial spa that offers massages, gym are amongst the services rendered. The rooms are luxurious with its interiors showcasing a contemporary riff on conventional Japanese aesthetics. The modern lanterns and the latticework screens are major attractions. The food is an enclave of Japanese cuisine. In short, we can say it offers great value for money.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Contemporary metropolitan décor and a cherished boutique atmosphere set an elegant tone at the Andaz Tokyo. Located in the coronet of invigorated Toranomon Hills, this place is famed for its tradition and shrines.

The style is marked by an unsoiled, contemporary design deeply rooted in Japanese aesthetics. Paper partitions, sculptural motifs, latticed panels, floating wooden sculptures, conceptual statuettes are a few distinguishing features that the guest can witness here. The service is stylishly convenient with the guests always up for a challenge. An airy spa and club, a giant pool, bars, fitness centres are a few amenities obtainable. The rooms are sleek and contemporary with expanses of woodland and white walls. The food is the heartbeat of the hotel with a curated medley of Japanese enhanced flavours and textures.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

This hotel’s present embodiment stylishly mixes contemporary Japanese-enthused design with five-star extravagances in a tranquil green setting. The location is Central but astonishingly serene – it’s sited in the very spirit of Tokyo’s rarefied political borough Nagatacho.  It is well-linked with the rest of the city with an expedient network of subway lines reachable unswervingly from the hotel’s basement.

The style is elegant with expanses of minimal glass installations. Remnants of Japanese aesthetics set a rightfully unruffled tenor throughout the hotel's place. The service is discreet and professional with the staff always eager to help. A colossal swimming pool, a gym that offers an excellent view, spa services are amongst the amenities offered. The rooms that feel quintessentially Japanese are serene and spacious. They assume a deluxe contemporary take and have paneled walls, motifs, swathes of light wood and lanterns. When it comes to food and drinks, it is warmly made available and includes an ample assortment of choices.


Claska Hotel Tokyo

Frequently hailed as Tokyo’s inventive best design hotel, the CLASKA is famed for its beaten track and unimpeachable design credentials. It is situated in Meguro Dori, a lane distinguished for its second-hand furniture stores.

The style is original and is known for its perpetual contemporary Japanese enthused interiors. It must be noted that these are brazenly design-oriented that effortlessly belies its age. The service is modish but approachable with the staff always ready to assist the guests in getting a bearing. This hotel also houses a plethora of scheduled events and exhibitions. The rooms are chiefly categorized into four types- modern (with clean-lined woods and novel furniture unscathed from its original aperture), tatami(placidly Zen and fashionable), DIY(an assorted display case of custom-created designs), and lastly, the contemporary rooms(commonly airy, sunlight-filled spaces with minimum furnishings). The food catered is modern French-inspired cyclic cuisine with a distinctive Japanese touch.

Imperial Hotel Tokyo

A historic structure that has long ties with the royal family of Japan, this hotel lacks the sleek modern shine of certain palatial enterprises. It, however, recompenses with its history, sumptuousness and immaculate services.  It stands in the very nucleus of the city and overlooks Hibiya Park.
The style is epic, grand and offers old school luxury with vast expanses of tiered chandeliers, marble floors, comprehensive staircases, and flower arrangements. The service is an epitome of Japanese generosity and hospitality. Limited spa facilities, pool, and fitness areas are the services offered. The rooms are pleasingly grandiose with dark wood fixtures and original design features. The vast choices of restaurants provide anything that holds true to Kyoto cuisine.

Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo

The foremost Hyatt Centric in Asia, this hotel showcases a dazzling fashionable design. It is discreetly located in an upmarket hub of Tokyo- painstakingly intimate Namiki Street in Ginza. The closest subway station is a handy springboard for exploring the capital city.

The style is sleek and gregarious. This hotel may be a fraction less expensive in comparison to other high-end establishments.  The fashion is a contemporary haven of bold and conceptual paintings. Thespian lighting, lined furnishing, and monochrome lighting are leading attractions. The décor mirrors thoughtful references to the building’s heritage. The service is refreshingly relaxed and compact. A fitness centre and a luxe bar are added amenities offered. The rooms are bright with walls of a central pull-up. Patterned cushions and etched window screens are prime appeals. The dining is an impressive affair with menus that incorporate local ingredients.

Muji Hotel Ginza

Natural, tranquil and modest, the first Muji Hotel in Japan stands in the very spirit of the upmarket retail district in Ginza. The location is as vivacious as it is opportune in terms of conveyance, shopping, and dining.

The style is an antidote to the palatial hotel glitz. Marked by contemporary designs, warm lighting, this hotel is comfortable in its extreme simplicity. The service is hospitable, welcoming and really pleasing. One bummer to the service facet is the lack of room service. The rooms are only equipped with tablets that connect to the staff in case of any needs or requirements to be met. A luxe bar is another facility that you can benefit from this flagship hotel. The rooms mirror a distinctive Muji look with expanses of tepid oak wood, ashen cotton sheets, and radiant curtains. The rooms are comfortably uncluttered with a modern Japanese feel to it. The dining seeks to uphold Japanese miscellany by rationing up convincingly priced local specialties. The double rooms come up to £135

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