15 Best Coffee Shops in Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces, NM
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Las Cruces is famous for its ranches, horseback riding, hiking trails, golf courses, and national parks.

Moreover, people forget the New Mexican city also makes the perfect vacation spot for fine art lovers, culture, and history buffs.

It’s as much for those who enjoy the sophistication of wine tasting.

Don’t forget to drop by the farmer’s market before you tap out for the day.

Observe the rhythms of the city and its people in the cafes of downtown Las Cruces before you head out for more activities.

The coffee shops are also where you get a peek into the cuisines of a city.

After all, the true nature of a city is in the snacks and the desserts.

Start your day with a rousing mug of coffee and delectable pastries.

Check out this list of the best coffee shops in Las Cruces, New Mexico!

Beck’s Roasting House & Creamery

The cobblestone walls of Beck’s Roasting House & Creamery are all the decor the place needs.

Customers tend to gravitate towards the patio rather than sitting inside.

Grab a book from their shelf, ice coffee with vegan milk and apple walnut bread, and read to the chirping of birds.

Besides roasting their brew, they sell beans they can grind for you on request.

The original name was Beck’s Coffee House, named after Rebecca “Beck” Rosnick.

She established her roasting and delivery service in 2010.

Later, she sold Beck’s Coffee House to Tyrell Thacker and Arianna Parsons.

Tyrell, a quick learner, mastered the art of roasting a month before Rebecca’s handover.

They offer a wide variety of homemade ice cream, baked goods, and artisanal if you want some souvenirs.

The coffee house is opposite Klein Park, so you always have something to keep your eyes entertained.

Picacho Coffee Roasters

Coffee lovers love watching the entire making process, which Picacho Coffee Roasters happily offers.

The roasting and grinding machines are in the middle of the room.

You have corner tables and booths as seating options.

The surprise is in the plain, modern industrial decor.

There’s nothing like the fancy warmth of modern-day coffee shops.

You’ll feel like you’re in a coffee factory instead of a cafe shop, and you’ll love it.

Picacho Coffee Roasters has operated since 2009.

Since then, they have only made their espresso, cold brews, and Moka javas from the arabica grown in their property.

This is a place for coffee pundits.

They’re a little short on the food menu, except for some baked goods, but they have a full coffee selection.

Picacho Coffee Roasters - Las Cruces, NM
Specialties: Roasting Great Coffee! Great coffee is born on the tree, at the farm. A roaster’s job is to prepare for brewing what the farmer has grown - to get out of the way and bring the farmer’s vision to life. Each batch of every coffee we roast tells a story about what it wants to be. We don’…

Downtown Blues Coffee

The Downtown Blues Coffee shop is a blend of a coffee shop, live blue music sessions, and merchandise and antiques for sale.

There is a tiny sitting area outside with small chairs and tables.

If you don’t like iced coffee with oat and almond milk, you can go for matcha tea or hot cocoa.

To fill your stomach, go for the empanada they source from a local bakery.

Downton Blues Coffee also serves its customers a fresh choice of moon pies in banana, chocolate, and vanilla flavor.

They serve their fillings in quirky plating, which would delight your children.

It’s just off the side of the Main street.

You can buy some of the records off the shelves if you want to support some local musicians!

Downtown Blues Coffee - Las Cruces, NM
Specialties: Cafe Du Monde coffee and fresh empanadas & sweet bread from Lujans Bakery. Vinyl records, vintage clothing and rare antiques. Co-work space available. Computer rentals (PC, Mac & Linux). Small print shop to print, fax. 35mm or negative slide scans for photo restorations and prints. Esta…


You may visit Grounded for breakfast but might end up spending enough time ordering a glass of wine in the evening.

It’s a home-sized cafe with enough seating to qualify as a restaurant.

There are big sofas, reclining chairs, large dining tables, small coffee tables, balcony seating, and patio seating.

There are rooms after rooms in the cafe, some resembling a living room.

You will find rooms with books, cozy seating, and a touch of the golden rays.

It’s where you can sit in silence for hours or strike up a conversation with a stranger.

The spacious interior at Grounded means no one’s forcing you to leave the place before you’re ready.

You have to try their Lovely Lavender Latte along with their acai bowl.

Grounded - Las Cruces, NM
Delivery & Pickup Options - 42 reviews of Grounded “This place is so adorably quirky and quaint! The staff there is very pleasant and patient. We ordered 2 pizzas (the jardin and the shroom) and they were both delicious. I was born in raised in NYC & pizza is pretty much it’s own food group for me.…

Moms Coffee

Moms Coffee is a bakery moonlighting as a coffee shop.

People can’t stop gushing about the lemon blueberry scones.

Though, the crown has to go to the “Moms granola,” which is something the “mom” bakes at the back.

This “Mom” is also the owner, Karen.

For your coffee order, go for the drip coffee or iced americano.

You get the homey feeling you end up craving in any foreign place.

Many fast food chains surround Moms Coffee, so it’s a nice change for the locals.

Mom’s Coffee - Las Cruces, NM
Specialties: Our business specializes in making our customers feel at home. We provide the best coffee and treats with outstanding customer service.

The Bean of Mesilla

The Bean of Mesilla refers to the cafe’s location.

This is a tall order to live up to if you claim yourself as the bean stop of a place.

It’s a good thing they delivered!

The Bean of Mesilla has a classical decor, with wooden beam posts and wooden tables, white and blue walls, and artsy windows.

The patio seating makes the walk from FARMesilla, a local market, worth it.

You must get the green chili cheddar scone and coffee cake in this mix of bakery, cafe, restaurant, and bar.

Then, go for the iced oat-chata latte to savor the taste.

The Bean of Mesilla - Las Cruces, NM
Specialties: The Bean, a sweet little coffee shop, and bakery in Old Mesilla. Eclectic and cozy with great food, freshly baked pastries and great coffee, roasted by us. Enjoy our covered patio or take advantage of our free Wi-Fi. Come relax, enjoy our unique ambiance, incredible artwork, awesome fre…

Cafe de Mesilla

The Cafe de Mesilla will appeal to the hearts of art enthusiasts.

There is a touch of indigenous hands on the entire decor.

You’ll notice the hand-strewn pillows, paintings,s and pottery items.

Though, it’s unlikely you would want to miss out on the outdoor seating area.

Large structures surround the small tables with a fancy umbrella in the middle.

Lots of passing travelers opt for the red pork chile colorado breakfast platter.

Their Reuben sandwich, cheeseburger, or green chicken posole, too, have earned a fan following.

Now, a house cappuccino or mocha latte makes the most sense for coffee at Cafe de Mesilla.

Cafe de Mesilla - Las Cruces, NM
Specialties: Wide variety of hand painted Polish Pottery Established in 2011. The restaurant began as a small coffee shop off of the Historic Mesilla Plaza in 2011. In April of 2015, the owner moved to a new location just minutes away from the Plaza on Old Highway 28 (Avenida de Mesilla). The new…

Nessa’s Cafe

If you take your kids to Nessa’s Cafe, they might refuse to leave New Mexico altogether.

The graffiti outside the cafe is picture worthy.

Moreover, they will love the cafe’s cutesy Halloween theme.

With the paintings, pages of drawings, sticky notes, and quirky items on the walls and the shelves, the decor will have you so entertained you might forget to order.

It’s a place for the youth.

A live guitar will keep your ears busy as you munch on bacon and cloud eggs.

You have to go simple when it comes to drinks at Nessa’s Cafe.

It’s either the dirty chai or the espresso.

Nessa’s Cafe - Las Cruces, NM
Established in 2016.

Le Rendez-vous Café

The Le Rendez-vous Café projects a roadside eatery kind of atmosphere.

Instead of air-conditioning, some paintings and motivational quotes hang on the yellow walls, plus a couple of hanging plants and ceiling fans.

There is a small seating section outside with plants to mark the doorway.

Then, you have the most mouth-watering, exotic french dishes to try on inside.

The Le Rendez-vous Cafe also has a French dip that will appeal to your palette and suits the croissant the best.

Try any of their chicken, tuna, or shrimp salad with the lemon dressing, and you’ll keep coming back.

Their selection of pastries frustrates you to some degree.

After all, you’ll want to take the entire display home.

The iced Americano complements the pastries the best.

Le Rendez-vous Cafe & French Pastry - Las Cruces, NM
Delivery & Pickup Options - 133 reviews of Le Rendez-vous Cafe & French Pastry “I don’t know when this place was sold but the new owner is wonderful as is the food. She is oriental heritage and the food is American and very, very, good. The owner’s husband is a French pastry chef and oo-la-la wond…

Indulgence Bakery & Cafe

If you’re not careful, you might miss the Indulgence Bakery & Cafe’s little white building off Main Street.

Once you’re there, you can read the entire menu on the body of a chicken graffiti behind the register, with decorative pots and pans hanging on the wall.

The cafe owners are Marybeth Hixon and Meagan Higgins, the mother and daughter duo.

The chef is Jeremy Hixon, Marybeth’s son and Meagan’s brother.

Their first cafe was Sweet Indulgence in 1997, which Marybeth and Jeremy ran for a long while.

Local artists display their goods at the Indulgence Bakery & Cafe, following a rotating system.

You can have the green salsa, coconut cream pie, mocha cheesecake, and a warm brew as you inspect the items.

Indulgence Bakery & Cafe - Las Cruces, NM
Specialties: Wonderful bakery serving a unique breakfast and lunch menu. A decadent display of homemade pastries and desserts are available daily. Cakes, cheesecakes, creampuffs and more are also available to order with advance notice. Established in 1997. Indulgence Bakery & Cafe was born out of a…

Urban Cafe and Catering

As the name indicates, Urban Cafe and Catering contains urban decor.

People come here to fill their stomachs before heading out for a long day with shiny tables, plain grayish blue walls, and colorful structures.

Try their frozen hash browns, cream cheese bagels, green chile gravy, and cinnamon swirl pancakes.

Likewise, the beverage options blow a lot of cafes out of the water in terms of taste.

Go for regular coffee, lemonade, iced tea, or cranberry juice at Urban Cafe and Catering.

Urban Cafe and Catering - Las Cruces, NM
45 reviews of Urban Cafe and Catering “Great Cafe on corner of Main and Avenida de Mesilla. Did not disappoint. Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad was delish. Halfway done before thought of picture. Hubby had turkey wrap. It was more that enough for a working man. Urban Cafe Rocks. Keep up the go…

A Bite Of Belgium

In 2012, A Bite Of Belgium brought Belgian cuisine to Las Cruces.

While Belgian cuisine isn’t exactly lacking in the City of the Crosses, none has a menu as affordable as this one.

The cafe has no frills.

They have a tent seating with chairs lined underneath.

Remarkably, they also have a mobile restroom.

A Bite Of Belgium sits across from a free parking lot, which means travelers can have a grand old time here.

Grab the hot caramel latte, crispy bacon, egg benedict, beef hash, and waffles.

A Bite of Belgium - Las Cruces, NM
Specialties: The Liège waffle (pronounced “LEE-AGE”) is from the city of Liège in Eastern Belgium. It is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle. The sweetness is incorporated into the dough.We recommend trying them without syrup first! Established in 2012.

Nellie’s Cafe

Nellie’s Cafe is the epitome of modern-day cafes.

You can dig into authentic Mexican delicacies inside the cafe, with paintings, ceiling lights, and polished wooden floors.

Moreover, you might even run into Nellie now and then.

The green chilies and chicharron burrito will bring you unique flavors and sensations.

Likewise, the homemade food at Nellie’s Cafe brings true nostalgia to those who miss authentic Mexican food from childhood.

Their sopapilla comprises homemade dough and has a thicker crust.

Some describe it as a pizza with all the New Mexico markers, like lettuce, meat, cheese, tomato, and beans.

You must get the sweet latte to wash off the spice from the food platter.

Nellie’s Cafe - Las Cruces, NM
Delivery & Pickup Options - 94 reviews of Nellie’s Cafe “How could there not be a review on this place yet? Not only is this where I want my last meal, this is where I want to live in the forever after. The food is delectable and the honey dessert is pure love. The place looks like the back of a kit…

Moongate Cafe

You will notice Moongate Cafe on the way to the ranches.

It’s on a service road and is one of the smallest buildings you’ll ever see.

The lack of decor inside might put off a lot of people.

However, its size doesn’t matter when the food knocks many cafes out of the competition.

Try the biscuit, gravy, huevos rancheros, and iced tea at Moongate Cafe.

Moongate Cafe - Las Cruces, NM
Delivery & Pickup Options - 41 reviews of Moongate Cafe “Moongate Cafe is a local breakfast and lunch joint located right off the freeway on the outskirts of town....great if you live beyond Mesa Grande. We were very pleased with this find. The chicken fried steak with eggs & toast and chorizo/pot…

Milagro Coffee Y Espresso

Milagro Coffee Y Espresso is the study location for Las Cruce’s young minds.

The chairs facing the windows give students all the natural sunlight they need after all-nighters.

They often go for the espresso shake to shake them awake, while the green chili bagel adds to their energy.

There’s a cucumber sandwich, scones, cream cheese bagels, and a turkey club sandwich on the menu.

The drink menu is extensive, with lattes, mocha coffees, turmeric iced tea, and hot chocolate.

Milagro Coffee y Espresso also roasts its own coffee beans, guaranteeing their freshness.

The croissants come from a locally sourced baker, Sam’s Club.

Milagro Coffee Y Espresso - Las Cruces, NM
Delivery & Pickup Options - 145 reviews of Milagro Coffee Y Espresso “This place rocks- I have been here many many times since it opened and always the absolute best coffee. Coffee is roasted fresh here, so you can check out the board to see what is available, I always stock up when I am here and t…

Final Thoughts

The people of Las Cruces place a lot of importance on giving it back to the community.

It’s common for cafes to host items from local artists and sell stuff from local bakeries.

They’re passionate about roasting their beans and growing their arabica plants.

If you’re in Las Cruces, you must try at least one coffee shop to understand their love for each other.

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